TOLN Releases Two-Minute Preview of All New Episodes of 'One Life to Live' - Soap Opera Network

After releasing the first teasers of “,” has now released the first full video preview of the soap which includes clips showing some pretty daring storylines including Todd () carrying daughter Dani () out of Blair’s (Kassie DePaiva) new club, Shelter, after she went a little overboard with her partying ways. Speaking of which, Dani and Matthew Buchanan () not only had some amazing chemistry during the video released from that photo shoot filmed in February, but the two appear to be getting hot and heavy in the new preview!

Chapman Baehler/TOLN

Chapman Baehler/

“One Life to Live” premieres Monday, April 29 on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes.

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  • suzie smith

    Thank you.. I love every fast moving moment of that preview. I can’t wait for the real thing on my computer. I may even spring for hulu plus and get it on my tv

  • WMD

    The new Matthew looks more like Nate, than Matthew. In any case, I liked Matt with Dani more than Nate, so it’s nice to see them together again.


    Can’t one tv channel pick up OLTL and AMC even if they only play 30 minutes like the B&B. Why can’t one of those idoit talk shows be dropped? I can’t seem to get my computer to work for the soaps to come. I really enjoyed and miss those 2 soaps. Wilma, I am a senior Citizen and I loved those soaps and I watch the other 3 left on tv, now. Thanks for my comment.

  • Michele Del G

    It looks amazing! Can’t wait to watch! Such talent and a new era of drama, I’ll watch for another 30 years…