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On the Thursday, May 2 episode of “,” finally revealed what the ABC finale in 2011 left viewers clamoring to know…Who Did JR Shoot? Fans will remember that the character was drunk and aiming his gun at at unknown individual(s) when shots were fired and the show faded to black. Now in 2013, we have our answer and sadly, some of you will not be happy.

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“Who were you really out to kill that night? Did you even know? And what would have happened had I not seen you peaking out from the tunnels? Had made my way to get behind you, tried to stop you?” asks David Hayward (), while speaking to a compatose JR Chandler (now played by , pictured above) in his hospital room. Viewers were then taken back in time to that very night, which showed David coming upon JR, as he said, before a struggle over the gun ensued and two shots were fired. One of those shots (or both as it isn’t stated) killed Marissa Tasker (played by when on ABC), David’s daughter. Ironically, at that same time, Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel) was visiting the gravesite of Marissa after leaving her daughter Miranda () to enjoy her first date with Hunter Morrison (), which was anything but an exciting time. Marissa’s tombstone read: Beloved Daughter, Partner and Friend. Her lifeline read: 4/10/1983 – 9/23/2011 (same day “AMC” last aired on ABC).

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“When I saw her lying there, I almost put the gun to my own head. But then I realized that you were still alive, and I did the only thing I could do. [Gun shot] I had no qualms about pleading guilty. I told them I wish I had been a better shot,” David said in reference to the third shot aimed for JR after it became obvious Marissa had been hit. David then sees JR moving his fingers after being in a coma for the last five years. Of course, by episodes end David is ready to choke the life out of JR just before the end credits roll.

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In today’s debut episode of “,” Irizarry is asked what his character thinks should happen to JR after killing Marissa. “I think he should be drawn and quartered, what do you think? Of course. What else is he gonna say? He wants his revenge. If there’s anything — anybody that he wants revenge with, it’s with JR. He definitely wants revenge, and he also spent five years in jail because he tried to kill JR at that very moment when this happened, at the gunshot. But, unfortunately, Dr. David isn’t as good of an aim as he is a world-renowned cardiologist. He’s not just your general practitioner, by the way. I just want to make sure everybody understands that.”

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  • Name

    what happen to Tad?

    • Jesse

      I really hope they tell us where everyone ended up, I noticed that Ginger Smith (EP) mentioned on today’s More All My Children that more vets are coming back! but she couldnt mention who so I think we will get more answers as time goes on after all thus far we only know what happened to Kendall.

      • Dr. Joe mentioned Ruth being with Amanda and Jake as well.

  • opal has mentioned as well as dr joe something about tad(michael e knight) who may have died as well!

  • Ok I get he killed marissa, but there were 2 shots. Where is tad? Who else died?

    • VKCMO

      Just watched today Tad ALIVE!!!!! Dixie & Joe talked about it, but apparently Dixie is still ENABLER crazy (w/either guilt or just plain crazy altogether) dn’t want to ruin for anyone so that’s all I will say re: TAD/JR & Dixie – go to Hulu/Hulu plus or iTunes and watch/catch up so I will have someone to dish with – PLZ PEOPLE!;-)

  • Yes, we have some answers but we do have more questions. Marissa was shot by JR. JR has reasons (not condoning it) for shooting Marissa. David said there was two shots and you never know there could have been more. Was there more deaths/injuries.

    Yes, Pine Valley is a small town, semi-close knit community. But all those people that are sad about Marissa’s demise. Yes, death isn’t good, but why are there so many affected. Brooke, David (yes his daughter), Angie, Dixie, etc.

    Tad is supposedly alive and is on assignment – is he back with the CIA? Why is Dixie mourning so much (it could be explained crying over JR), but why crying to Brooke and mourning in her room looking at Tad?

    I’m thinking there could be more!

  • purfexion

    why did David go to jail for mas slaughter when JR wasn’t dead and the shooting was really in defense of others. I know everyone in town testified against him and he pleaded no-contest, but seriously…why is he the one still hated and not JR. I could never stand Dixie wish she’d stayed dead. And what about the last person David had hidden that was suppose to be dead. He brought Greeley, Zack and Stuart back from the dead…and not as much as 1 thank you was heard. I hope this time around David comes out on top!

  • I am glad that you are coming back I was sad that you took it off.