Drake Hogestyn Rallying For ‘DAYS’ Return?

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

It’s no secret (at least depending on who you talk to) that last appeared under contract on NBC’s “” as of the Wednesday, July 17 episode, nor is it a secret that he last taped those scenes in mid-March, but is the actor looking to rally his fans via social media to get him back on the soap? Some of the actors most recent tweets, using sports references, looks to be doing just that as fans are left wondering what’s up with Hogestyn and his “DAYS” character, John Black.

Using the hashtag #putmeincoach for the third time since word of his no longer filming at the soap first came to light, the actor used the hashtag twice since. On Saturday, July 20, he tweeted, “Riding the #Days bench in the bullpen I came up with a pretty good screwball. Can’t wait to deliver it to Marlena.” He did the same just a few short hours ago when he tweeted, “Yankees vs Dodgers tonight and I should be in the line-up…..for the Salem Sluggers!” He subsequently added, “Gotta get off the Salem bench and back in the box so I can jack a long ball off Doc! #take’emdeep.” On Thursday, July 25, Hogestyn tweeted, “Lawnmower broke down. Repairing it under a sycamore tree with lemonade and a cool ocean breeze. Not bad but this gearhead should be in Salem.”

As policy, “Days of our Lives” does not comment on actor contracts and has not officially announced whether or not the actor is still with the show. Sadly, as a result of (Kristen DiMera) leaving the show in the coming months (she last taped her scenes on Tuesday, July 16), it doesn’t look like fans will get a proper final scene between the two actors and their characters.

  • Linda Brett

    If he is, good for Drake! It is no secret this man is DAYS biggest cheerleader! Drake is my favorite actor on DTTV so if he gets off the bench, I’ll start watching again. Until then, I’m taking a break from Salem happenings.

  • Christine

    We all want Drake back. Till he is back I will not watch. I have been watching for 35 years.

    • Linda Brett

      DITTO! My last day watching DAYS was on July 18th. I won’t put the show on MY lineup until Drake returns to the show. He is a very gifted actor!

  • Mary Hargett-Hiduk

    So ready to see Drake “Hit it out of the park” He is sorely missed. We need our man back in Salem. Love and respect him. He is the best DTTV actor in my book. Time for him to have a fantastic s/l

    • Linda Brett

      I agree, Mary! Drake is missed BIG TIME and is needed back in Salem! Marlena needs him and so do the fans! He is a marvelous actor!

      • EmilyM

        yes he is a marvelous actor and like I said in my post he is truly missed by many and should be back on Days because Days is nothing without our supercouple John & Marlena!!!

        • Linda Brett

          EXACTLY! I refuse to watch DAYS without Drake on the canvas – solo Marlena sucks.

          • deidredrakeBEST

            Yes, they belong together. I refuse to see Marlena without the love of her life – namely John Black. I wish I could lock the current head-writers in a dungeon and throw away the keys. What the hell is wrong with them. The way they have portrayed John Black in the first half of this year is disgusting, and then they put him on the backburner. After Drake has invested so many years of his life to portraying a hero in John Black. Drake is a fantastic loyal friend to the show and he never says a bad thing about the show or its stupid producer Ken “?#!%” Corday – and this is the thanks he gets, unbelievably.

          • Sabina Karsan

            I have been watching Days why is Marlena alone I did not know Drake left Days again bring him back John and Marlean are a couple they belong together

  • Ann

    It’s LONG overdue for them to put Drake back in the lineup! He’s been badly missed, and the fan loyalty to watching the show has disappeared. Without Drake on the canvas, the show isn’t worth watching. They need to bring their biggest cheerleader back to inspire the rest of the cast, as well as to bring back the fans. New writers would be a good start – the current writers have destroyed almost every character on the show, especially John. They haven’t a clue who any of these characters are, and it shows in the way they write for them. Drake deserves to be front and center in a LOT of different storylines. John is friends with everyone in Salem, so why doesn’t he ever have a conversation with Abe or Maggie or even his former father-in-law Victor? If the show has ANY hopes of renewal for another year to try to reach 50 years, they’d better do some serious soul-searching and changes! Bring back Drake – that would be a VERY good start!

