Susan Lucci on Possible Return to AMC: ‘We Are Going To Be Meeting in The Next Couple of Weeks’

Investigation Discovery
Investigation Discovery

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, talks about a possible return to “” as her iconic character, Erica Kane, and the possibility of hearing the character utter some expletives, which is now okay since the show is on the internet.

“Well, I don’t know, it would all depend on what they wrote for me and how organic it would be,” Lucci told the Times regarding her character cursing. “Erica Kane seemed to get her point across pretty well without cursing!” When asked what word Erica might say if it was part of the script, Lucci said, “I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it. Maybe I’ll have to think about it.”

On a possible return to “AMC,” she says, “We are going to be meeting in the next couple of weeks, all in the same room to put our books on the table and see what we can come up with.”

Lucci has a starring role in the upcoming original Lifetime series, “,” as well as hosting duties in Investigation Discovery’s “.”

  • Please Susan, come back, i’ve been watching this show since 1978, and I miss you. U have to teach these kids how to talk, i feel like im watching 12 year olds cursing and swearing. I missed all my children, and if I had to sit through 30 MINUTES of this children stuff, i will have to kill myself. I want Stewart back. I want U back, Im very happy with Jessie & Angie’s story’s but this child like stuff is getting to me, I need ADULT CONVERSATIONS…….PLEASE.

    • Well I see we have another complainer about the teens in the show….you sat through 30 minutes of teen stuff back in 78 and I’m guessing it didn’t bother you then if you kept watching all these years……give the producers time to get some of the older characters back…..if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be watching AMC today…….

      • Newsflash Diane were in 2013 were not in 1978 – so leave the other fans alone. We don’t want a teeny bopper show with less adults

      • Diane – In 1978, we were all a lot younger which made the original teen characters (Erica, Chuck, Phil and Tara) have more in common with the vast majority of the viewers. These same viewers have grown up now and they want to watch the characters that they know and love so much. We CAN accept the younger actors – but want a better balance.

  • Susan PLEASE return to AMC… the show needs you <3 xo

  • Vicki

    Perhaps she could convince them that cursing is really not necessary and may make some fans tune OUT.

  • john

    Come back but don’t break the show with alot of money demands

  • Scarlett

    I want Susan back, but the word I want her to utter is “grandmother”.

  • dee

    Best news ever!! Please work it out! this show NEEDS ERICA!!! I honestly got bored by weeks end, too much teenie bopper and not enough ADULT content imo.

    • Hey you were a teen once…..get real. the original show when it first started all had teens……Erica, Jessie Angie, Tad, Liza, Jenny,,,,,,,just to name a few…..and they grew up so just get real sit back and enjoy what’s on right now… should be glad someone had the guts to bring the show back…….

      • just me

        I agree but they were polished actors and delivered the acting in an excellent manner. Miranda cried without tears, She rolled her eyes most of the time. AJ is over acting.

  • Diane – this is not a teeny bopper show – this used to be an adult show with a few kids now and then.

  • kathy

    Think the show is horrible . Should have just let it end when it did .

    • dont watch then and leave it be others are loving it

  • Just me

    I waited for AMC reboot for 2 years because I thought I will have a chance to watch all my favorite soap stars again. What they are showing now are the kids that doesn’t know how to act. Half of the 30 minutes was pretty much these kids. I would not watch it anymore if the producer are trying to switch the AMC stories to all these kids. Not to mention that the show is only 30 minutes 4 days a week. I want to see the veteran actors more. I get annoyed with Miranda and AJ. Please take them out!!!

  • I have to agree with Susan. You really don’t have to swear to get your point across. She very well proved it. I love AMC and hope they don’t ruin it with being a bit more on the raw side rather than on the imaginative side. I don’t mind teens in the show at all because that’s how it all began. I just hope they keep things decent. When Susan Lucci first started with this show, she played a 17 year old teenager. She had 17 year old friends who went to High School (pretty much like this new show), and it has carried on since then. They all grew up and now we have another set of teens. I enjoy that. I don’t understand how people think when saying it’s a teeny bopper show. It all began with teens!

  • niteowlsrr

    Please come back Ms Lucci!!! We love you and we need to see Ms. Erica Cane back on AMC even if it’s only a recurring status for now!!! ##gladthey’re back! #ILoveAMCandOLTL! #willtakethemhoweverIcan

  • KKG

    oh plz plz plz bring Erica back I miss her very much

  • whitney

    love miranda and aj don’t want them to be out.