UPDATE: ‘One Life to Live’ Film Schedule Pushed Back; Roger Howarth’s Return Still On As Planned

Robert Milazzo/ABC
Robert Milazzo/ABC

SEE UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE! ‘One Life to Live’ Production NOT Delayed; New Sets Being Built for Soap

According to (Dorian Lord) via her fan hotline (212-414-5300), “” will now begin filming new episodes for Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes on Monday, March 18. Previously, the series was scheduled to commence filming on Monday, March 11. The actress brought the news to light despite being unwell at the time. Early this morning Strasser tweeted, “What a difference a week makes when you’re feeling weak (lol) not sick of word play-just saying.”

Soap Opera Network has subsequently learned that the change in film schedule will not affect ‘s (Todd Manning) brief return to the series. Reps for the actor tell us that Howarth will still begin filming at the “OLTL” Stamford, CT studio on March 18 for four weeks, as planned. The actor will then return to “.”

It is unclear at this time as to whether “OLTL’s” delay in filming will allow “” to continue filming during the week of March 11. “AMC” began filming on Monday, February 25.

Reps for / were unavailable for comment at press time.

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  • Sarah

    Thanks. I can’t wait. I hope Trevor St. John is coming too – which is the latest rumor.

    • Lulu

      Maybe but not sure it will be full-time, i much see him as guest (like Roger) or recuring and then come back making prime time or even making an arc on GH (RC and FV like him) when Roger came back full time on GH. The two Todd (Victor jr and Original Todd) could have lot’s of stories no matter it is on OLTL or GH..

  • lulu

    Cool but Roger come back to GH after that, you are waited ! lol

    • I don’t get why… Todd’s roots are on OLTL, makes no sense.. GH would be fine without Todd and the other two

      • lulu

        because i like him on GH, it gives him lot’s of new stories, make his character refreshing IMO, my right. He clicks with GH characters and universe, i like it and the actor

  • i guess whats a week when u have been waiting over a year but so anxious to get oltl back on air.

  • roger howarth and trevor st. john please return to one life to live. you both are wonderful actors and your story lines are important to one life to live. i have watched the show since it first started.

  • nessa

    happy roger howarth retuns gh soon

  • nessa

    roger howarth returns gh as todd

  • Susan

    I don’t even care about this reboot PP looks like a bunch of bullies! PP ONLY owns characters NOT the actor. Once PP ordered these three actors off GH set I was done with them! It is obvious this was NOT about getting their characters back it was about forcing the actors to do the crossover. GH has the contracts with the actors and if GH decided to change the actors character and give PP back their character WHY wouldn’t PP allow them to do that? I think the answer to that is completely obvious to anyone who has a brain!

    • Susan, quit complaining. The shows are back. Roger is on. Quit trying to make a good thing bad. BTW, the characters were still under contract to OLTL when the shows were cancelled, so PP gets first dibs. That’s just how it works. Grow up and enjoy the shows or stop watching.

    • Sam

      You just answered your own question “prospect owns the characters and not the actors” well on gh they play the same characters as Rey did on oltl so it makes perfect sense that since prospect park owns the rights to those characters that they would pull them from gh. I agree they need to go back to oltl. I mean come on, the whole vampire bullshit with Easton and Monaco is what killed “Port Charles” remember that?? They need to go back to oltl. Get that vampire crap off of gh. I want Todd and Blair back together and I want John and Natalie back together with their son!!

  • God bless U all for bringing back our second families.