JUST THE OPENING: Getting Used to ‘One Life to Live’?

The OnLine Network

Three days in and many readers are finding themselves adjusting very well to the new opening and theme music for The OnLine Network’s “,” titled “Brand New Start.” With music and lyrics written by Snoop Lion and performed by Iza Lach, who is newly signed to Snoop’s Berhane Sound System label, the opening was recently published on TOLN’s YouTube page for the viewing pleasure of the shows fans.

What Do You Think? Do you like the opening and music or do you have reservations?

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  • Should have revamped the Old theme song by Peabo Bryson…….. You Only have one life to live….

    • i like it ! the dancing maybe cheesy it kinda reminds me of the cosby show lol i think its cute!
      victor needs to be in the opening too!
      the new matthew is super hot but and can act! but the new skinny destiny the jury is still out! natalie needs more airtime

  • GZ

    I don’t mind the song, but I think the visuals are Really cheesy. They could have done something “much ” slicker.

  • OLTLfan

    Hate the opening, the dancing is embarrassing. Song is growing on me.

  • Guest

    It is awful!!! Sorry! Also, why didn’t Blair or Tea freak out to see Victor alive? I mean, some major crying, some fainting, it is a soap opera after all, Viki hardly said anything…Todd, shoulda been like but I killed you…but nothing…instead that stupid nightclub and Cutter and Rama drinking. Smooth move, making it NOT a big deal that TSJ and Victor are back and that Todd really did not kill him. Whatever, I will still watch but I am disappointed in the way they handled Victor being back.

  • Karen

    Fabulous, especially Todd and Blair’s section!!

  • Guest2

    I could careless about the opening theme I am just so relieved to be able to come home after a long day and enjoy one life to live again!! I am addicted already. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bring it back.

  • JR35

    The “brand new start…” bit is catchy, but the dancing’s kinda cheesy.

  • I don’t like the opening but I’m sure enjoying having my show back.

  • Jay Smith

    I like the music but the visuals need work… also what happens if roger howarth goes back to port Charles? All my children has a cleaner visual opening

  • SoapFan2013

    There has to be another part of the theme song they could use. Its bad. The dancing is ridiculous. The opening is cheap looking. They all look like amateurs. Pay the vets a little less money and put the change towards the opening to make it more professional looking. I mean, there’s fan opening credits on YouTube that are 100 times better than this. #OpeningCreditsEpicFail

  • I old like to enjoy the new One Life to Live too but I need closed captioning. Unfortunately the Internet is not required to do this. Is it cost prohibitive to make accessible to all?

    • Maybe you are downloading them on iTunes, but I have watched all three of the first episodes on Hulu with closed capt. ioning on my PC

  • GH FAN

    Love the song. Only don’t like the dancing. They should use scenes from OLTL or have the fans do it. We come up with better intros anyway. But LOVE LOVE the song.

  • I think its cute, we have some strong detractors here.Also, it looks cheap because prospect park doesn’t have ABC money, just a heads up. ABC’s been around for decades, they have all the money in the world.

  • Awful.

  • niteowlsrr

    Love the song! The overall dancing is a lil cheesy. ..but I always like to see Corbin Blu’s dance and I like the ending with Vicky and Clint’s move! TSJ needs his spot light move included also! So glad he’s back!!!

  • Debby Messina

    Could care less about the music, my show is back. Happy happy happy!

  • Ken

    The dancing is ok, but I think that the song is terrific and meaningful (at least what I think I hear the lyrics being!). ” It’s a brand new start. It’s a brand new art. (Voice over “One Life to Live…”) It’s a brand new part. I’m not scared..I’m glad. Please. Talk to me. Are we gonna try again?”….” as the lyrics simultaneously speak to the rebirth of the show in a new medium and the reigniting of a relationship, a standard plotline in daytime. Very clever, Snoop!

  • KKG

    love the new start to oltl but i’m disappointed that Natalie is back but her sis Jessica is no where to be found