Arianne Zucker Teases Storyline Deets on ‘DAYS’

Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

During the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Friday, June 14, (Nicole Walker, “”) gave Soap Opera Network an exclusive in character interview regarding the storyline involving Nicole and ‘s Brady Black.

“The relationship between Brady and Nicole is very…I wouldn’t say difficult, I think that we have a very loving relationship as friends…unbelievably attracted to each other, but we can not sustain a relationship. However, I think that at the end of the day…I mean physically we belong together, emotionally we’re working on that. You’re going to see the relationship kinda do something – more than Brady always being like whiny and there for me, which is kind of exciting I think and I think it’s exciting for Eric [Martsolf], for his character to be like ‘Finally!'”

For more from Zucker, including how she came to wear her beautiful gown, and the battle with ‘s Kristen DiMera, click on the play button below.

  • Judy

    I want you with Eric…….

    • olivia

      i think it will be a triangle with Brady and Eric but maybe finally Brady will win..who knows..and to say that these guys will battle over a girl who tried to kill their mother or step-mother (for Brady) Marlena and much of other ‘nice’ things..yep..ah soaps..lol

  • Alicia_E

    I have at least three girl crushes on Days; Sami, Nicole, and Kristen, without a doubt! So looking forward to the Brady/Nicole relationship taking some turns. BUCKETS of potential with that pairing. Days has my attention.

  • Callie

    Thanks for the interview. LOVE Ari and love Brady/Nicole! They deserve to finally get it right!