UPDATE: TOLN Releases ‘One Life to Live’ Video Recap to Prepare Viewers for a Return to Llanview that Includes New Clips!

Donna Svennevik/ABC
Donna Svennevik/ABC

UPDATE 4/7/13: While it is the same duration in length, TOLN has released a revised version of the “” recap video. The revised video removes usage of Little Richard singing and playing the piano during Bo and Nora’s 1995 wedding. To accomodate, fans are able to see an additional second or two of the wedding as the duo walks up the aisle.

PREVIOUS 4/4/13: For more than 43 years ABC’s “One Life to Live” entertained millions of viewers each and every weekday, week after week, year after year. Sadly, the network canceled the soap in 2011 and the series aired its then final episode in January 2012. Now, in anticipation of its return on , and on Monday, April 29, The OnLine Network has released a recap of the series as hosted by (Victoria Lord Buchanan).

Nearly 8 minutes in length, Slezak covers the trials and tribulations faced by the youth of Llanview, including the birth of Destiny Evans and Matthew Buchanan’s (previously played by and ) child, The Tale of Todd, Blair and Tea (, and ) and the whole Manning clan – including Victor Lord, Jr. ()!

  • Brian

    OMG! I am so excited!!!!!!

  • meg


  • Over4tea

    I’m so glad TOLN did this recap video. It was very well done. It seems to me that the video is an indication that the new OLTL will be a continuation of what we already saw. I was worried that with the new production and writing staffs, things might be taken in a totally new direction both storywise and stylewise. I can’t wait to see where the Todd/Blair/Victor/Tea thing is going. I’m also excited to see what awaits for Viki, Dorian, David, Cutter and Rama. I miss Jessica and Brody, as well as Marty. It looks like John may return for Natalie, but it’s probably still up in the air. The absence of the Fords was welcome.

  • michele

    When Bo said,love you Red….oh my…tears…David….laughter….Nat…will,just love Nat….John….always….and Todd…..Tea….Blair…..love….bring it…..sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • can not wait missed so much….happy happy 🙂

  • sam

    When it ended, Victor was being held hostage, he wasn’t dead so are they going to bring him back also?

    • I hope so cause that would be so so wonderful !!! I love Trevor as Todd/Victor .

  • christina


  • McBam FAN

    Did not watch OLTL but because they were infused with GH I will be watching, Plus to support the Soap Genre, I’m glad they did this recap. Only I kinda wish I could see the GH3 come and visit. and see how they are here. But sadly that is not the case.

  • CTwildheart

    Viki & Dorian! David is too funny! Wish John was returning. Really liked Rama. Tea & Blair! Todd & Victor! It is NOT the end, we have One more Life to Live! YAAAAAAAAY!

  • astoriagirl

    this was so great…I really miss OLTL. Can’t wait for the new one to start up.

  • BBdoll

    Enjoyed the recap of ALL of the excitement that happened on Landview. I can’t wait until it starts. Welcome Back Landview! 😉

  • BBdoll

    I wish that Landview and GH could share John, Jessica and Todd. There was some good story-lines going on @ GH.

  • This drives me crazy!! What about the fact Victor is alive. Finish it already.

  • Can’t I get a Whoooop Whoooop!

  • Annie

    I am so thrilled to know OLTL and AMC are coming back! I have missed those shows so much. But when did Victor come back to life? How did I miss that one?

    • if i remember correctly…that was the last scene they showed…seems to me he was in bed recuperating

  • So happy!!!

  • Since Cole and Hope died on GH, I wonder will they have some kind of memorial for them back in Llanview?

  • Annie miss the part where One Life To Live showing Victor Lord Junior is now a prisoner of a crazy woman and everyone believe that Todd Manning murder Victor in cold blooded. I can’t wait when Todd discover that his brothers is alive and prisoner.

  • I hate David Vickers I wish he wasn’t part of it he ruins alot OLTL for me

  • Sunshine

    I will be happy when Todd is absolved of the none murder. I would have liked to see more Todd and Tea, because I will always be a TnT fan Roger and Florencia are the best as Todd and Tea, but it looks like yet again their history and story doesn’t warrant the privilege of being “honored.” Hopefully Roger will be back as Todd after his initial 2 and half months. The promo looks great looks like a lot of drama is coming our way just the way I like it!