Eric Braeden and Doug Davidson Release Statements on Passing of Jeanne Cooper

Tony Esparza/CBS
Tony Esparza/CBS

“She was one of a kind and she held my hand for 35 years. She helped me be a better actor, husband, parent, and friend. My life was so enriched having known her. She was such a loving, kind soul. With Jeanne, there was no judgment, no rules. She loved you for you. She always had time for you and was so gracious with her love. For me, she was a personal giant, an sublime example of how to behave on planet Earth. I will miss her more than I can describe. I will say with certainty, that Heaven just got a hell of a lot more interesting! ….God’s speed, my dear friend. I love you,” said (Paul Willliams, “”) in a statement released to Soap Opera Network.

“She was an absolute joy to work with. We never did a scene without having laughs. After a painful struggle she has finally found peace. I will miss working with her a lot,” said (Victor Newman, “Y&R”)

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  • doug thanks so much for all the sweet kind words about jeanne. we love you both!

  • i feel so bad for everyone at y&r your loss will be greater then any of us could ever imagine. i can’t imagine the show without her when i read what her son had written i sobbed like a baby and i never meant or knew her personally but that is just what an amazing woman she was she touched me through her acting and by being on the show. she felt like a grama to me i have watched her my whole life.. the only blessing in all this is she is free she can do anything she wants now. you will be missed by so so so many to the “dutchess” may she live on forever.

  • Patsy Price

    Mrs. C.. I will miss you so much… I always loved your acting… tough lady, but a loving lady… and very admired. Mrs. C you were the Queen of all Soaps in my books, and I will (everytime I watch Y&R) since I have been watching it 40 years…. I can’t quit now… but everytime I watch the program, I will think of you. God Bless your family…

  • felicia

    Love u mrs C it is heart wrenching that you are gone i been watching u for over 20yrs i am gonna miss you i feel as if i knew you god bless RIP dutchess god bless you xoxo

  • Judyjlester

    What a terrible loss. I have watched Y&R from day one and absolutely loved Jeanne’s roles. I also watched her in the earlier days on westerns as well. I will miss her terribly on the show.. Rest in Peace and my thoughts go out to her family and all her Y&R family. Such a sad day for all of us. She was the Queen!

  • Tersah

    Very sad day!

  • Its a Sad Day today,

  • Jan Bamrick

    So sad to hear about Jeanne. I have watched from the very beginning and I just can’t imagine the show without her. I feel as if I have lost someone in my family, that’s how I feel about the cast of Y & R, they feel like family. I can see by all of the messages what a blessing she was in all of their lives. I am praying for the cast and crew and her friends and family. Hugs! Love you Katherine and will miss you like crazy!!! Thank you for all the years of entertainment and for the lessons we have learned from you.

  • Amy Perrin

    I have been a fan of Jeanne’s since I first started watching Y&R in 1978. She was a truly amazing lady, Mom, and actress. She will be terribly missed by all. My heart is heavy, but at least she died peacefully in her sleep. May she rest in peace. <3

  • Jeanne Cooper had this magical way of touching souls. In her words acting writing . Her acting was superb until her last scene. She gave it all.

  • Beautiful sentiments Doug! I will miss her everyday on her beloved Y&R. Eric, I always loved the scenes with you and Katherine, there was geniune love there and it showed. I send prayers of peace for the whole cast…she will be sorely missed <3 <3

  • Lindalou

    I have watched her for years and loved her dearly. I used to come home from school and get made when we were late getting home for I would miss part of the show. She is going to be missed. The show will not be the same but I love all of the actors and actresses on the show.. rip dear friend.

  • Linda Cook

    After hearing the sad news that Jeanne Cooper had passed, one of my first thoughts was the memory of her singing “I’m gonna live, live, live until I die” and how she sometimes laughed with the character ‘Brock’, after doing so. I’ve been a fan since day one. I suppose God says her work is done here. I believe what matters most is how one lives his or her life. It would appear that she has done very well for herself – and countless others. God bless you.

  • Shelley

    Thank you both for your many loving thoughts of Mrs. C. All of us fans are just “out here” hurting, but you will be going back to work and the void for you will be “just wrong” for a long while, if not forever. It helps hearing this from my two favorite cast guys! Thank you. I have watched since the very beginning. Saw Doug here once. I appreciate the comments honoring a grand lady and great actor.