EMMYS: Outstanding Younger Actor Chandler Massey


National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

On Sunday, June 16, during “,” took home his second Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series.

Massey won his first Emmy Award in 2012 for his portrayal of Will Horton on “.” He is the first of three actors from the near 48 year history of the NBC Daytime drama series to win for a second time in this category. won in 2009 for his portrayal of Max Brady and won in 1988 for his portrayal of Frankie Brady.

  • kevingm

    Well deserved! By far, the best young actor on any daytime drama!!!

  • Rick Kitchen

    Chandler is an outstanding actor, but when he has to make unscripted remarks, he comes across as really awkward.

  • Angela Margot

    It’s incredible that he wins an Emmy for this discriminatory storyline where a young gay man had to knock up a girl immediately after his coming out. Why don’t they have the straight men of the show go to bed with other men when they’re “having a bad week”? So much for equality!!

    If anyone would have deserved to win an Emmy for his outstanding portrayal of a gay teenager, it would have been Van Hansis (Luke Snyder of As The World Turns) in every single year from 2006 to 2010! But obviously, he and and Noah (Jake Silbermann), his partner on ATWT, didn’t fit in with the heterosexist image of gay identity and relationships those people are promoting.

    Van Hansis is such a brilliant actor (and so much better than anyone I’m seeing on daytime right now) and was deprived of his Emmys three times!!

  • Billy Vick

    I wonder if he took his 14 year old brother out after the broadcast “to become a man” by getting “wasted and going to a strip club” which are direct quotes he made in recent interviews. Both of which really disappointed me in a guy that I had a tremendous amount of respect and true devotion to. It also makes me wonder if HE is HOMOPHOBIC to feel the need to make it OBVIOUS he was going to do some STRAIGHT MALE activities after the EMMY broadcast? I can’t tell you how these statements deflated my opinion of him. I KNOW he has the right to do ANYTHING HE WANTS in his personal life, but I still feel it was in poor taste to state in an interview he intended to get drunk and go to watch women strip after the show, and then later to make the statement that he was taking his 14 year old brother out partying with him because it was “time” for him to become a MAN. At 14? Time to become a man? Did that mean to get drunk? To go watch women dance naked? What kind of moral values does he have? How was I so fooled into thinking he was such a good role model? I NEVER thought he was gay in real life, but I did think he was a very extraordinary young man. I’d like to hear other opinions – even if you feel I am wrong. Like I said these are direct quotes from interviews where he made these statements about the EMMYs. The one about his brother was made after his win last night, which don’t get me wrong, he deserved, he is one of thee BEST ACTORS to ever appear on DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

    • Angela Margot

      That’s really disgusting! As if (at least) 10% of male teenagers who happen to be gay do not have the right to “become a man” – just the way THEY are and feel! Chandler should better keep his narrow-minded and heterosexist world view to himself!!

      And I’ve read another interview where Chandler actually trivializes Will’s and Sonni’s relationship and their sexual identity. It was like “The most important thing is that Will’s becoming a good father to his baby…” and him and Sonni being gay and in a relationship not so important…