Is The Door Already Open for a Michelle Stafford Return?

Marina Chavez/SOAPnet (left); Cliff Lipson/CBS (right)
Marina Chavez/SOAPnet (left); Cliff Lipson/CBS (right)

’” Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Newman) hasn’t even left Genoa City yet, but there are already fans crossing their fingers in anticipation of a future return. But is it possible? , Senior Vice President of CBS Daytime, thinks so! “She is an icon,” the exec tells Soap Opera Network of Stafford, who began playing George and Lydia Summers’ daughter back in 1994. “She’s an amazingly talented woman… and she brings so much as Phyllis to the show. But we have to respect her decision, and [leaving] was her choice.”

That being said, McDaniel would like to assure fans that if the situation presented itself, Stafford would be welcomed back in a heartbeat: “We wish her the best, and hopefully, as I’ve told her… she’ll be back!”

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  • Harlee

    Geez, this is confusing…Michelle wants to leave on her decision not matter what the reasons we need to respect this….we need Phyllis for this fallout (hopefully) I say recast with strong caliber of actress as MS and there are plenty right now unemployed and have a cream of crop choices….doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love seeing MS playing this in depth fall out. Sigh…move forward the show must go on…….

  • PatF

    I’d prefer to keep the character off screen for a bit. Recast down the road if needed.
    But let’s give story to those left…especially Jill, Nikki, Paul and more returns by Nina and Traci of course.
    I’m also hoping for Brenda E back as Ashley or more appearances by ED.
    But because we’ve suffered through SO many new faces, and recasts, I just can’t handle many more.
    So sad to see her go.

    • Harlee

      ITA about having Jill, Nikki, Paul, Traci, & love for Nina back FT that would be excellent. I wish they would bring BD back as Ashley because she was seeing Nikki’s doctor back in the day which would spark Nikki vs Ashley butting heads again would be delicious. We have suffered through so many newbies & recasts it would be disheartening for another recast but my fear is Josh will “cheapen” Summer’s paternity story and it will be a bust because MS leaving canvas. Afraid this could be another fizzle or failure (whichever way you slice it). The paternity story has such soapy drama on the big reveal of being Jack’s and could reverberate for years…which I want to watch on my TV. I know many are unhappy with YR reading posts all over the web but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the last few weeks, it does seem better balance and seeing more vets. I think the stories are popping and moving the characters (in character) very nicely but you still see people complaining about how “boring” (maybe some of stories KevinChloe) but I’m one seeing most stories playing the beats and driving the story which I want to see in a character driven story. I do like Chesdam together more compared to KenCupcake Barbie. I liked Dylan wSharon in the beginning but I love the scenes lately with Shick would be wonderful IMHO, long overdue. Did anyone else see the chemistry popping between AdamAvery…OH! It was great with those two talking and Avery calling Adam out on trying to scheme to win back Chelsea…love it! I hope they play AdamAvery as friends for a spell and possibly grow into something special. I got sneaky feeling…I’m wondering if Dylan already suspects is not his baby or knows and doesn’t care because maybe he’s falling for Chelsea. I can’t believe I’m saying this next statement …I would would like Adam vs Dylan…could be fun…as long as it’s not on 12 days a week…wink wink! I absolutely loved the scenes between MichaelGloria yesterday long overdue was lapping up the moment when Michael told Glo “back back to Europe”…I howled. Got to go watch Wednesday’s episode to see what all the moaning is about the episode…..will judge for myself.

  • Yoryla

    Harlee! What has happened to you??? 😀

    • Harlee

      Yoryla….how hell are you! Nothing happened…I’m here, there & everywhere!

  • Juan Vincente

    I would hope that Michelle Stafford would be back as soon as possible. She probably cant take being ties to a 60-year old character (Jack), who is only on when giving advice to Summer, or confronting Carmine.

    Now under Maria Bell, Carmine and Red would have already had sex on the bar top!

    • Harlee

      this is hey mon….

      • Juan Vincente

        Yeah, tis me. What’s up? Seems like JFP is having her ‘evil’ way with Y&R.

        • Harlee

          I know your writing sir…MAB is dead give away…LOL

    • Harlee

      hey mon, 60 yo…really when it’s only 10 short years away from you…correct? Rethink the age thing….