    • Linda Brett

      I agree, Ann! Great post! Personally, I can’t see DAYS making it to see 50 years, TPTB are just making too many mistakes and alienating too many fan bases. They should also pay close attention to amount of fans that are no longer watching DAYS. The show is in DESPERATE need of new writers that aren’t bias to their favorites.

    • Mary Hargett-Hiduk

      Well said Ann!!!

    • Lois Yandt

      Amen to everything you said Ann! Days need to do a lot of soul searching about the kinds of storylines they are feeding the next gener!ation of potential days watchings. They need to put John and Marlena front and center as this generations Tom and Alice/John Black and Marlena Evans Black.arguably the most popular Supercouple of all time on the show. We want the next generation to enjoy the show as much as we have but that generation will only be able to do that if they figure out a way to move into the future without loosing sight of the important things that made the show a success anyway. Love of family, friendships, God ,adventure, romance, mystery, reasonable purity of thought and action by the characters. Not that bad guys are not welcome, they just need to be written within the acceptable social norms!

  • Sheri Beatty

    Not all of us want him back. I think he is the worst actor ever! and his plastic surgery and dyed hair make him look silly and a bit scary.

    • Linda Brett

      I could not disagree more with EVERYTHING you said, WOW! No words to how mean some people can be.

    • Laura Ann Wade Bonin

      Wow, you are nasty!

      • Linda Brett

        I agree Laura!

    • Mary Hargett-Hiduk

      Sherri if you cannot say nice things then you should say nothing at all. Drake is the best of the DTTV actors. I so disagree with you!!!!

      • Linda Brett

        I agree Mary, SOMEBODY took their nasty pill this morning, WOW!

    • Dee Wilson

      WOW! First of all, Drake has not had plastic surgery and secondly he does not dye his hair! He is a real down to earth actor that has just aged gracefully and gotten better looking as he ages! As for his acting skills, he is one of the most talented actors on daytime TV! He takes his character serious and it shows! Before you begin making comments about someone having plastic surgery or dying their hair, make sure you have your facts straight. And once again…WOW!

      • Linda Brett

        YOU GO DEE! Good for you for defending Drake against hate! There is a reason why Drake has played so many characters back-to-back on DAYS – it is because TPTB know he has the acting talent to play ANY character and have a lot of success with it. ITA regarding the plastic surgery comment too – Drake doesn’t believe in Botox and the only surgeries he has had are surgeries to repair baseball injuries. Sheri, how would you like it if people took YOUR profile picture and started making MEAN comments about YOUR looks? I’ve seen mean comments before about actors, like folks calling Alison “Piggy” but YOUR comment takes the cake. You must be part of Kevin’s Drake bashing team eh? No words.

  • Shana Emery

    I need my John Black back…I’m a J&M fan thru and thru and WILL NOT WATCH TIL HE COMES BACK! That’s a fact

  • Louise

    I really love Drake. Everything he has done for the 28+ years he has been on days has been wonderful. I really want to see him back PDQ. He has always been a favorite of the fans. I have never had the privilege meeting him personally, but I am so ENVIOUS of people who have had a chance to meet and talk to him.They all say he is wonderful, warmhearted, easygoing, that he has a way of making you feel special that he is giving you his undivided attention without rushing you so that he can talk to the next person. Maybe someday my chance will come to meet him, if so you can bet that I am going to take advantage of the opportunity!

    • Linda Brett

      Louise, the only bad thing about meeting Drake, is you’ll walk away expecting all celebrities to be as FABULOUS with the fans as he is, and they’re not, LOL! He really is cut from a different cloth, I adore him! I hope you do get to meet him so you can see for yourself why Drake fans are gushers!

  • Dee Marie

    If you aren’t a Drake fan I think you are completely misunderstanding this. Drake has been silent for a long time, and has only tweeted or commented a couple of times since be left Days. But his fans want to hear from him, and we want him back on Days, but mostly we want to know that HE wants to be back on Days. His recent tweets are merely responses to us, his fans. And I know I speak for all Drake fans when I say we LOVE Drake, we love the tweets and we want more of them, but most of all we want him back on Days, and we’re not afraid to make sure everyone knows it.

