FX Canada Presents Decadent Daytime Programming Block Promo Consisting of ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’

After weeks of promos released on /, and even YouTube highlighting the returns of the iconic soaps “” and “” in America, has released its first promo for viewers north of the border as it was recently revealed the network would be carrying the soaps day and date when they premiere on Monday, April 29.

FX Canada
FX Canada

Presented as part of FX Canada’s Decadent Daytime programming block, the “AMC” and “OLTL” promo comes across like film teaser would with an announcer stating, “they said it was over, but the fans wouldn’t listen.” Per FX, each soap promises fans “more drama, more thrills, passion, seduction, deception, love triangles, wedding crashers, funeral fights, comas, kidnappings, and more.

The Decadent Daytime programming block debuts at 12:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT for “All My Children” and 12:30 PM ET/2:30 PM PT for “One Life to Live” on FX Canada.

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  • joe doe

    Is it goin go be on TV at time?

  • Dean

    Too bad they aren’t on TV here too.

  • Jo

    Thank you FX Canada for picking up the series. I have been a fan since 1971 and never missed a show. I was so outraged when ABC cancelled it for a cooking show. What were they thinking? I just hope that more of the characters return. The new characters are a great choice and I’m sure will grow to love them too. Great choice of programming !!