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” has seen a whirlwind of publicity celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and it looks like “” is the next show to join in on the fun and feature the iconic soap and its beloved stars. Host and an audience filled with die-hard “GH” fans will be spending a full hour paying homage to the long-running drama, and several Port Charles residents are slated to participate!

Not only will the special episode follow Couric as she visits the “GH” set and films a cameo appearance, (Frisco Jones) shares his emotional story about his unexpected reunion with his daughter, (Luke Spencer) and (Laura Spencer) discuss their historic wedding, (Patrick Drake) tries his hat at co-hosting the series, and (Noah Drake) performs. In addition, there will be appearances by (Scott Baldwin), (Anna Devane), (Sam McCall), (Sonny Corinthos) and executive producer .

Donna Svennevik/Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Donna Svennevik/Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Check your local listings to see when you can tune in to the exciting episode, which airs on Thursday, April 4.

  • OMG you people spelled , Maurice’s Last name WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • whatever

      No they didn’t

    • Lori

      His name is spelled Benard

  • Sorry will never watch her show… that is just 1 reason right there… they don’t give a crap about #GH…..

  • Jesse

    I dont get where all of the Katie hate comes from, yes she has GH’s slot now, but shes the one who went to ABC and said the revolution would not be a good lead in, and that General Hospital would be a better choice, And even if she hadnt taken GH’s time slot something else would have.

  • lulu

    It is weird that Maurice Benard (and maybe Laura Wright) did not go at New York, they are the major stars on this show with the gals who were at New York.. (Geary, Francis, Hugues, Monaco, Thompson, Shriner) and Wagner and Springtfield because they are famous outside of GH and daytime (well if you remember Rick’s one hit and Jack’s role as Peter Burns on Melrose Place of course..ha)