    • Linda Brett

      I agree, I don’t see the need for this article above. So what if Drake is making his wishes clear that he loves DAYS and wants a chance to not only repair John’s marriage and relationship with his son, but also his relationships with other Salemites. Drake is HILARIOUS, I’m so happy that he joined Twitter! BRAVO to Drake for speaking up! His fans have waited a LONG time to find out what his wishes are regarding DAYS.

      • Lois Yandt

        You are right Linda, Drake has been basically silent for about for over 4 months regarding anything having to do with DAYS. His very occasional tweets were the only thing that gave any of us a clue to what he was up to. When the fans are accustom to practically having a daily dose of their favorite Salemite, I do not think it excessive to give us a peek into his world one in a while through a little bit of humor, or to express that hes is anxiously waiting to get back to something he obviously love to be a part. Rather than Errol seeing this are trying to get his fans to bolster support for him to come back. Errol ought to see this as any extreme complement to Days that Drake is exciting to be a part of this show!

        • Linda Brett

          Exactly Lois! If Drake WANTED to leave DAYS, I think most fans would respect his wishes – I for one am giddy that he has made it clear he has no desire to leave DAYS. Since he has made it clear that he reads EVERY Tweet his fans send him, all he is doing is answering the questions fans have been asking him for months! Instead of saying something boring like, “I have no desire to leave DAYS” he has brought his character and his character’s desire to have a love life into the conversation. By far this man has some of the most creative Tweets I’ve ever seen on Twitter! My hat is off to Drake!

  • EmilyM

    It is sad how some can make so much out of some tweets. I personal;ly think it is nice of Drake to think of his fans. This is the kind of person he is. We personally love the tweets. Drake SHOULD! be back on days. John&Marlena are the foundation couple of Dayss right now and most fans resinate with them. You cannot overlook the history&love this couple has brought to Days. John&Marlena are the true meaning of love in the afternoon & the writers should not overlook this. Many many fans miss Drake and Days right now is boring without our supercouple. So I personally hope Drake hits a homerun right backinto the Days studios and to Deidre(Marlena)!!

    • Linda Brett

      EmilyM – please just ignore the haters! These same haters go all over the Internet hating on Drake. I am so happy that Drake through his Tweets is telling us that he wants off the bench so he can work on repairing John. Something he shouldn’t have to do if it wasn’t for the fact TomSell are incompetent writers, not capable of writing for an ensemble show. DAYS is such a mess right now, I’m not sure if it can be repaired but if it isn’t renewed next year, this FABULOUS actor deserves to stand by his teammates as they say goodbye to what was once a great soap opera.

  • Amber

    I was born in 89 and started watching when I was 7 years old. So I liked Drake from the first time I watched him on Days . And like all the other Drake Hogestyn fans here I like hearing for him . He likes keeping in touch with his fans. 🙂 And he needs to be back on Days when he left I stopped watching the show and Jarlena need to get back together . And Days also needs to get New head writers . the ones they have now are DESTROYING THE SHOW…….

  • sarit

    I cant believe u Errol – u took 2 tweets od Drake and tried
    To make the worst out of it. We love Drake and adore the fact that he actally cares for his fans. We miss him so and want him back on the days ASAP. DRAKE is the best and he is not rallying anything. We the fans are doing it. So please dont try to ruin what we enjoy.

    • Lois Yandt

      Very good Sarit you really got to the heart of the article that was written. Drake was communicating with his fans, not to rally them or to somehow get them to support him. We have already been doing that for months, long before he was benched, because we were so disgusted and distressed by how out of character John Black was being written. The criticism needs to go where it truly belongs. On the writers and TPTB at days for allowing this kind of behavior from their employees to a much beloved character and actor.

    • Linda Brett

      Right you are, Sarit – maybe Errol doesn’t go to Drake’s Twitter feed, but his fans have been begging him for months to tell us if he is still with DAYS and wants to stay with DAYS. All he is doing is replying to Tweets and making it clear it was NOT his idea for John to be benched. I for one appreciate the love and support he shows his fans. He put an end to many rumors that were floating around!