      • Juan Vincente

        Not me, 60 yrs old is 10.1 yrs away for me, and Im enjoying 49.9 yrs of age more than most.

        Talking bout Michelle. Under Maria and LML, Phyll was banging 26-yr old Ronan, 38 yr-old Nick, 30-something yr old Deacon. Now Red is an ultra-serious person, an advice-giver, etc. Probably too much for MS to handle, being back-burnered a bit.

        • Harlee

          Phack is red hot, Phyllis is more balanced now which is enjoyable to watch MS again…I wasn’t enjoying MS performances under either regime and was over used…NOT going to go there again about LML or MAB…water under the bridge and I choose to enjoy YR now with the good stories they are producing currently. Not everything is perfect but I loving YR right now, hey mon…

          49.9% LMAO! Getting close…..

  • Juan Vincente

    Well, there isn’t going to be any Phack at all, now that Michelle is gone. There isn’t going to be any balance to Phyllis at all, because there isn’t going to be any Phyllis.

    There is enough to like on Y&R right now. Summer’s Paternity is good, Carmine/Lauren/Michael are good, Fen is great. Traci is very good, and so is Billy. So Yes, I choose to see the positive.

    I just wish that others could see the positive that was under Maria Bell.

    • Mp1969

      Phelps is distroying the show

  • Diane

    I’m ready for Michelle Stafford to leave The Phyllis character has run her course. All she does now is whine about being “bad’ for Jack and is clearly still hoping for another round of being treated like Nick’s doormat. It’s ridiculous and boring. Phyllis is not what she used to be. MS’s acting, once untouchable, has fallen in recent months. I don’t feel the character the way I used to. Just kinda over her. And I hope they don’t recast. Just let us be Phyllis free.

  • Harlee

    If ithe situation where Sony or JFP wanted her out I would be pissed but everyone from Sony, JFP, & CBS wanted her to stay none can be blamed. I’m not because this was MS’s decision to leave. The speculation on why is clogging the boards and honestly sometimes her tweets are ego driven you can tell. If it has to do with dominating the canvas as under MAB which caused damage to the character and with viewers…I will say Josh has found a great balance on the canvas for Phyllis again and boy I’m so enjoying Phyllis personally again. Michelle made a boatload of cash on guarantees under MAB and the ties would be finally broken with Nick & Newman clan & when JM & SC was on The Talk and said Nick’s true love was probably Sharon…egos bruised is what I’m reading all over the web I honestly believe some of the gossip could be true. In this instant I will accept a high caliber actress in a recast of Phyllis. Never say never could this be possible opening for “Drucilla” to return? VR & MS didn’t get along but damn were they delicious at cat fighting… it. I want Summer to be Jack’s bio daughter because the greater good of this story is fallout for all to play…lots of story wrapped up in this paternity issue and good for YR, maybe not for MS but good for YR to bring on great soapy drama.

  • A

    I just watched Sharon admit to changing the paternity test. Why!? Why take a perfectly good storyline and twist it again? It is so frustrating to wait for something to surface for so many years to only have it tainted by “una loca”. My mom and I have watched the show for years. We are done. Its sad what the writers have done to Sharon’s character and now this. Can she just mind her business and let the chips fall? Its all going down hill. Phyllis is leaving, Sharon is crazy, Chelsea and Adam are not together, Lauren is cheating, Lily wants to cheat, Fen is a loser, and Summer is going through all of this for nothing. Poor Jack. He was only her father over the weekend. Some serious bull…. There is so much that can be done. You have all the right pieces but the puzzzle is being put together all wrong.

    • Allen

      Exactly based on what you said you’ve watched the show for years!
      There is nothing currently exciting in the show right now!
      MS is leaving and then they do this! The show is going downhill!

  • J

    I agree with one of the comments here, there are plenty of actresses with a lot of talent that could be brought on board … They recast Jack many years ago, and that’s worked. I believe the viewers will accept another Phyllis, particularly since she is the one exiting and not being canned… And by the way, the Neil convoy has to go, they are a worthless group of storyline, I DVR the program, so fast forward right though his parts, a blogging phantom, pleaseeeee…..Don’t these people have jobs to take care of???

  • Vickie

    I don’t know if my comment was posted but, I have investigated women with red hair in the age group your looking for. Two names came to me….Ellie Kemper age 34, and Angelica Bridges age 40. They are both very beautiful and could hold their own.