CENTER STAGE: Steve Burton Opens Up About Transitioning From ‘GH’ to ‘Y&R;’ Teases Hot Summer Story

John Paschal/JPI Studios
John Paschal/JPI Studios

After over two decades of playing “’s” Jason Morgan, beloved soap star  decided to walk away from Port Charles for a break from the spotlight — only to turn around and join “” as Dylan McAvoy a few months later! Soap Opera Network caught up with the daytime vet during a special “Y&R” TVGN launch party, and he opened up about changing networks as well as fast becoming right at home in Genoa City.


First things first, the actor couldn’t be happier regarding TVGN deciding to air same-day episodes of “Y&R,” which will start happening this July. “I think it’s awesome that they’re taking ‘The Young and the Restless,’” he says. “It’s good for us, it’s good for them, and it’s good for daytime in general.”

Though doing the on-camera interview for the launch party wasn’t exactly a highlight of the actor’s day! “I don’t really do a lot of interviews, so sometimes it can be a little nerve wracking,” he reveals. “When [I see] cameras that aren’t recording my acting, I usually go in the opposite direction!”

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

He was partly joking about that, but overall, Burton admits that he’s been in the spotlight quite a lot in his near quarter of a century in daytime — which is partly why he decided to leave “General Hospital” and move to Nashville, where he spends most of his time. “I work about eight to 10 days a month [at “Y&R]… which is different, because at ‘GH,’ I worked five days a week,” he explains. “It was a blessing to work five days for a long time… but being in daytime for 22 years, I just wanted to spend more time with my wife and kids.”

Luckily, “Y&R” came calling shortly after he left “GH,” and the situation couldn’t be more perfect. “I wanted to get my kids out of California,” he says of the number one reason he chose Nashville — a place 2,000 miles away from the entertainment business — as a place to hang his hat.” I’ve been trying to get there for about seven years, ever since I did the last ‘,’ which was filmed in Nashville. I’ve just always loved the place. The people were great, and I wanted to move. I wanted to get out of California. ‘Y&R’ wanted to fly me in, and it couldn’t really work out at the other show, but this one… the production is easier, so it’s great.”

In addition, Burton has really taken a liking to Dylan, even though it was a bit of an adjustment to switch to a new character after playing Jason for so long. “Being at a place for 20 years, it was like my home there, and then you come here, and you know the other actors and everybody respects each other, but you want to be good!” he explains. “You just left a role that you played for so long, and you know everybody is going to be looking at you and judging you and thinking, ‘Why did he leave?’ and ‘What’s he doing?’ and ‘Why’s he wearing different colored shirts now?’ and all of this stuff, you know? But it took about a week for me to feel at home.”

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Working with great actors, including recent Emmy-winner (Paul Williams), (Avery Clark), (Chelsea Newman),  (Nicholas Newman), (Adam Newman) and (Michael Baldwin) has also helped make the transition smooth. “There are a lot of great actors [on this show], so that’s exciting for me,” he says. “It’s exciting to be in a scene with somebody like that, because you never know what’s going to happen, and that’s what acting is. That’s what we live for.”

Of course, the writing team is also to thank for making Burton’s job easy. “The writing has been very good, so I haven’t had to do a lot of my own exploring yet,” he says. “It was kind of a collaboration of what the writers had in mind and what they thought I could bring to it… But they’re totally open to just making this guy mine, and they’ve given me great boundaries to start with.”

As for what’s to come for Dylan, the Indiana native says you haven’t seen anything yet. “The culmination of my story is coming in the next couple of months, which is awesome,” he teases. “I’m working a lot, and it’s just been really good story. There are a lot of people involved: Avery, and Nick, and Adam, and Chelsea, and myself. So it’s kind of a lot going on. It’s going to be great.”

  • joyce

    steve burton is a great actor love the character dylan its great

  • DeeDee DaCosta Baysinger

    love Dylan, the character is such a nice gentle person who is real, not a phony. Hope they keep him, last time we had a guy like this he didnt last long because he was to much of a good character, the fans seem to like trouble, Shawn Patrick Flannery played that part as Sam, I loved him but I was in the minority…hope Dylan stays.

    • Lilianna Mathers

      that was a real waste of a talented actor, i missed him too!!

