SOAPnet’s 50 Years, 51 Episodes, 50 Hours ‘GH’ Marathon Schedule

  • 12:00 PM [Episode # 211; Year 1981] – Luke and Laura arrive at the Whitaker’s farm for their honeymoon; Scotty continues to rage about Luke and Laura, much to Lee and Gail’s dismay; Robert is hesitant to commit to Tiffany.
American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
  • 1:00 PM [Episode # 14; Year 1983] – Holly agrees to marry Robert so she won’t be deported; Luke recovers from surgery; Susan is outraged when she discovers Scotty’s interference with baby Jason’s investments; Blackie finds a place to hide Lou.
  • 2:00 PM [Episode # 84; Year 1983] – Luke and Holly have a confrontation when he returns to Port Charles and learns she’s now married to Robert; Blackie and Lou are relieved when Rose is legally named as Lou’s guardian.
  • 3:00 PM [Episode # 160; Year 1984] – Frisco pulls the hat off the thief in his apartment and reveals Felicia; Jimmy Lee is convinced that Beatrice was murdered and the Quartermaine’s are involved; Robert questions Holly hoping to gain some inside information.
  • 4:00 PM [Episode #114; Year 1986] – Frisco serenades Felicia as they’re married at the brownstone; Sean arranges a special wedding night for the newlyweds; Alan tries to catch Sean and Monica having an affair; Anna is intrigued by Port Charles newcomer, Duke Lavery.
  • 5:00 PM [Episode # 7,133; Year 1991] – Robert and Anna’s desire to exact revenge upon each other turns passionate; Frisco is amused when he has to set Robert free from Anna’s trap; the protest against the ELQ ship goes awry; Robert is shocked to discover the man he’s just rescued is his brother.
  • 6:00 PM [Episode # 7,967; Year 1994] – When an elated Frisco tells Tony they’ve found a heart donor for Maxie, Tony has to break the news that it’s BJ’s; Tony insists on being there for the procedure and shares a tearful goodbye with his daughter.
  • 7:00 PM [Episode # 8,152; Year 1995] – Monica is uncomfortable with the idea of sex with Alan after her mastectomy; Mac is furious with Robin when she admits to having slept with Stone; Brenda gives advise to Stone.
  • 8:00 PM [Episode # 8,220; Year 1995] – Luke and Sonny take out Scully’s men in a shootout at Luke’s house; Stone worries that his HIV positive blood has gotten on Robin; Brenda is scraped up and scared, but alive; Frisco and Felicia make love.
  • 9:00 PM [Episode # 8,361; Year 1995] – Stone sees Robin one last time before he dies; Sonny offers his support; Lucy is convinced that Sigmund the duck is trying to tell her and Kevin that something is wrong.
  • 10:00 PM [Episode # 8,381; Year 1995] – AJ fights with his family and storms off in a drunken rage; Jason tries to stop him from driving, but AJ won’t listen and the two end up in a fateful car crash; Brenda joins Robin and Sonny as they scatter Stone’s ashes.
  • 11:00 PM [Episode # 08403; Year 1996] – The Quartermaine’s are shocked at Jason’s hostility towards them after his accident; Robin tells Brenda she’s attending Sonny and Lily’s wedding; Lois is determined to find a way for Ned to still sing in the band.

Note: Episode numbers are based on information released to Soap Opera Network by . Episodes pre-1990 were coded based on episodes for the corresponding year in which they aired.

Saturday, March 30, 2013: Part II

  • I can’t wait to see these epsiodes.

  • I would have included kristina and her getting beaten by keiffer and when sonny told her about his mom but I cant wait to watch this marathon

  • Atropos22

    These sound great! and aww, Jason and Elizabeth. I loved them. I’m still hoping Jason will return (somehow) and he and Elizabeth will end up together.

    • Emma

      Lucky and Liz belong together.They are soulmates and it’s great they have no much in the marathon.

  • Pattyan

    FABULOUS line-up!! Can’t they make a DVD??? I’m going to be glued to the TV all weekend!!!

  • Lisa

    Happy to see some Jason and Sam stuff. But I’m really excited about the 80s stuff. Too much Luke and Laura? I wish they selected a broader variety.

  • Apuufs

    SOO SOOO SOO SOOO excited about the best triangle ever told in soap history…Sonny/Brenda/Jax

  • BornSoapStar

    Love the photo of Jason and Elizabeth in the elevator…one of my favorite episodes of all time was when Jason found out the baby Elizabeth was carrying was his! Love the episode when Elizabeth discovers Carly being held hostage in the panic room too!

  • I’m really excited about the older (re anything older than 2000) episodes. I can’t wait to see the first episode of Friday night!

    It is good to know that while I’m at my cousin’s house for Easter I don’t have to worry about missing anything good on the GH marathon–living through the Guza years was bad enough once; I’m not about to do it again.

  • I wish ABC would release first 50 episode on DVD format with background scenery. It would be interested to learn how GH changed over 50 year.

  • jonboy

    Would rather see more 60s & 70s stuff. 2000+, who cares?

  • I’ll admit that my favorites are from the last 3 years. My first memory is that of Sonny insulting Claudia Zacchara at the Metro Court party in ’09. My mind kindof sticks to atleast 10 special scenes or storylines. But I am equally pleased with being able to see the foundation for one of the 3 soap operas that I’ve come to know and respect. And, General Hospital, here’s to the next 50 years!

  • Memorable; definatly

  • If u r a true die heart G H fan from the beginning; u wont miss an episode; sit back; relax and let the memories take u back to the good ol days of soaps the way they used to be it wil be bittersweet for us all

  • Wow Soapnet is still on the air as it was removed from Comcast Cable almost a year ago now I am getting upset at Comcast Cable.I hope all of you people will enjoy Soapnet while it last,

  • I am so happy that I still have SoapNet on Dishwork. They rock.

  • I love the Marathon I watched the wedding last night. I watched all the episodes last night. I had to go to work today. I miss all of today’s shows which had a lot of Luke and Laura. I really enjoyed watching them they have and always will be my favorites.