  • Mary Hargett-Hiduk

    Of course we want Drake back in Salem and with time his reuniting with his beloved Doc. His fans have been tweeting NBC and Sony for months. Drake has every right to tweet his fans. He knows they love him and want him back. Don’t belittle his tweets. They are giving hope and encouragement to his fans. Drake is coming to the plate!!!

  • EmilyM

    I am very glad that Drake is tweeting to his fans again!! That is the kind of person he is. I have never got the chance to meet him because with two small boys at home I can’t just hop on a plane to go to their meet the fans functions. But I have heard nothing but great things on Drake&Deidre and I hope he continues to tweet to his fans. Yes it is no secret we want him back on DAYS he is a fabulous actor I have watched since 1986, Drake has always given an outstanding peformacne and yes John&Marlena do belong together. I hope we will see this very soon. But for now keep tweeting Drake we love to hear from you again!!!

  • Dee Wilson

    I personally LOVE the fact that Drake tweets! Since it really is becoming the way to communicate, he is just jumping on the bandwagon. I also think his tweets show his LOVE of the show that just continues to abuse him. He also LOVES his fans and wants to stay connected with them even though he is not on our TV screens every day like we WISH he was. If we (his true fans) thought that TPTB would listen to us, we would do whatever it takes to get him back on set!

    He is a wonderful actor and it is a shame that his talent is being wasted. He is genuine and loyal to his fans and that’s why we are loyal and protective of him. I can’t help but wonder why this article doesn’t showcase ALL of the other actors that tweet 100 times more than Drake does.

  • Linda Brett

    Anybody who DOESN’T think Drake’s Tweets are hilarious, need to go buy a sense of humor.

  • PA Drake

    WOW Sherri is all I can say! Drake Hogestyn is a WONDERFUL actor & man in general! If you haven’t met Drake in person you will change your mind as soon as you meet him. That’s a FACT! It was an honor to meet Drake for the first time in 1989. I haven’t met another actor that appreciates his fans as much as Drake does. He even stays late so he can meet EVERY person in line;despite what the security guards want him to do which is leave on time. I have heard Drake say many times how much he appreciates his fans because without them he wouldn’t be where he’s at today.

    I’m SO happy Drake learned how to Tweet! It keeps him in touch with his LOYAL fans;which we appreciate! He could tweet about anything & we LOVE hearing from him!! TPTB should be ashamed of themselves for treating their LOYAL employee Drake like they have been the last few months!!!!I TPTB need to take a leaf out of Drake’s book on how to treat their fans. I have been a fan of DAYS since 1972. If Drake is not on I don’t like to see DAYS anymore. I’d rather watch something else at noon! DAYS is BORING without Drake on my TV screen now. I pray TPTB will see the light soon & bring Drake/John back to SALEM!!

    I am an official lifelong fan of Drake Hogestyn & that’s a FACT!

  • Angie

    I love Drake!! I hope he returns to Days! I love Drake’s tweets! They are so entertaining, unlike Days!

  • kevingm

    DAYS is a soap opera not a sports team. They don’t need a cheerleader or a coach. They need an actor that can deliver something besides overly brooding cockiness. I’m hoping the producers are considering a new love interest for Marlena. It sounds promising with the addition of a new actor slated to begin filming in August. The character, named Seth, is reportedly a 45-55 years of age, gorgeous male. Sounds like the perfect match for Deidre Hall and the character of Marlena. Fingers crossed for a new and exciting storyline/love interest for her and DAYS fans!!!

    • Dee Wilson

      Kevingm – Deidre LOVES working with Drake and he with her. Always has, always will. I have been to SEVERAL events with both of them (together and separate) and they always have nothing but wonderful things to say about working with the other one.

      As for DAYS not needing a cheerleader or a coach, it looks like they need all the HELP they can get! I am a long time viewer of the show and have watched it go downhill over the last few years. As one of the few remaining soap operas, you would think they would want to do EVERYTHING they can to make it successful. And that they would want ALL the positive words they could get!

