Nancy Lee Grahn Slams Elisabeth Hasselbeck

(  Bauer Griffin; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
( Bauer Griffin; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

While the Twitter world was abuzz yesterday over the drama between “’” (Theresa Donovan) and “’s” (Maxie Jones), “GH” actress (Alexis Davis) was up to some social media shenanigans of her own!

In light of the news that ultra-conservative television personality is leaving “” and joining and on “,” Grahn aired her strong opinion along with a link to the news: “If Republican, I could get fired, never read a newspaper & always have a job 2 go 2,” she wrote. “Life sucks when u’ve a conscience.”

What do you think of Grahn’s opinionated post? Was it acceptable or just a tad too harsh?

  • Jason Eldridge

    Way too harsh. That is Hasselbeck’s decision, not hers. I like her playing Alexis, but Nancy Lee Grahn needs to cool it a bit when it comes to stuff like this.

  • Susan Cange

    absolutely. elizabeth left of her own free accord. jusst mind your business and let others move on as they see fit.

  • CTwildheart

    It may be harsh, but it’s her opinion and we can still speak those here in the US.

    • Rosalie Pantano

      So why is it when Elizabeth speaks her mind and stands up for what she believes in it makes her an idiot? Doesn’t that make Nancy one tooooooooooo? Before you say she didn’t call her an idiot between the lines she did!!!!!!!!

      • Rosalie Pantano

        Nancy doesn’t have a conscience! She just trashes people who don’t believe in what she believes in………

      • CTwildheart

        Um, I didn’t say anyone was an idiot.

        • Rosalie Pantano

          I didn’t say you called anyone an idiot. I said Nancy did between the lines…..

          • CTwildheart

            You asked me why when EH speaks her mind she’s an idiot. I never said that. And I understood you meant NLG at the end. I thought maybe you posted on the wrong comment…

      • Donna

        Because she (Elizabeth)says things that are wrong and not true lol. That is probably why people look at her that way.

        • Rosalie Pantano

          Why are they wrong because you believe they are wrong. Well I believe what Nancy says is wrong!!!! Nancy has a big mouth and her foots always in it…..

    • Danielle Jacapraro

      as much as I like NLG when it comes to politics her and I differ. and i have kind of grown tired of her negative tweets towards conservatives.

  • Nancy Deacon Oakes

    She was fired her contract was not renewed that was reported a while ago thats when they came out on the view and denied it,but as you see now she is leaving.

    • Scott

      Elisabeth probably would’ve left The View anyway since that show is going down once Joy & Babs leave

  • lizamaral

    Fox us a republican channel.. And she is Republican..

    • kevingm

      ,,,and an idiot.

  • Sandie Russo

    Grahn’s comment was brilliant, and completely on point. Not at all harsh. Hasselbeck is a bubblehead and the View will be so much better without her daily conservative drivel.

  • Kevin Little

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is actually one of the only conservatives that I am not repulsed at. She isn’t even like most of them. Doesn’t hate blacks and other minorities and actually supports gay marriage. Does Nancy Lee Grahn do any research?

    • Bored_GH_Fan

      Wow and I was always told that Democrats are the party that doesn’t make stereotypes and judges others. Boy was I wrong. Democrats pretend to be so much better than Republicans but the truth Democrats and Liberals are no better than Republicans. They just think they are.

      I happen to know many Conservatives who don’t fit your stereotype at all. But you have lumped them all together and passed judgment on them already.

      Just another reason I hate our whole political system in this Country now. I’m a proud Independent and wouldn’t be lumped with either group. Both liberals/Dems and conservatives/Repubs are just a bunch of judgemental hypocrites. One side is just as bad as the other.

  • Susan Hunter

    Nancy needs to stick to acting.

  • Cathy

    NLG is an idiot and needs to stick to acting. No one cares what she thinks. Elizabeth has facts to back up her views unlike NLG who spews bull

  • Janis Ellenson

    Why is it that liberal minded people can bash others and be hateful, but conservatives state their opinion and are called intolerant, hatemongers, and on and on…? Huge double standard. I respect Nancy Lee Grahn as an actress, but as a Republican woman, yes, Nancy, I do have a conscience! Ask the special needs students I work with every day.

    • Danielle Jacapraro


    • Tomas Cruz

      Liberals only tolerate, support and accept people who agree with them. If you dare disagree with them you are considered intolerant, uneducated and every ugly name they can think of.

      • Donna

        I could say the same about republicans. Intolerant? Go ask the Tea Party about that.

    • Donna

      So you are a teacher? Because you better check your republican candidates, I believe they are trying to hold teachers down. Just my opinion.

