FX Canada Releases Show Page for ‘All My Children’

    on Thursday, April 18, 2013 @ 5:19 PM

    As previously reported, Canadian viewers of “” have finally learned that they won’t have to miss a moment of their favorite soap as has agreed to carry produced series (via ) beginning with the shows very first episode airing Monday, April 29 at 12:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT. Recently, the network uploaded a web page for the series along with its own description of the happenings in Pine Valley.

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    All My Children returns to Pine Valley with love, excitement, and suspense, surrounding the unforgettable Chandler, Cortlandt, Martin and Hubbard families. Heart-wrenching emotional conflicts, surprising and shocking connections, and deeply personal quests for passion and power lead to explosive drama in the new episodes. Experience the triumphs and defeats, the loves and losses from core characters who have inhabited the landscape for decades, along with hot new emerging talent. In the new episodes, JR comes to grips with his past and meets his teenaged son AJ; Pete Cortlandt falls in love with a girl named Celia who has a dark past even she doesn’t know about; Angie and Jesse are tested by tragedy and loss; and Bianca’s daughter Miranda is determined to forge her own path, separate from her mothers.

    JULIA BARR – Brooke English
    RYAN BITTLE – JR Chandler
    DAVID CANARY – Adam Chandler
    LINDSAY HARTLEY – Cara Martin
    VINCENT IRIZARRY – Dr. David Hayward
    FRANCESCA JAMES – Evelyn Johnson
    THORSTEN KAYE – Zach Slater
    JORDAN LANE PRICE – Celia Fitzgerald
    JILL LARSON – Opal Cortlandt
    RAY MACDONNELL – Dr. Joe Martin
    CADY MCCLAIN – Dixie Cooney
    DEBBI MORGAN – Dr. Angela Hubbard
    ERIC NELSON – AJ Chandler
    EDEN RIEGEL – Bianca Montgomery
    HEATHER ROOP – Jane McIntyre
    SAL STOWERS – Cassandra Foster
    DENYSE TONTZ – Miranda Montgomery
    JORDI VILASUSO – Griffin Castillo
    DARNELL WILLIAMS – Jesse Hubbard
    ROBERT (ROB) SCOTT WILSON – Pete “Petey” Cortlandt

    In America, fans of “All My Children” can watch the show anyhow, anywhere and at anytime via , or beginning Monday, April 29.