Michael Easton Wishes ‘Success and Happiness’ to ‘One Life to Live’

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a new posting on his Facebook page,  (ex-John McBain, “” and “”) says, “SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS…to my family of friends in their new venture. I know you’re going to be a big hit…” The actors comments are understood to be in reference to the re-launches of both “OLTL” and “,” which premiere today on , and .

As previously reported, Easton has signed on to return to “GH” to portray an unnamed character debuting in May.

  • Bex

    Oh, please.

    • Bambic

      You must know something we don’t…

  • Irish Girl

    Oh please is right. If he hadn’t said anything, people would accuse him of being a bitter arsehat. Dude was being a gentleman; accept it in the spirit it was given.

  • Really missing my fix of John McBain and Sam Morgan . I know it will not be. I’m just grateful that mr. Easton is coming back to general hospital . Please don’t come back is Caleb. There is no way the storyline could keep going…but whoever you come back as, there was a lot of heat and passion around him and Sam . So I hope a romance with Sam….please powers that be.

  • how could John leave that cutie pie Liam?

  • good luck to him, but I am no longer watching GH. I have boycotted ABC and don’t even have the channel at my house. Since Prospect Park owns the licensing rights to the show, if ABC ever cancels GH, they will own the rights and launch it online. Kristen Alderson or whatever her name is (Starr from OLTL and GH) will not have a job, as she was a little diva by refusing to film for even a week on OLTL, the show that made her! But both John and Todd’s potrayers will, as they have been nothing but supportive of OLTL launching online.

  • Starlashane

    Interesting to see Michael Easton comming back to GH as Steven Clays brother,will there be a twist and we find out he is steven? I hope not but i am glad he is back!