      Drake tweeting is not a bad thing, it shows he is keeping up with the times. When you have actors tweeting stupid, disgusting or ridiculous things, a little “sports”themed tweeting from an actor is a breath of fresh air.

      I can’t wait until Drake returns! In a time when daytime TV, especially soap operas are becoming a thing of the past, I would hope that TPTB would see that ROMANCE is what is missing and without that, they are losing their fan base!

      Oh, and for your comment regarding “overly brooding cockiness”, they would have to get rid of ALL the male actors if they wanted someone without that characteristic.

      • EmilyM

        You are so so right Dee it is no secret that Drake & Deidre love working together they have said it time & time again. Let’s hope the writers finally listen . DrakeS tweets are just wonderful let’s hope he keeps it up. Also let’s hope he is back on Days very soon!!!

        • Dee Wilson

          EmilyM – you are so right! I want him back on my screen ASAP! I am a long time DAYS viewer, but a long time Drake fan! I will watch him no matter what show he is on. I am hoping that we will see him soon again on our TV’s! Go Drake fans!!

      • kevingm

        Point taken, Dee. I understand that Mr. Hogestyn has his loyal fan base and always will. His character and acting style just isn’t my cup of tea and it is nothing personal against Drake. Just an opinion. I want the producers to keep the character of Marlena fresh and exciting and quit rehashing the same John/Marlena vs. Stefano storyline that has been going on for almost 30 years. It’s time for the producers to offer up something new and more challenging for Deidre Hall/Marlena!!!

        • Dee Wilson

          Thank you for the pleasant response kevingm. I can accept a “agree to disagree” moment. LOL

          I love the couple of John and Marlena together, BUT, together the way they used to be. When romance and steamy story lines were the way it was. They both deliver such a believable “romance”! From his always holding her face to her always gasping for breath. It made your TV screen sizzle! : – ) I also wish that Marlena would go back to being a “Dr.” and John would go back to being a successful millionaire businessman! Not the way the new story lines have been written. I can see where a Marlena/Deidre fan would want her to be someone else right now because of the way the writers have written John/Drake.

          As I always say, if I am going to watch a “soap opera” whether be daytime or nighttime, I want to be swept away with suspense and romance! So I guess we can agree that’s what we both want. : – )

    • PA Drake

      DAYS really NEEDS a cheerleader on the set! Because they don’t get it from the Head Writers! Drake Hogestyn LOVES working with Deidre & anyone else in the cast! It seems like you want Marlena to be a cougar; is that right? The Head Writers apparently didn’t know how to write a triangle storyline with J&M&K;like past writers. It’s such a shame also! I was excited when Kristin came back until they hooked her up with Brady(that was sick). I’m for ANY storyline that will give Drake a fair amount of time on the canvas. John Black has LOTS of friends in Salem. This year we,his fans,have not seen NEARLY enough of Drake on our TV screens thanks to the Head Writers & TPTB of DAYS! In ALL the time Drake has been benched this year John could have had several story lines with such people as Abe,Roman,Hope,Jennifer,Victor etc. But I guess the writers couldn’t think of multiple story lines for such a large cast. Personally, I don’t think they need to add anymore people to the cast. They have enough to begin with that they don’t use enough now such as John,Lucas,Carrie,Austin,Julie,Doug etc.

    • Angela Margot

      “kevingm” and his friends “Philipp” and “Bexx” are abusing EVERY thread to put their negative spins on ALL the soaps, with their central message being almost always that more soaps should get cancelled.

      We soap fans have to see through these ridiculous fake comments that ignore facts and never stop spreading their lies and distortions, no matter how many times someone posts clear evidence that proves them all wrong.

  • Karen Butcher

    Drake has always been a team player, it’s really sad that they would treat a veteran as they are him. Kudos to Drake for letting us know he still wants to work. John and Marlena deserve to be reunited. #TeamJohnandMarlena

  • professor Q

    Let’s bnest folks Drake was never going to get an Emmy nomination. He is one the worst male actors in the history of this genre. The other is Ron Moss. So please don’t insult my intelligence by trying to say what he does passes off as acting. Even Drake himself said he didn’t understand why he could not get an acting job when he was last off Days. It is because he can’t act.

