Prospect Park Halts Production on ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ Following Dispute with I.A.T.S.E.; Production May Move Out of Connecticut

The OnLine Network/TOLN

As previously reported, ’s “,” and now “,” have been embroiled in a heated debate with I.A.T.S.E. (International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees)/Local 52, the union representing stage workers for the soaps, which alleges that has violated the labor agreement with the union. As a result, today announced that both soaps will halt production effective tomorrow, June 6.

“As a result of a dispute with the I.A.T.S.E., The OnLine Network is beginning a long-planned hiatus for both ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life To Live’ tomorrow instead of June 17,” the company said in a statement. “The hiatus is scheduled to end on August 12 pending resolution of this labor issue. Right now we have 40 episodes of each show ready to post through September, and if we can resolve this issue by August, we can get back into the studio on time so audiences will enjoy uninterrupted postings of their favorite shows.

We believe we have met all contract requirements with I.A.T.S.E, and as an internet start-up, and per our contract with the I.A., we cannot afford, and our business model cannot sustain, traditional broadcast rates,” Prospect Park added. “The writers, directors, actors and rest of crew have been supportive of the shows and our success. Both ‘One Life To Live’ and ‘All My Children’ consistently earn top rankings on both and since launch just over a month ago. The popularity of the shows is matched by the continued passion and excitement from the fans. We are committed to these shows, and to the nearly 300 jobs they produce, thus we are exploring every legal and logistical option to maintain our production schedule.”

In addition to halting production early for its previously planned hiatus, sources are telling Soap Opera Network that the company may move production out of Connecticut when production is scheduled to resume. Sources tell us, “They would move and then start production. Other states have approached them.”

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  • Debby Messina

    This crap needs to stop! You are really starting to piss people off.

  • Kim

    I really hope that this doesn’t end. I am addicted again..

  • JoEllen Fawcett

    2 half hour shows a week and your worried about hiatus???this is a hiatus what a ripoff
    After all the hoopla of the shows returning I am totally disgusted and cancelled my hula account.

    • bmitch

      you do realize that the show isnt stopping right?

      • Guest

        That will be the next move PP blames us for. Sigh

    • Kim

      There was always going to be a hiatus. It’s just happening a week early

      • Guest

        PP is in violation of a union agreement which protects the actors! This is not simply a moved up hiatus!

        • Kim

          This union has nothing to do with the actors. It’s the crew’s union. And you don’t know if they’ve violated anything yet.

  • Bambic

    This must be such a drag for the entire cast and crew, especially if they just moved to Connecticut.
    So how about New Jersey?

    • Kim

      I haven’t read that any cast member moved to Connecticut. Most commute from NY or fly in

  • Guest

    I have no faith in PP after the episode reduction and then blaming it on our viewing habits! Something is not right with this company! And please don’t say, it’s only a week sooner hiatus, they have violated the union agreement they signed!! This is just another indication they are in financial trouble and don’t know what they are doing. The union is protecting the actors, PP is not!

  • Alec Trevallier

    So they moved to Connecticut for the tax breaks but got bitten in the ass by the a film union instead of working with local IATSE stage hands and then Fallon on NBC gets a tax break for staying in NY. Great job Jeff Kwanitz, whatever your name is. I think you should stick to the music business. By the way Jeff, how’s your direct contract with the Teamsters going up there. Another brilliant move. Start listening to the people in this business that know it instead of Frank Valentini that wants to see both shows and you fail

    • 2forEnglish

      CT completely sux – and NY has gotten to the point where it is not much better (PLUS they now have the new “Stop and Frisk” policy which makes me want to “Puke and Die”). The northeast has become one “Giant Land of Sheep Herded by THUG” – and I don’t consider being surrounded by that mentality to be the best atmosphere for creative freedom. Of course – money is always an issue and therefore it forces the creators of just about anything………to have to agree to things they don’t agree with – YES…. it forces square pegs to PROMISE – and then ATTEMPT ………to fit into round holes, and even if those square pegs can get themselves squeezed into those round holes for a second – – – – they are going to pop out. I do however, always commend “the little guy with the good intentions and the lack of capital” for trying and for having the gumption to take the risk to go up against some pretty soulless monopolies. If you find my post completely irrelevant to YOURS……….I sincerely apologize. I’m shot. I’m crazy. Yeah……….I belong in a “Home For Shot People”.

  • Over4tea

    This is not a dispute with the actors’ union. They are trying to work things out. It’s too bad they might move the shows, but if that’s what has to be done to keep them going, I’m all for it. Personally, I’d love to have them back in NYC.

  • boop

    One Life To Live: Matthew killed someone. Are you going to let us know what

  • tigger09

    this bump in the road shall pass and everything will be fine. I just have 1 disapointment and that is the shows aren’t on every day.

  • tigger09

    I wonder why Susan Lucci didn’t come back

  • 2forEnglish

    I live here in CT and I am thinking about moving production of my life ………….”out of CT” too! The fact is – it’s just not a state that encourages or is conducive to personal growth, individuality, or the freedom of individual expression it takes, for one to achieve maximum productivity. Other states have approached me as well, and I have a couple in mind that I am considering as new locations to work on the next several seasons of my life………………..