Maura West Heads to ‘General Hospital’

    on Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 6:40 PM

    Sean Smith/JPI Studios
    Sean Smith/JPI Studios

    An ABC representative has confirmed to Soap Opera Network that (ex-Carly Snyder, “”; ex-Diane Jenkins, “”) is joining the cast of “” as Ava Jerome. West is scheduled to debut during the week of May 6, which promises viewers will see “tons of exciting things happening that week.”

    On Saturday, April 13, Daytime Confidential first reported they were hearing rumors of West joining the cast of the series. Soap Opera Digest reported on Wednesday, April 24 that West had joined the series in a newly created role.

    • Ellen Ross

      Jerome? There was a Jerome family on the show decades ago, right?

      • Taz Rayburn

        Not sure if this is true, but someone on the IMDB boards who often has insider info posted a few days ago that Roger Howarth would be portraying Alejando (possibly a codename) Jerome, West would be his wife Ava and Kristen Alderson would be their daughter, Kiki (possibly a codename).

        They are supposedly members of that Jerome family and Alejandro is out for revenge against Duke for the death of Julian Jerome. The show is supposed to finally have Sonny break free of the mob, and Alejandro is supposed to be the means. He will be moving in on Sonny’s business and eventually take over.

    • Bex

      Will she be another Carly? Hmm…