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Donna Svennevik/ABC
Donna Svennevik/ABC

For more than 41 years ABC’s “” entertained millions of viewers each and every weekday, week after week, year after year. Sadly, the network canceled the soap in 2011 and the series aired its then final episode in September of that year. Now, in anticipation of its return on , Plus and on Monday, April 29, has released a recap of the series as narrated by  (Angie Hubbard).

From the rape of Bianca Montgomery (), the reunions of Angie and her returning from the dead husband, Jesse Hubbard (), and Brooke English and Adam Chandler ( and ), nearly 10 minutes of footage is utilized to bring viewers up to speed on the happenings in Pine Valley with insight into the Who Did JR Shoot? storyline. Five years may have gone by in that Pennsylvania town, but fans will surely not want miss a moment when it returns!

  • Over4tea

    I’m so glad TOLN did this recap video. It was very well done. It seems to me that the video is an indication that the new OLTL will be a continuation of what we already saw. I was worried that with the new production and writing staffs, things might be taken in a totally new direction both storywise and stylewise. I can’t wait to see where the Todd/Blair/Victor/Tea thing is going. I’m also excited to see what awaits for Viki, Dorian, David, Cutter and Rama. I miss Jessica and Brody, as well as Marty. It looks like John may return for Natalie, but it’s probably still up in the air. The absence of the Fords was welcome.

    • Over4tea

      Oops! Sorry, my bad. Wrong article. I copied that over to the OLTL one. I think the AMC video is great, too! After seeing those videos, I’m confident that they won’t be destroying the history of both of these shows. Yay!!!

  • WOW, brought tears to my eyes

  • I’m thankful they made this video because I actually missed the last week and a half of the show so I had no idea how it ended. I may give it another chance.

  • CTwildheart

    Oh my gosh! That was beautiful…choked up and got teary quite a few times. Every time I hear Angie yell Jesse’s name … ugh! I am SO happy TOLN/PP put this recap video up. thanks.

  • Aurelia

    Thank you TOLN! I laughed I cried and I can’t wiat for April 29th!


  • Bill

    Thanks Prospect Park for rightfully bringing back a last bastian of Americana and not giving in to CRAP instant gratification. The Chew Sucks…pardon my French… There is another group of people in this world besides the 18-34 demographic so thank you for saving two pieces of Americana prospect park!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Revolution show is gone and the CHEW…well you watch it………BLAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Awful crap. As Erika Slezak put it we were replaced with JUNK!!!!!!!! People like Entertainment not information we have the internet for that and now we have it for AMC AND OLTL………….WHO LOVES YA BABY!!!!
    That is right……………Thank You Prospect PARK!!!
    Remember………advertise advertise advertise……Promote, promote, promote!!!!!!!!
    Get on Katie….The View…..and all the late night shows and spread the word!!!!!!! AMC AND OLTL ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remind everyone of your new home HULU and iTunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please stick with these shows early on because it will take a while to get back your audience….so fight on PROSPECT PARK!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU on my mom and sisters behalf.

  • Raetrece Hall

    I am just waiting for AMC and OLTL to start.I can’t wait I been a fan for over 30 years and miss them both.Thank you for bringing them back.