Meredith Vieira Snags Her Own NBC Talk Show!

John P Iblis/JPI Studios
John P Iblis/JPI Studios

With her “Today Show” and “” gigs behind her, daytime personality is embarking on the next step of her career: She’ll be hosting her very own talk show on NBC!

The network’s chairman, , announced that the Rhode Island native is gearing up for her self-titled talk show, which will debut in the fall of 2014. “All of us at NBCU are so excited about this new show with Meredith. She creates an instant connection with audiences with her smart, quick-witted and down-to-earth style,” he says. “This entertaining and substantive show will be a great way to reach her loyal daytime fans as well as new ones who will discover why Meredith is one of America’s most loved television personalities.”

  • Hugo

    DAYS is renewed through September 2014… Should we be worried that NBC will cancel their last soap and replace it with this talk show?!

    • Francine-Curry Girl

      Right, since they are not reporting the time that she will air her new talk show.

  • soap fan

    Earth to networks… no more talk shows!!

  • WeWantOurSoapsBack

    @Hugo: You mean, NBC wants to have the same terrible ratings ABC got with all those cheap talk shows that replaced AMC and OLTL???

    Or the talk show that replaced ATWT on CBS and is still getting nowhere close the ratings ATWT had even in its weakest (last) season?)

    Well, if they want to commit suicide…

    If they are smart, they give viewers what they really want: high-quality programs (—> soaps), not the cheapest possible crap they can come up with (—> blablaba talk, game, cooking shows). And they’ll get more the top ratings DAYS is delivering.

    DAYS is in the top 5 of ALL daytime shows among women 18-49. That’s something those talk, game and cooking shows will never achieve!

    • Philip

      Hi LukeNoahFan. Glad to see another name for you. What is that 7 or 8 different names you post under now.

      Oh as to your last statement what about The View and The Price Is Right which have consistently made it into the Top 5 daytime programs over the last few years. I guess you forgot about those when you said NEVER

      • martha

        i think everybody here knows you and your anti-soaps agenda. is there anything else to say?

        • Philip

          There you go LukeNoah with that immature mentality again. Only a child would believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with them on everything is against them. Grow up. You don’t have to constantly be doing the soap opera dance to want soaps to succeed. Stop acting like a 3 year old with a one digit IQ.

          You do more damage to the soaps than any network executive has ever done.

          Who are you going to post as next Moses?

  • Luciano

    Seems to me that in a couple of years, everyone who ever appeared on a TV program other than soaps will have had their own talk show…

    I’m sick and tired of all that talk. All I want on daytime TV is high-quality (!) scripted drama!!!

  • philip

    From everything I have read this is a syndicated talk show like Katie is for ABC. Many have reportedly said that it will most likely replace Jeff Probst on the affiliates that air it. And it could show up on other network affiliates just like Katie does.

    You will most likely see more and more of this. This is the cheapest way for the networks to go now. Syndicated program where they sell it to the affiliates and they have a guaranteed price tag coming in from the show. It’s a win win for the network. They sell the show to the affiliates and have that guaranteed money coming in.

    Notice in the story above it says NBCU which is the syndicated division. This show is most likely not a threat to Days at all.

    • martha

      It’s only a “win-win” if networks want to have terrible ratings forever and they continue to bank on minimal short-term profits.

      It is certainly NOT a plan for long-term GROWTH!

      It’s a choice between the cheapest possible way to make some limited profit or
      making some real long-term investments for a totally different level of ratings that soaps still can achieve.

      • Philip

        But the thing that you are forgetting in your blind quest is that esp. with NBC they don’t have any hours. You want NBC to create more soaps — well say goodbye to Days of Our Lives idiot.

        NBC has given all their daytime hours away except for one. They gave the 2 hours in the morning to the news division for the extra hours of Today. They can’t get them back.

        The other hours in the afternoon they gave to the affiliates. The affiliates are not going to give them back.

        So wish for NBC to create more shows and say goodbye to Days.

        Do you honestly believe that NBC is going to pass on a show that is showing some growth just to create a soap that is untested?

        And you say all this but what your immature mind fails to grasp LukeNoahFan is that the ratings you so proudly hail — they are not much higher than what the ratings you list for the replacement shows.

        Say what you want about it but they have to be a whole lot higher before they prove the point you are trying to make. The shows are a whole lot cheaper. So they don’t have to have that high of ratings to make the networks money. And that is all that matters. Why do you think the CBS president or official went on record as bragging about the millions of dollars they are making with their new daytime lineup. they are making more money and that is all they care about.
        If the replacements shows were all getting ratings like The Revolution and GAA did then you would have a point but they aren’t. The ratings that they are getting are good enough to clear a good profit and that is why the networks keep boasting about them esp. CBS with it’s lineup.

        Now lets see who LukeNoahFan posts as next.

        • martha

          ok, you slam soaps and their ratings wherever you can and whenever someone points out positive trends, you think it’s a good thing that so many soaps have been killed and you would most probably erupt with joy if more soaps were cancelled.

          so what the hell do you want on a site called “soap opera network”???

        • Alexandra

          Gosh!! This comment of yours really proves that you have no idea of what you’re talking about.

          Networks distribute “hours” to affiliates on the basis of contracts. These contracts can be – and often ARE – changed and updated. Welcome to the world of business!