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Camryn Grimes Returning to ‘The Young and the Restless’

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

With a first airdate set for Monday, July 8, a CBS spokesperson has confirmed to¬†Soap Opera Network that is returning to “.” The actress began filming her first scenes earlier today, details of which are being kept quiet. It is unclear at this time as to whether Grimes will be reprising her role of Cassie Newman on the show, either alive or as a ghost, or if she’ll be portraying a brand new character.

Since departing “Y&R” in 2005, when Cassie was killed off following a horrific car accident, Grimes returned as the ghost of Cassie off and on up until 2010. Since then the actress has appeared in episodes of CBS’ “” and ABC Family’s “.” In 2012, Grimes appeared in the blockbuster film “,” about male strippers in Florida. She can next be seen in the film “” (previously titled “Tormented Souls”), which is set for release sometime this year. The film also stars “’s” (Connie Falconeri/Kate Howard).

News of Grimes’ return to “Y&R” was first reported by Soap Opera Digest.

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  • Maybe she will come back as a new character and look so much like Cassie that Sharon and Nick will go nuts over it and push them back together, I would love that.

  • Dawn Lynn Robbins

    wow she is beautiful!!!

  • PatF

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Fox

    Ghost Cassie proabably shows up with Ghost John a few times to convince Jack not to be angry at Nick for stealing his baby 18 … cough cough .. years ago.

  • mommab

    maybe Cassie didn’t really die and finds her way back?????

  • Kathy

    Maybe Sharon had twins and didn’t remember. Bahahahaha

  • PatF

    Any way to bring back or have a familiar character back on screen instead of one of Jill’s nucasts, or new characters is a welcome!

  • Kim Lewter Reyes

    Omg!! I know Cassie died ..I watched it!! New character that looks like Cassie is the best idea.

  • Philip

    If it is a new character that looks like Cassie or a return from the dead Cassie, it may be enough to give up on Y&R. I have been holding on since the debacle that was MAB. And giving Jill and Josh a chance. And so far I have liked much of what they are doing, but I just do not want to sit through another return from the dead or twin story or look-alike story. Phelps oversaw this thing so often at GH and I hated it then especially when they did it with the Emily character. It lacks originality and just have no interest in watching it play out.

  • Dinae Laughsalot

    My goodness folks. Don’t you see this transparent writing by now. They’re going to use Cassie just like they’ve used John….to guide the conscience. She will be there to guide her non-biological father, Nick, who was only in her life a few years, decisions regarding the paternity test results of Summer. JFP is trying every way possible to ‘sap’ out the long time fans while trying to capture new fans with her ridiculous young crowd that are just 2 fangs short of a vampire diaries.

  • Harlee

    I’m loving this more so if Cassie had a twin, as ghost not feeling it because how they have used John’s ghost, which should never happened in the first place…thanks LML.! If done right & CG can come back as a twin of Cassie and this would light up Nick & Sharon for possible reunion, I say bring it on! Shick was together for 10 yrs and this new story could be how Nick & Sharon finally finds their way back to one another. One of YR’s best love stories is Shick…Just think the story how Nikki & Victor would react, give me SC & MTS in a scene anyday. They have had some awesome fights over the years as Sharon & Nikki….WONDERFUL! There could be lots of story if she is Cassie’s twin.

  • Margaret-Rose Dalton

    Wecome home!!!!!