Prospect Park Ups the Tempo with ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’

LIN Television Corporation/ABC8
LIN Television Corporation/ABC8

WTNH, better known as ABC8 in Stamford, CT, recently toured the set of ’s “” and “” and got some inside scoop on what’s happening on your favorite internet dramas.

The soap segment included interviews with “AMC’s” (Jesse Hubbard) and (David Hayward) and “OLTL’s” (Bo Buchanan).

“Brooke English, one of our veteran characters on the show, has had a magazine called Tempo for many years and now sort of keeping with the online and new media, she is doing an online talk show,” said (Opal Cortlandt, “AMC”), who WTNH also interviewed, on new storylines hitting Pine Valley.

Shannon Williams Photography
Shannon Williams Photography

Speaking of Tempo, Soap Opera Network has learned that newcomer (“”) has joined the cast of “AMC” in a recurring role as a reporter at Brooke’s pub. The newbie first airs beginning with the Wednesday, May 29 episode. With the recent scheduling shift to two episodes a week, Moon won’t appear again until at least August. In addition to his “AMC” gig, online viewers can soon see the actor in “,” the new internet soap from the mind of AMC” Supervising Producer . The soap begins shooting later this summer.

To watch the WTNH/ABC8 feature on “AMC” and “OLTL,” click play button below.

  • CTwildheart

    Glad to see they are being talked about! I love the reboots, I hope you watch!

  • okiecarol

    I really enjoy the shows on Hulu = If you are not watching — Well, you should be : )

  • Diane

    Really excited that OLTL is back, but twice a week? Really? How about a 1 hour show twice a week? Very disappointed that Prospect Park has opted for the reduction.

  • suzie smith

    I forgot to watch yesterday because I haven’t seen it since Thursday. I will try to remember it Thursday but my memory isn’t very good I miss it every day. I had it “on schedule” at 6;00 every night to watch.

  • Pam

    We need one hour shows. When you only come on twice a week people will forget is this the day? Next thing you know they will quit watching. My husband wanted to watch everynight and was very unhappy with 2 x week instead of 4X. He said he will just loose interest.

  • gaelhusky

    One Life to Live is great! It feels as though I am watching One Life to Live. The characters I have known and loved for decades are on-when I think of OLTL, I think of Dorian, David, Bo, Nora, Clint, Vikki, Blair…all a part of the new show. Other than Destiny’s extreme makeover, the “kids” have progressed as makes sense to their characters and the few new characters are blending in well and slow so we can start to care about them.

    This is where All My Children is falling short. I understandd that they can only work with the actors who came back and can’t recast everyone, but I don’t feel I am watching the same show. It is like a new show with new characters that some of the AMC characters came over to.

    No Erica, Kendall or Tad and Adam is going to be “out of town” a lot…hard to really think of it as AMC without them.

    Just because someone is supposed to be the child of a character I care about, doesn’t mean I am automatically invested in them. Petey, Miranda, AJ…

    Even the old characters who are on are not being true to who they were. Bianca dated Marissa for about 2 months before the end of the show. I had actually forgotten it happened. 5 years later she is still greiving for their family? This greiving mother of a teenager is not a character I recognize.

    Stop talking about the night of the shooting like it was something huge! Someone went into a coma and someone died. That is sweeps in Pine Valley every year, not some monumental happening that 5 years later everyone is still depressed about.

    I have been watching AMC since before Janet threw Natalie in the well-so I am going to give it a chance…but I hope they can make it feel more like the same show.

  • GHRules

    I think these online soaps are lame. And if Prospect Park thinks they are going to make money, two episodes a week ain’t going to cut it. I guess they are running out of money already.

  • SandyDW

    Prospect Park clearly never did their homework about soaps and soap watchers. Those who follow a soap for years feel a kinship for a soap family and need the “fix” of the soap daily or at least on most days. Even if we recorded them or watched them later via Soap Opera Network or online, we would still watch them and look forward to more. When AMC was gone, I was left with an emptiness that I somewhat filled by watching The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, since they had some familiar faces from prior roles on AMC. Our former JR is on Bold as a main character, and other former stars such as Darnell (was a Phys. therapist) on Y & R as well as Angie Hubbard (different character on Y and R for a time until she left), and others. I filled most of the void, but still wished for AMC. Now that it is back, tentatively, and losing more days, I wonder if it is worth the effort. I haven’t stopped watching CBS soaps now that I am into them, and watch AMC mostly as a one hour show, watching the 2 episodes usually on the same day. Oh, and they never e-mailed me to tell me the soaps were back on, though I put my name on the list twice….They don’t get it.

    When they put soaps on the Internet, did they really think we would watch AMC and OLTL in a row in the middle of the day if we did not have to…and I never watched OLTL, so I am not starting now to be disappointed at the lack of shows. More than likely they will lose the cast with so little working hours…sadly. They also have problems now with unions….I really wish ABC did not let us down like they did, but they did. It is not the same show now. They did manage to bring back Angie and Jesse as the original great actors and even Zach, so I watch for them…but it is not enough. I don’t keep my hopes up that they will last when they let us down so soon with so few airings.

  • Kimmy Black

    I am very happy that AMC is back. Yes there is a lot of changes but it is growing on me. I love the new people on the show and happy they did not bring back some of the people that were on the show before it was taken off the air. I just hope they go back to 4 days a week or at least hour shows on the 2 days they air. Thanks Prospect Park for bringing the shows back 🙂