Jill Larson on Prospect Park Episode Reduction of AMC: ‘I Think This is a Good Decision’

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On Thursday, May 16, Prospect Park’s announced its decision to reduce the episode order of both “” and “” from 168 original episodes (excluding Fridays MORE shows) each per  year to just 110. “AMC” star (Opal Cortlandt) recently spoke out on the decision, which has fans of both soaps currently divided, on her Facebook page:

Personally I think this is a good decision for a couple of reasons.

I think licensing demands required Prospect Park to mount and premier this new network with way too little time to write long term story, to build the infrastructure it takes to produce these shows. When we first arrived, the building was almost bare, PA’s were running around buying hangers for the costume dept, toilet paper for the johns, we had NOTHING, they had to buy pens, chairs to sit on, everything.

Everyone has done a Hurculean job, truly unbelievable, the shows look wonderful, I am so very proud to be able to be a part of this daring undertaking. Our producers and writers work until 4:00AM nearly every night, I wondered how long this could continue.

And though this is not the reason for the decision to scale back on the number of episodes posted per week, I think it will provide some real pay-off in the quality of the shows we produce, because great shows, the ones you love to watch, whether All My Children, One Life or MadMen, Downton Abbey, Walking Dead, require time to be created and written with long term thought and care. Taking a break from production will provide the creative team a chance to catch their breath and really bring our shows to a new level of what I hope will be greatness, not just as “daytime”, but as outstanding new programming.

But none of this addresses your disappointment at losing 2 episodes a week. We are all disappointed, of course, but let’s try to be patient, as we would with a child learning to walk. Everyone, every single person, from Jeff and Rich to our caterers and interns is giving their all to make this a success. We must keep up our excitement, keep spreading the word, we have some really fantastic shows in the making right now, some exciting characters coming back on the canvas, there is much to look forward to.

In closing I’ll say that I LOVE chocolate! But I’m hypoglycemic and really shouldn’t eat sugar. So I am very selective, I don’t binge on the cheap stuff, I buy the most expensive, beautiful chocolate I can get, and savor it a little at a time, and Man, do I get pleasure from it! Let’s look at our shows as the best chocolate there is and pace ourselves, it could be an even better ride!

We all love all of you, so let’s just keep on keeping on and have faith that together we have a long happy journey ahead!

The change in the amount of episodes aired each week takes effect tomorrow, May 20. “AMC” will now air Mondays and Wednesdays with original episodes along with the MORE Friday episode continuing as scheduled. “OLTL” will air Tuesdays and Thursdays with their Friday MORE show continuing on as planned.

  • Stern

    here is what I think. i agree that 4 episodes is too much. however i also think 2 episodes is too little. i think 3 would be perfect. remember this is a soap and everybody needs time to develop their characters which few could do in just 50 minutes. while this was on abc 5 was needed and sustainable because they were bare. hell, they even said you only needed to watch 2 or three times a week to remain caught up. i think we will eventually settle on 3 episodes once all the chaos dies down. I dont want amc or oltl to get cancelled again and while the shows are popular due to the damn good quality of the shows, opal is right, this can only be sustained so long. I hope others agree because even 1 5 minute episode a week is better than not having them at all.

    • I honestly don’t think 2 is too little. You look at a primetime show like Game of Thrones. It has 28 lead characters and 46 recurring characters. That’s significantly more than OLTL or AMC have. Each season contains ten 50-minute episodes and they’re able to tell well-rounded stories, as well as adequately explore every lead character.

      AMC and OLTL will each air two 25-minute episodes each week all year round. That’s basically fifty-two 50-minute episodes per year.

      If the producers and writers of Game of Thrones can explore 28 characters with only 10 episodes a year, the producers and writers of OLTL and AMC should definitely be able to explore the storylines of their 20 characters, seeing as how they have 5 times as many episodes than Game of Thrones has.

      • Diane

        I too signed up with Huluplus to watch All My Children. I do not know how they would know how many viewers are watching free. But, I will hang in there as long as Prospect Park does then it’s so long Huluplus.

    • Two shows if paired equals an hour long weekly show which is perfect for either cable or syndication.
      More is going on here. A company like PP does not act on the fly and make rush choices. They did not spend money to quit this fast.

  • Pam

    Here’s my thing – I was crushed when AMC was cancelled on ABC. I don’t want to become invested in AMC again and have my heart broken again. This feels like what is about to happen. After just two weeks they are already cutting back??? How long until they just cancel it again. I don’t want to go through that again.

  • Jen

    I started hulu plus just for these new soaps. I am stopping my new hulu plus today!!! Thanks for letting me know you are not invested before I got too invested!!!