Jacqueline MacInnes Wood AND Hunter Tylo Exiting ‘B&B!’

Gilles Toucas
Gilles Toucas

The flowers children sent out to their moms for Mother’s Day are likely still thriving, but the same can’t be said for a popular mother/daughter duo on “.” Both (Steffy Forrester) and (Taylor Hayes) are exiting the sudser!

Gilles Toucas
Gilles Toucas

“I will clarify that Jackie and I are (coincidentally) off our contracts,” Tylo wrote in a message posted on her official website. “I have been very successful outside of ‘B&B’ and I have no doubt she will too — and moreso, because she is free and single to travel all over the world. For me, contract talks ended 4 weeks ago. I am moving forward and opening back up to the thousands of acting roles available, writing, and pursuing my skin care line. My friends and ‘B&B’ fans will be sorely missed. But don’t worry! I’ll keep you posted of my every new adventure!”

A rep for the show was unable to comment on the exit of Tylo, who revealed via Twitter that her last airdate will be Wednesday, July 3. However, when it comes to Wood, the spokesperson says she is “taking a short break, as she has done in the past, from ‘B&B.’ She remains as the character of Steffy Forrester and is continuing to tape, currently with episodes airing through July of 2013 and then beyond.”

  • Seriously! Do we need another skin care line?

    • Eva Hobbs

      NO not at all

      • renee

        I will miss them both. When they come back to the show so will I

    • It’s something that keeps them relative and busy….HELLO?

    • She doing something more with her life,[email protected] isn’t her life even though she will be Missed Greatly!!

    • it will be called “plastic fantastic”

  • Krishan Maharaj

    Hunter has done this twice before I guess that we will see her back in a year or two

  • indie

    yes I can imagine that there’s loads for you to do outside the Bold but for me I cant imagine you not being there….all the best and will miss you

  • The two reasons why I watch the show are leaving, guess it is just a matter of time before B and B goes the way of the Dodo.

    • It’s only 30min. and there taking that from us!!Ridge,Stephanie,NOW Steffy and Taylor!!

  • First of all, TO The HATERS, If you don’t like Taylor or Steffy, then, DON”T Comment. Take your DISRESPECT & NEGATIVE, TO The Logan page, Thanks You! I will Miss you so much Taylor, You are my Girl, I Love Steffy Too!, But I stopped watch, I’m taking a break like Steffy. I will Miss you, Good Luck, Love….<3.

    • Alecia Kelly

      i second that this steffy and Taylors page I’m taking a break too just like them

  • michievous

    The character – Taylor – is nothing but a meddling troublemaking bit*h and I have every right to make a comment wherever I choose. This is AMERICA and I am protected by the first ammendment – FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

    • mischievous

      Quite frankly I will be GLAD to see Taylor go. Maybe now we can get a refreshing storyline instead of Taylor belittles Brooke etc etc. AND I am sooooooooooo glad Steffy lost the baby. I mean honestly to trap a guy with a pregnancy when he clearly hasn’t chosen between Hope and Steffy is LOW even for anyone in Taylor’s side of the family!

      If you don’t like what or where people post then maybe it’s you who has the problem.

      • I agree with everything you said, I actually named my daughter Taylah after Taylor cause 15 years ago she was a beautiful woman, it’s funny my daughter watches it with me and just looks at me and say’s why mum why and then we both laugh cause Taylor clearly can’t anymore without her face stretching to it’s limit lol…. have a great day..

      • Mischievous killer

        Steffy never trapped Liam you idiot, she was giving him space. IF anyone trapped it was Ho Mama Brook with her ambush wedding. Hope or Brooke never gave him the chance to make a decision so stfu. I dont like what you post so I will respond, lets see if my comment makes it this time without getting deleted, because its obvious HOgan lovers are running this page…SMH

    • Mischievous Im taking you down

      If anybody is a troublemaking bit*h it is Brookes nasty cockroach ass!!!

      • mlm

        i agree. they finally got rid of that no-talent ridge and someone needs to stand up to brooke and put her in her place. hope katie does it. maybe even a cat fight where katie whips the crap out of brooke.

