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Eileen Davidson Exiting ‘Days of our Lives’; Actress Responds to News on Twitter

Paul Skipper/JPI Studios
Paul Skipper/JPI Studios

According to Soap Opera Digest, will be departing NBC’s “”  just over a year since returning to the set of the daytime drama series to reprise her iconic role of Kristen DiMera.

“The Kristen story wrap-up is just fantastic; she was just glorious,” says , executive producer. “The official word there is that Eileen Davidson is leaving the show to take some time out with her family. Will she come back? We’ll see. But she’s not going to another show. I am thankful for all she’s brought to us. It was the first shot in the arm we needed. A big shot in the arm,” he added referencing to the boatloads of storylines the character was able to infuse into the canvas over the past several months.

Per the magazine’s website, which states the full report will be published in the newest issue on sale Friday, Davidson taped her final scenes on the soap on Tuesday, July 16. With the series filming four months ahead of airdate, the actress is expected to remain on screen through at least mid-to-late November.

Davidson, who originated the role of Ashley Abbott on “” in 1982 and left in 1988, joined “DAYS” in 1993 and portrayed five characters (sometimes simultaneously) over the course of her original five year Emmy nominated run. In addition to Kristen DiMera, Davidson famously portrayed Susan Banks, Sister Mary Moira Banks, Thomas Banks, and Penelope Kent. She returned to “Y&R” in 1999 only to find herself let go from the show in 2007 with her character moving to Los Angeles, which is where we found her for a brief time on CBS’ “.” Davidson returned to “Y&R” in 2008 until her departure in 2012, before returning to the “DAYS” canvas in October.

In response to word of her exit getting out, the actress said on Twitter, “You’re all so awesome! I didn’t get fired. My family is fine. Thanks for your love and support! xoxoxo”

  • lulu

    Why Eileen why ? She is a HUGE success on Days right now, she better not come back on Y&R where they never gave her a story for now a decade while Days give her front burner stories one after another with a real unique and dynamic character like Kristen Dimera ! I am so disapointed..i was looking forward to see her being pregnant with Marlena’s grandchild which could drive storylines for years..sigh.
    Change your mind Eileen and come back now !

  • SoDisqusted

    No one wants her back on Y&R where they gave her nothing to do. She saved “Days of our Lives.” This isn’t sitting well with fans, and the critics will go into meltdown mode over the news. I hope she comes back again soon. Man, she was dishing out Emmy-worthy material for months. I wish her the best. Man, what horrible news to wake up to.

  • Sheri Beatty

    NO…say it ain’t so. She is so fun to watch. I love her now that she has gotten rid of old man John (drake).

  • kevingm

    I’m heartbroken to hear this! Eileen Davidson and her portrayal of Kristen has made DAYS the best soap on the air for the past year and a half! She adds so much excitement to the show and the characters involved in her storylines! it just won’t be the same in Salem without her. You are a true acting dynamo, Eileen, and I wish more than anything that you will remain with the show!!! Sad day for DAYS.