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Marina Chavez/SOAPnet

Monday, May 27 is memorial day and while CBS’ “” and “” will air original episodes (which aren’t expected to count in the weekly Nielsen ), NBC’s “” will be preempted for coverage of the French Open, while ABC’s “” will air the real 50th Anniversary episode, which actually aired on Tuesday, April 2 after a March preemption pushed scheduling back a day (“GH” premiered on April 1, 1963). “” will air an original episode as the series is available exclusively on the internet and doesn’t abide by holiday preemptions.

On “Y&R,” Phyllis and Nick unite in order to help Summer, while tensions rise between Adam and Victoria. On “B&B,” faced with the menacing reality of Bill’s blackmail, Maya is forced to make a choice about Rick. Without knowing about Brooke’s proposition to Eric, Taylor mistakenly feels she has nothing to fear.

Ron Tom/ABC
Ron Tom/ABC

On “GH,” The 50th Anniversary Special. Celebrating 50 years, Patrick and Epiphany tour new interns around General Hospital as Elizabeth and Audrey Hardy reminisce about its history. Monica and Tracy get surprise visitors at the Quartermaine Mansion and Sonny and Carly are dealt shocking news. Also, the Spencer and Cassadine feud reaches a new height when Luke and Laura confront Helena.

On “AMC,” David has developed a new medical device, but will he be able to convince Joe to put him back on the staff at Pine Valley Hospital? While working together, Zach and Lea unlock a secret password to a website that shows the hell Cassandra has been going through since being abducted by sex traffickers. Uri learns some disturbing information about Cassandra and decides that she has to go, but it’s not exactly what Cassandra has in mind. Will she ever find her way home? Will Miranda finally learn the truth about her father?

  • TheMom

    Why in the heck didn’t Bianca and Zach simply tell Miranda that he’s her biological father? Donating his sperm for both of Bianca’s pregnancies would have made the perfect coverup story. Someone is always hacking into medical/court/vital records and changing stuff so why not change all of Miranda’s?

    • I think that would probably be too complicated and too involving. If they told her Zach was her biological father, she’d obviously want a relationship with him. Seeing as how he has a family and doesn’t even live in Pine Valley, that could be an issue. He cares about her, as she’s his family, but does he really want that role as her father and all that goes along with it?

      Also, if she’s his biological daughter, that means his kids with Kendall are her biological siblings instead of her cousins. Telling her an unknown man donated sperm is a little lie meant to protect her, but if you tell her Zach is her father, you’re dragging Kendall’s kids into the lie. They’d pretty much be lying to both of their kids for their whole lives just to protect Miranda from her parentage. That’s just too much.

  • Harlee

    WOW! YR was very good yesterday (Monday) and no repeat and doesn’t count on ratings…now that’s a shame. YR had everything Victoria walking out on VictorBilly choosing Billy…Shick, Sharon knowing the secret and almost spoiled it with Phyllis it was all around very good and ppl home yesterday I hope we see at least how they did Monday ratings wise.

  • Heather Uptegrove

    Love the fact that AMC and OLTL will be airing original episodes on holidays! Especially since they are down to twice a week. Loving it keep up the great work!