  • i wish u two would stay the two of u are the reason i watch the show and iam sick of the logan always getting what they want and it doesnt belong to them.. dont know why steffy had to lose her baby she finally so happy and taylor deserve that too wish the writers would make brooke hope and ricky disapper i would be sooooo happy will miss u both so mch

    • I feel the same way.Why would the writers let Brooke get pregnant with her sisters husband,(Brooke wins Bill)then allow her to tell Eric and ask him to play along with her game,(Taylor looses)!!IWith the two of them gone what will [email protected] be now?Stephanie’s dead.This is CRAZY!!I was hoping that they would find a heartbeat like days later and discover they made a mistake.

  • Hootie

    Well I wish Hunter Tylo luck can’t say I am not happy to see her character leave they have made her into a whinny two face. And enough with the lips already. Steffy I kind of like her and will miss that character.

    • I don’t see Tylo as needed now that Ridge is gone. Brooke needs a woman to fight but maybe Heather Thom should move into that space.
      I wish Bell would rehire Felica and position her against Brooke. LK is a great actress.

  • I miss Ridge and will miss Taylor and Steffy too. The Logans need to be brought down, moreso, Brooke. How does a cheating woman like her always end up on top all the time? Poor little Hope.

  • Once again Brooke and her daughter wins!With Steffy loosing her baby and Brooke asking Eric to fake being her baby daddy,I’ll leave to!!

  • I do not care for either character. I want hope and Liam together so hopefully that will happen now. I also think that Brooke needs to man up and tell her sister and Bill that she is pregnant with his child. I really think your show is a little lame and the only reason I watch it is because it comes on after Y&R and before The Talk. That way I do not have to change channels.

  • longlklady83

    Thank God. I can’t stand either of them. Especially Taylor with all of her holier than thou meddlesome behavior. Now I don’t have to stop watching. 🙂

  • Barbie

    I am glad they are leaving. Taylor use
    to be beautiful but she has gone too far with plastic surgery and now looks like a freak. Brooke may be older but at least she looks real and that is beautiful.

  • Kevin A.

    Good Riddance!!!! Hunter Tylo’s artificial face is nauseating! To think she tampered with her close to perfection appearance. Don’t know why B&B keeps taking her back. RECAST BOTH ROLES and move on already. Or better yet, finally kill Taylor off for good. 🙂

  • Kevin A I wish I could give yoiu a high five! Good Riddance is soooo right. Kill her off and be done with that awful, hypocritical character. Good luck with all those job offers.

  • haley chamberlin

    They can both leave as I will not miss them. They do nothing for me on my television.

  • tess conroy

    I miss Nick, & the whole Jackie O gang. The show needs more leading men. Also, what ever happened to Donna’s husband? She should be happy too. Replace some
    men. Give Pam, and Thorn love interest, make Thomas gay. In other woods expand
    the show. Bring someone on as a new Ridge, & bring Felicia back on. Love Katie’s
    son! Taylor can die off. Jackie seems to be to busy for the show & it is her career after all.

  • Just a fan

    Geez, people! Are we not adults here??? So some class! So many hateful comments said. These are only actors portraying a role on television. My goodness, it’s not real life. You don’t know them personally. If you don’t have anything kind to say, then don’t post at all!!!

  • lulu

    I stopped watching B&B a few weeks ago. In my opinion the writers are unimaginative and one-sided. There is nothing Bold or beautiful about the behaviors of the Logan clan, Eric and Bill.
    Personally this show is boring and should be cancelled.

  • Ron USMC

    B&B what are you thinking J Mac and Tylo are I my opinion are the most interesting
    story lines that you have on the show not to mention Ms Woods is the only reason I
    tune in. She just makes the show seem current and real losing her would be a mistake she must be allowed to grow as an actress outside of B&B so let her but make no mistake don’t let her get away.

  • Donna

    B&B needs to keep these two actresses. Too many cast members are leaving and the show is not the same. J. MacInnes Wood is one of my favorites on this show. Hunter Tylo is also needed to keep the balance. If they go there are barely any Forresters left only Logans. All one sided. Not going to be watching if this happens

  • Jjfanliz

    good ridance!!!! I can not stand “Taylor” and her whiny condescending and judgemental character. I would like an actress that can move her face also