TOLN Announces Airdate for Alicia Minshew on ‘All My Children’

Peter Hurley Photography

has announced that on Wednesday, July 10, “” fans will finally get a chance to catch a glimpse of as Kendall Hart, who we recently discovered had divorced Zach Slater () between the end of the ABC incarnation to the current version of the soap. Minshew appeared on the set of the online anytime series on Friday, March 8, when it was announced she’d be reprising her role as the eldest daughter of Erica Kane ().

In addition to her two weekend run in the play “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” last month, Minshew is also working on the pilot episode of “,” a new comedy series where she plays a hell on wheels type character, and later this summer begins shooting “Tainted Dreams,” created by “AMC” supervising producer .

For more on Minshew’s return to “All My Children,” check back soon for an exclusive Soap Opera Network interview with the actress.

  • Judy

    Great news, I really like her. Such a beautiful girl. I love her with Zack, I hope they get it back together. Not feeling the FBI chick.

  • Susanne

    Great….Hope she gets bite by the bug and wants to return to the show. Susanne

  • LoyalFan50yrs


  • Chris Turner Riha

    I sure hope she comes back full time. I miss Zach and Kendall. They are my favorite

  • Suzi Quang

    I’m so glad its coming back more and more! Maybe someday an hour a day again on tv!!! Yea

    • GayhawkAZ

      Keep dreaming.

  • Tom Beavin

    Welcome home, Kendall. Is there any chance of a ‘Welcome home, Zendall’ in our future? Seeing as how we, the people, have made progress with the removal of ‘curse’ words from AMC and OLTL, I think we can take that as a possibility.

    • GayhawkAZ

      “We” had nothing to do with the removal of the swear words. If you really think the fans had the absolute final say in this, you would be wrong.

    • CTwildheart

      The removal of all curse words was ridiculous.

  • Charlotte

    I can,t wait I love Kendall on the show hope she will be back to stay I hope you and Zack get back together one of my favorite

  • Vivian

    WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!Alicia back on AMC will be wonderful..I can’t wait. I wanted her back like the first episode of the reboot..I miss her , Spike, and Ian so much…

  • Belinda Ladd

    Can’t wait for her return hope the audience don’t get to excited cause there’s another woman taking Zacks heart but Kendall is his true love and love wins all..Crossing my fingers that they reunite as a family..