  • Westbrooklady

    Come on….Steve
    In the first place the last few years on GH, you never worked/taped 5 days a week. NONEof the actors on GH work 5 days a week. You claim you work 8 to 10 days per month? How about more like: Y&R is dark on Mondays, but Tues, Wed, Thurs and sometimes Friday, which means you work at least 12 days per month, not 8 to 10. You claim you work less on Y&R but yet you just said you are working alot. So which is it? The reason you left GH was not because you moved to Nashville to spend more time with your family, it was because you did not like working for FV and RC. Nashville had nothing to do with leaving GH. You say you left GH to get out of CA and yet here you are still working in CA away from your family.
    Come on….Steve


      You should try checking your facts. Mr. Burton is usually on a plane on his way to Nashville on Thu pm or Fri am. He tweets about his travels so it’s not hard to figure out he flies to LA on Mon. and Flies home on Thu or Fri. Many of my friends NOT in the business commute all over the country every week. This is not unusual. But I think the man is to be commended for practicing his craft, trying to find a place that he feels comfortable raising his children (personal values, lifestyle, whatever) and finding a way to be there with his wife and children as often as possible. But haters will be haters.

      • westbrooklady

        You just repeated what I said. The facts……Y&R dark on Monday, Tues, Wed, Thurs and sometimes Frid AM he is still in LA working. I never said I hated Mr. Burton. That’s your words, not mine.

        • Lilianna Mathers

          Your comment felt unkind, I don’t think the person who said “haters”meant that you hated steve, just that your comment was harsh and you essentially called Steve a liar. No, you did call him a liar. And why do you think Y&R is “dark” Monday through Friday, that and your comment make no sense.

  • Landra

    Love Dylan now that he is paired with Chelsea. I look forward to all their scenes and hope they continue for a long while. Steve is really doing great on Y&R. It was kind of weird at first, as someone who has watched him on GH for so many years, but it’s worked out well.


    He’s so boring on YR! 🙁 what a shame. No chemistry with Avery, He does have it with Chelsea but not enough, She belongs with Adam. The only thing that would save him is to have Kelly Monaco come on YR and save him like he did with her on GH,

  • so what?!

    would love if sarah brown did a lil day character just to see the effortless chemisty between SB/SB i think the move was more about the writers and gh turning into oltl 2 but whateva he is still an hot good actor

    • Lilianna Mathers

      I’m a bit confused about your comment, do you mean you wish Sarah Brown would also be hired at Y&R? They have a lot of great cast already…

  • Reesey

    I do believe that Steve Burton left GH because he wanted to relocate to Nashville. A lot of his GH cast/friends also confirmed this, and stated they were happy for him; athough sad to see him leave, because he had been wanting to move there for so very long. I can actually say I know how he felt about wanting to get out of Los Angeles. My brother, sister and I, along with my niece, (she’s now 22 and a mother of her own, but was just a year old then), left Los Angeles back in ’93 to move to Sedona/Cottonwood, Arizona, to get out of L.A., and our parents soon followed. It’s not a good place to raise children, it’s changed so much over the years. I can see him wanting to live in a place where it’s not only safer for children, but a small town is so much different, small town values and all, it’s a much better way of life. Plus, GH couldn’t give him the schedule he wanted, after being there for so long and playing the iconic character of Jason Morgan. His role was very pivotal to the show, and really, still is even though the character is believed to be dead. I, like many other GH fans wish that the writers could have worked out a way to give him the schedule he wanted, (he was afterall, very dedicated to the show/character for over 20 yrs!), he would have still been on the show at least 3 days a week, and they still would have had him in a lot of air time. I feel they made a HUGE mistake in not giving Steve that type of schedule, because they would have had a massive ratings hike just in keeping the character of Jason Morgan around. I really hope that they can right this wrong and do whatever it takes to bring Steve back to GH as Jason, because the show really needs that character, and bringing him back would really put GH at the top again. I like the character (Dylan), he portrays on Y&R, however, I believe that their is more depth to his Jason character on GH. Plus, I really miss seeing the blue jeans and tight black t-shirt, we GH fans have so come to love about Jason. 🙂

  • Lilianna Mathers

    I am glad that he found what works for him 🙂 i will nitpick that Nashville is ‘two thousand miles away from the entertainment business”!! Ever heard of Nashville, AKA Music City? Country and Contemporary christian Music almost all come out of Nashville. Grand Ol’ Opry?? There is one and will be two by this time next week tv shows about the entertainment world of the town: “Nashville” and the upcoming TNT show “Private Lives of Nashville Wives”.
    The Burton family probably lives in one of the towns around N’ville like Franklin. it is really a pretty place. it must be so nice to have a more well-rounded character to play, as Jason Morgan wasn’t really allowed to show a lot of emotion. His talents were going to waste at GH, in my humble opinion.