The Truth About ‘Y&R’s’ Hunks Revealed!

(left) Adam Bouska; (right) David Todd Model Management
(left) Adam Bouska; (right) David Todd Model Management

There’s no doubt that “” has one of the hottest casts on daytime television — strike that, all of television — and as the show gears up for its 40th Anniversary, things are about to get even spicier! The show’s execs recently gathered some of the soap’s hot new faces together for a special event, and Soap Opera Network went along for the ride. Warning: What we found out about sexy stars (Noah Newman),  (Mason Wilder) and (Carmine Basco) just may surprise you!

Robert Voets/Nickelodean
Robert Voets/Nickelodean

First of all, even though they’re hot, hot, hot, these young men are actually quite cool. What’s more, they’re also a lot nerdier than you’d ever imagine. “Even though they’re super, super hot guys, you spend enough time with them, and you realize what complete dorks they all are,” reveals co-star (Summer Newman) with a laugh. “Underneath all of that ‘good looking’ is a little dork inside them all.”

Marco Dapper agrees that despite now having the title of “daytime hunk,” he’s really just a nerd at heart. “I geek about movies, I geek about art, I geek about music. I’m not the guy who’s at the club every night going, ‘Oh heyyyy, ladies!’”

And Robert Adamson feels the same way. “[Being known as one of the show’s hot new faces] helps the ego, but I’m pretty ambiguous about it. I just show up and do my thing.”

Even Lamon Archey feels a bit strange being thought of as “sexy” on a daily basis. “It’s an awesome title to be given. But I don’t walk around like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m hot and sexy, and I know it!’” he jokes. In fact, the actor admits that the increased female attention he’s received since joining the show has felt strange. “I have a Twitter account, and it’s still a little weird for me when people hit me up and say, ‘Oh, you’re so hot!’ I’m like, ‘Wow. You know about me?!’” he says with a laugh. “But it feels great. It’s a blessing and an honor.”

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    The Y&R has some nice looking young boys for sure…but General Hospital just got there selves a “MAN!!!” with a body that makes me just want to rub ice cream all over it and spend all Day licking it off….I will call it a Sgt. Scrumpdillyicious Sundae!!!
    You check him out under comings and goings..