EMMYS: Jess Walton on the Passing of Jeanne Cooper and What It Means for Katherine Chancellor

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Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

EXCLUSIVE: On Sunday, June 16, shortly after the conclusion of the 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards,¬†Soap Opera Network¬†caught up with (Jill Abbott, “”), who said, “She was so loved, and she so loved her fans more than anyone,” while discussing the passing of (Katherine Chancellor). Cooper died on Wednesday, May 8 after a brief illness.

During the Tuesday, May 28 tribute episode of “Y&R,” it was announced that the soap would address the passing of Cooper’s alter-ego. When asked how the show would do that, Walton would only say, “It’s too premature to talk about that, but it’s going to be fantastic. I guarantee it!”

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  • LisaJ

    I don’t get this article. What DOES it mean for Katherine Chancellor? Other than the obvious that they are going to have HER die, too?

    • Sharon Jesse

      Yes the character of Katherine Chancellor will die also, this was reported in an article after Jeanne Cooper passed away.

      • LisaJ

        That was my point. There’s no news here. We already knew they’d be writing Katherine off.

        • PatF

          The point I’m getting is that prior to now it seemed no one knew much about what if anything was going to be done about her onscreen death other than it would be addressed.
          Obviously Jess is aware of what that is going to look like and she’s reassuring us that it’s going to be “fantastic”.
          I don’t think she’d put that out there if it didn’t mean that the fans will approve.
          I hope so.

  • PatF

    If Jess says that it’s going to be fantastic, then I’m optimistic. I also hope that means that she’ll be front and center.

  • Fox

    To keep things going, they need to re-cast and re-envision the Phillip Chancellor IV character.