    With that being said Days done fine without him. I would love to see Hall with Emmy worthy love interest. Yes, i’m an acting professor. So I know what I am talking about.

    Now if Drake made the difference between the showing staying on air or not, i’d say bring him back and skin and bare through his assault on the craft. So far Days is doing fine without him.

    • Linda Brett

      If I could thumb DOWN this post a HUNDRED times I would because it deserves that and more. I feel sorry for you that you are so full of hate. In fact, that seems to be something actor bashers all have in common.

  • No1_ILoveLucyFan

    Drake Hogestyn has made John Black one of the most iconic characters to ever be seen on Daytime TV. He’s gone from an identity-less Pawn to a multi-billionaire, a mercenary, an emotionless robot and through it all, held his head high and delivered time after time to his legions of fans. Whether you like his acting skills or not means absolutely nothing – Days NEEDS John Black to stand alongside Marlena as the go-to veteran couple of the show, much like Tom and Alice were back in the day. Sadly, without John’s presence, the Kristen storyline fizzled since her revenge against Marlena no longer had a clean target. Now, with his continued absence, watching Brady being outwitted by Kristen so easily is just rather sad since he’s being written as so woefully naive. Marlena without the love-of-her-life is rather humdrum while she’s floundering as “Sami and Eric’s mom” Yes, she is that, but she is also – first and foremost – a woman who loves and I don’t believe for one second that she is done loving John Black. She’s mad at him, rightfully so – but with just his name on her breath, Deidre Hall convinces you that Marlena is longing for him to return to Salem so they can work on their relationship and make their hearts whole once again. Without John, without Drake, Days – sadly – has turned into the Sami show and many viewers – myself included – are tuning out. Now, with the imminent departure of Eileen Davidson (who is simply breathtaking as Kristen), Chandler Massey, Camila Banus and whomever else might be leaving that we don’t know about yet, Days is going to need to bring back Drake Hogestyn to fill in the gaps that are going to be left, as well as the gap left by the absence of Peter Reckell and Matthew Ashford. Days needs it’s veteran characters, it’s hero’s and it’s good-guy. And to many viewers, that man is…Drake Hogestyn.

    • Linda Brett

      Great post No1_ILoveLucyFan! Drake is an extraordinary actor able to play ANY part and the audience not only gravitate toward his character but become huge fans of the character! He has played so many characters back-to-back because TPTB know he has the acting chops to pull it off. EVERY character was different. You didn’t see John in Ryan or Father John in Forrest. He is needed back on DAYS ASAP so I hope for a Christmas miracle this year and that is John back in Salem in December!

      • Miss Barbara

        Drake , an actor? Oh dear me no. And that’s a fact….as he so frequently exhales. He is overly dramatic and breathtakingly self conscious and truly, Marlena would do better with Roman than the John she’s married to. Feh. I am a long time fan and miss his presence not at all. Now Peter—-well that’s another chapter for another day.

  • Linda Brett

    I find many Drake bashers are Wayne fans that don’t like Drake because they feel he stole Wayne’s role, OY! They need to accept the fact Drake was named one of the best recasts for a reason. They need to accept that Drake made the role of Roman so successful that when Wayne came back, MANY people were ticked off that he gave up the role. Had it not been for Drake telling TPTB he’d give the role back to Wayne, Wayne would’ve never have been able to play it again. Like I said, I feel sorry for you guys that the SAME bashers go all over the Internet bashing Drake, you could NOT be more transparent and it has gotten to the point where you can use a different name and I can STILL tell who you are. It’s past time to grow up.

    • jo

      Erm perhaps you should grow up. You sound insane. It’s a soap opera.

  • Karen

    I want John back/ stopped watching. And the old John back, the romance, intrigue, humor, my hero.. Writers get your act together. And Eileen Davidson deserves a much better storylines that are handed to her as well, It started well for her. Writers dropped the ball there too.

  • Shelby

    PLEASE BRING DRAKE BACK!!! Loyal fan of Days requests more storylines for John and Marlena!