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Matthew Cowles Brings Billy Clyde Tuggle Back to ‘All My Children’

Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

has announced that is returning to “” as his now undead character, Billy Clyde Tuggle, who resurfaces to cause some trouble as the owner of an escort service. The actor, who debuts on Thursday, May 16, will play a role in helping find Cassandra Foster (), Angie and Jesse Hubbard’s ( and ) daughter, who was recently kidnapped as part of a sex trafficking ring. The character will also interact with Dixie Martin (), who fans will recall Billy Clyde was trying to get to marry him before he plunged to his “death” more than 20 years ago.

Cowles is one of television’s most versatile actors. In addition to starring as ‘Tuggle’ on “All My Children,” a role he wrote and created, Cowles’ television credits include “Kojak,” “Miami Vice,” “Loving,” “,” “Lonesome Dove,” “Law & Order,” “Homicide: Life on the Street,” “Oz,” and “Life on Mars,” to name a few. No stranger to the silver screen, Cowles has appeared in “Slap Shot,” “The Cowboy Way,” “The Juror,” “The World According to Garp,” “Nurse Betty,” and “Shutter Island,” among others. This multi-talented actor has also appeared on Broadway starring in productions of “Malcolm,” “The Indian Wants The Bronx,” “The Time of Your Life,” and “Sweet Bird of Youth.”

  • Rodney

    And he is married to the wonderful Christine Baranski! Welcome back to AMC! Hopefully this is only the beginning of returning characters and actors from the past!

    • i also agree…I love AMC!!! but where is my TAD???????????????

    • There will be more,on Friday’s recap they said more surprise characters will be coming back, Dimitri will be back too.:-)

      • I wonder if Dimitri is Celia’s mysterious guardian.

        • That’s what I’ve been thinking, too. That certainly wasn’t Dimitri in the mirror the other day, was it???

  • Pam Cheyne

    He’s a wonderful actor because I know he must be a fine, decent man, but his portrayal of character of Billy Clyde Tuggle makes my skin crawl!!

  • wahooo I’m so excited.. Mathew was always brilliant at playing Billy Clyde Tuggle the BEST ever villain on AMC

  • WOO HOO!!!! A miracle! I always joked about them bringing Billy back from the dead, now it’s going to happen for real! If they can bring back ‘ghost’ Dixie, why not Billy? Bravo to AMC and PP for resurrecting this character, and to Matthew! Can’t wait to see him make Dr. Doom look like a boy scout!

    • You are right!! David is NOTHING compared to Billy Clyde!!

  • Ginger

    Good – they need something to make the show worth watching again.

  • karen

    Cool…..loved to hate him when he was on years ago….he’ll add a lot to the show…BUT WHERE IS TAD? Need him and Crystal and Jack back for sure.

  • ewww that does look like Billy Clyde Tuttle and he gives me the creeps- fairly good actor- but dispicable character!!!

  • yes, I love Billy Clyde!

  • Franny Wright

    Looking forward to Billy Clyde’s return…..he plays creepy to the max!

  • CTwildheart

    OMG! Am I dreaming?

  • Peter Harley Robertson

    I just saw that episode where he appeared and now poof no shows on FX Canada