Chandler Massey Talks ‘DAYS’ Exit


Shortly after winning his second consecutive Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series last month, “” star, , announced plans to depart the NBC Daytime drama series after portraying the role of Will Horton for the past four years. The actor stated he wants to go back to school and he wouldn’t be able to do that while under contract with the soap.

While representatives for the show have yet to officially confirm Massey’s exit, despite executive producer commenting on the matter in a recent interview, Massey chatted with Gay Star News and said, “Whatever they decide to do, I’ll support it,” in regards to whether or not the show decides to recast the character.

“The character is more important than the actor. He’s a legacy character born on camera. I wouldn’t be bitter at all if they go and recast.”

Michael Desmond/NBC
Michael Desmond/NBC

Massey’s contract with “DAYS” is set to expire in December, but as a result of the show’s current filming schedule, which co-executive producer recently told Soap Opera Network would likely be addressed next year, Massey isn’t expected to exit the canvas on screen until at least April 2014.

While his final appearance won’t occur for sometime, Massey commented, in response to fans worried about the future of their favorite gay duo, “I don’t want Will and Sonny [] to break up.  I want them to be together forever and go off and get married. If I’m in school and not able to get back and they decide to bring someone else to play Will, I won’t be upset and bitter. I want what is best for WilSon.”

  • John

    Maybe @nbcDays can do what Ryan’s Hope did when Kate Mulgew left. Her Mary and Jack married then went to honeymoon. When they returned there was a new Mary. So maybe Wilson Marry and leave for their honeymoon. When Wilson returns its a recast Will.@ChandlerMassey @FreddieMSmith

  • kevingm

    I’m so upset that he is leaving! The show will not be the same without him! IMHO, he is currently the best actor on any soap! I hope he hightails it back to Salem after completing school! In the meantime, how about recasting the role with Van Hansis (ex-Luke, ATWT)????

    • Fox

      VH is only about 10 years too old for the role. And a 31-year old Hansis as 36-year old Alison Sweeney’s son?!? It’s barely believable with CM in the role.

      • marc

        van hansis is looking much younger and hotter than massey.

        • kevingm

          We can agree to disagree on that statement.

      • kevingm

        I guess the age thing would make the story a tad unbelievable but in Van’s case he is a young looking 31!

    • Alex

      Van Hansis deserves so much better than overtaking a role from Mr. Massey because Van IS so much better!!

      Whoever watched Van’s brilliant acting during his five years on ATWT knows what I’m talking about. He was robbed of his Emmy every single year from 2006 to 2009!!

      By the way, Luke and Noah (Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann) on ATWT had a unique chemistry, but were terribly marginalized by the writers/producers who sank this show, while CBS didn’t give a damn,

      because they thought they would get the same ratings with their cheap replacement show (which has been proved DEAD WRONG, since “The Talk” is still not getting the ratings ATWT had even in its weakest, final year, especially in the women 18-49 demographic.)

      • kevingm

        Sorry, but I think Chandler Massey is extremely talented and definitely deserved the two consecutive Emmys for his performances.Not to take anything away from Mr. Hansis’ abilities, but Chandler’s Emmys are a testament to his outstanding acting…and he’s a hottie, also!!!