Roger Howarth Headed To ‘Californication’

Craig Sjodin/ABC
Craig Sjodin/ABC

As if work life wasn’t already busy enough for daytime veteran (Franco, “,” Todd Manning, “”), the fan favorite actor is heading to primetime! According to a Showtime representative, the New York native has signed on for a two episode arc on the networks comedic series, “.”

But will he be portraying anything similar to the dastardly dream man he currently plays in Port Charles? Probably not, as he’ll be joining the series as Chris, the yoga teacher of Karen (), whom fans know as the on-again/off-again girlfriend of Hank () and mother of Becca ().

Production on the seventh season of “Californication” is already underway with a Showtime premiere date set for sometime in 2014.

  • [email protected]

    Let’s see if he can play a different character other than Todd. I hope so.

  • Philip

    Oh goodness. I liked him on OLTL. He was okay on ATWT. I got tired of him quickly when he joined GH. He was just way too much over the top. Now that he is back playing Franco, he is one of the reasons I gave up GH. Now he is going to another of my favorite shows. Hopefully his arc will be short and scenes will be short enough I can fast forward them. I am so over his overexposed self.

    • lulu

      To each its own i find him pretty charismatic, over the top he can be but on daytime almost ALL actors and acting is over the top, it is part of the genre !
      People who whine about OTT acting on daytime soap operas make me laugh..hard.
      i am actually surprised he did not make it better and bigger on prime time back in the day when he did leave OLTL the first for me his big Break is long over due and while Californication is not the good show it was the first seasons, i am still happy for him and i am looking forward to watch his recurring arc on it ! ha.

      • Philip

        You can laugh hard all you want. coming from you that means absolutely nothing. Considering some of the things you have stated you like in your other posts your taste doesn’t impress me much. So if you think you laughing at me means anything then you are absolutely wrong.

        And you accepting over the top acting as just a part of soaps makes me less impressed with you than ever. I personally have more respect for myself to just accept those type of things as being part of soaps. They used to be the exception and not the norm. And as long as fans allow it to just be that way and not demand better then they have no one but themselves to blame.

        I refuse to accept actors who phone it in and think that all this over the top campy stuff is the way to go. They get paid enough money to learn their craft and do it well. They would get away with it in any division of acting and still have a job.

        Roger Howarth used to be a top notch actor. He was right up there with the best of them. Since joining GH he has steadily gone downhill and part of that is the mediocre material he is given to work with. Maybe he will do better with a better writer but that is still to be seen.

        • lulu

          euh..ok..should i care either ?! Really your comments about me and my taste should matter ?! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO yep you make me laugh and this last comment from you make me laugh even more..get over yourself, it is pathetic Philip..ugh
          I stand by what i said by the way : OTT acting is part of the daytime soap medium and had always been..that’s just the truth, deal with it !

        • lulu

          And i am sure you are so entitled to judge about ‘acting’ skills..eyeroll.. and i don’t ‘impress’ you..ok now i will cry to death on my so so sad i am, i don’t know if i can’t live anymore knowing i don’t impress poster Philip….lmao.

        • CB

          If them laughing at you means absolutely nothing, then why are you being so sensitive over it. It is so freaking obvious by your response that it bothers you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have felt the need to insult their taste.

          Over the top acting has always been the norm on Soaps Operas. It’s likely why Soap actors and actresses were not taken seriously in the past despite Soaps being more demanding to do their primetime shows and films due to them being more fast paced and having more lines to memorize. They used to have a difficult time trying to expand their career into Primetime.