      • Bookin Weasel

        Hold them down? You mean EVERY major city that is run by DEMOCRATS has a glorious education record?? Please, don’t vote, just stay home and keep watching tv….

    • Holden

      So called conservatives are the ones who deny other people equal rights and promote discrimination and hate.

      • Bookin Weasel

        What rights? Cite the amendment? I thought so…another mindless lib that can’t even back up their own drivel…..

  • frelling_cute

    People sticking up for Hasselback? Funniest thing I’ve read al day.

  • Edna Jackson Barefoot

    I am so glad she is leaving the view. Everyone of the other women are DEM. They, especially Joy, tried to shut her up when she talked. Even some guest snub her because of her beliefs. She deserves better than the view I love Nancy on GH but some of her comments on twitter just show her ignorance when it comes to politics. I have seen several tweets of hers & remarks of Joy that make me ashamed to be a DEM.


    This republican HATES elizabeth hasselbeck Likes nancy lee grahn BUT ms grahn should stick to acting and learn to keep her mouth(which has gotten her into trouble before) SHUT TIGHT. Her comments are uncalled for and tasteless to say the least. I wouldnt watch FOX and friends if you paid me and i stopped watching the view because of elizabeth hasselbeck BUT that doesnt mean ms grahn should have made the comments she did. Ms grahn should stick to being the brillant actress she is and ms hasselbeck well she will continue to be the brilliant BUBBLEHEAD IDIOT that she is.

  • Ozzy

    Why is it that republicans think that just because someone is an actor, they are not entiled to free speech like the rest of americans?
    I would never tell any american to shut up. Even the evil Elizabeth Hasselback.

    • jonboyelk

      Likewise, EH has every right to speak her opinion. This is still, for the time being, America.

    • Bookin Weasel

      So, EH is evil? Hey, it’s your opinion, but it just shows what a dolt you are…

  • Karen Rogers

    Nancy was right on about Elizabeth! WTG Nancy

    • Haley Downey

      Now, maybe I’ll watch the View now that Hassel is gone@

      • Bookin Weasel

        Makes sense….a bunch of mindless uninformed yentas watching a bunch of mindless uninformed yentas….

  • Danielle Jacapraro

    funny you could say the same thing about dems. but unlike NLG i will keep my comments to myself.

  • Bex

    Not news, NLG uses her twitter for her liberal propaganda on a daily basis.

  • mytwokids

    Highly inappropriate.. There is a time and a place for things and I am just not sure this was it……….

  • Charlotte Johnson Beckman

    Makes me dislike her….I just wish celebrities could learn to temper their remarks. Like most liberals…..she doesn’t research anything….just opens her mouth and out comes crap!

  • kweekpik

    Nancy is a brilliant actress, i am watching GH for many years now and I like her very much as that…the actress, But I quite understand her motives ,as all of the liberals from Hollywood, they love their freedom doing any movies,and games which bring money: hurtfull , violent, killeres and rapists ,those which bring such good instructions to young people how to kill the others. MONEY,,that what is the motor.

  • Haley Downey

    I admire Nancy even more now!

    • Bookin Weasel

      Talk about the ignorant following the ignorant….

  • LukeNoahFan

    Thank you, Nancy!!!

    I’ve been your fan since the good old times of Santa Barbara.

    • Bookin Weasel

      Well, at least your honest about your intolerant hate….

  • Rebelle

    If the truth pisses you off, change what’s true.

  • Kentucky Dave

    Nancy is so right. Thanks for always speaking the truth. Elizabeth is a whiny bitch and FAUX News just loves whiny bitches.

    • Bookin Weasel

      So….My guess is Fox just loves you then….right??

  • Clue_Slezak

    Go Nancy! Not harsh but welcome! Hasselbeck going to Fox and Fiends is the perfect place for her. Good riddance from The View. Might even watch it with her gone.

  • MAK

    I have not or never was a fan of EH but NG should show some class and keep her two cents out of everything, evidently NG has a lot of down time and a lot of time on her hands.

  • Dexter McAbe

    I cannot stand NG – I am democrat but she is a hater of everything – it gets old!! Im not a fan of EH either – but I’m not gonna be a hater of someone for their politics or beliefs…get over it NG!

  • lorraine curran

    thank god,i never watch fox–I will never have to hear Elizabeth shreech like a barn owl

    • Bookin Weasel

      Thanks for telling us….now, get back in the kitchen….

  • Bookin Weasel

    Wow, Nanc is SOOOOO informed. Can she be just a tad more specific, or does the bile and hate just come out of her orifice naturally…