New ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’ Logos Take Two!

Soon after Soap Opera Network reported that The OnLine Network () had revealed new logos for both “” and “,” the production company has now revealed more new logos! As seen on their official social media sites, Twitter (@allmychildren / @onelifetolive) and Facebook (AMC / OLTL), “AMC’s” initial logo now has life put into it instead of a plain white background, while “OLTL” is now at the center between heaven (black) and hell (red). The theme for “One Life” looks to play off of the fact that the series was originally supposed to be titled “Between Heaven and Hell” before ABC settled on the finished product way back when.

The OnLine Network/TOLN
The OnLine Network/TOLN

Fans can expect to see new opening sequences (length TBD) for each series when they premiere on Monday, April 29 at 12:00 PM on , Plus and .

What Do You Think?

  • AMC logo looks much better..

  • All My Children logo looks great. Oltl logo is dumb and that is not good cause i like oltl more.

  • chris

    Oltl looks dumb please make it better than that crap!

  • The article really should say: 12pm PST, which is 3pm EST 🙂

  • Tricka

    Love the AMC one!

  • Marisadanielle

    All My Children is beautiful. OLTL – horrible beyond belief.

  • david jones

    Love Both

  • Clayton

    It really bums me out to see how genuinely awful that OLTL logo is. Yikes.

  • WOW these comments are not really from Soap viewers, right??? Been fighting for these soaps for over a year and a half and I think these logos, and the last ones, are a beautiful site for my sore eyes. The real fans have been helping since day one and will continue to do so.

    • chris

      We are all true fans lady! They wanted our opinion and so they got it! Quit being a ignorant person! Freedom of speech!

      • No need for a true fan to disrespect another true fan. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom to insult.

    • Mary Jo, I agree with you 100%!

  • mbbtmb

    AMC looks fine OLTL not so much. YooooHooooo. there is a fine line between classy and tacky and we are seeing it here.

  • chrishntr

    I love the OLTL, it’s like between Heaven and Hell, which was OLTL’s original name. But honestly I don’t give a flip about a logo, OLTL is BACK baby!!! That is what I care about.

  • Terri

    Too Modern for my taste but at least we have our Shows back!

  • Avid soap viewer and fan of both these shows and so ecstatically happy that they are coming back, and though I don’t watch for the logo’s either… I love the AMC logo, it looks very similar to what was on tv, however the OLTL logo not so much. I have to agree with everyone on that one. Whomever thought of the black and red needs to rethink it before it becomes final. I’m sure though that it’s a done deal since they’ve been released. Guess we will just deal 🙁 Again just so amazingly happy that these soaps have even returned to us in the first place, but to some that don’t watch logo’s are eye catching like candy and can draw you in. HMMM? something to think about

  • rosebud

    AMC is fine, I don’t like the OLTL logo, and I don’t like the photo pic with all the skin for OLTL, It looks like no one knows how to wear any clothes from the waist down, But I am happy that The soaps will be back soon, mostly OLTL.

  • CTwildheart

    I honestly could care less about the logos at this point. I am ecstatic the shows are back and look forward to visiting my friends and family in Pine Valley and Llanview!

  • michael clave

    I am just overjoyed beyond belief to get my beloved “One Life to Live” back to me! have been a loyal fan since day one; it was like losing members of my family when the idiots at ABC cancelled the show. I do get the connection for the new logo since the show’s original title was to be “Between Heaven and Hell” . Not thirlled with the logo; I am just counting the days until my show comes back!! Love Erika Slezak; met here at a fan club event back in 2001. My “Life” will begin again on April 29 and I will be happy to see so many familiar faces again!

  • SoapFan

    That’s not the OLTL logo… It’s just a fun avatar for their socials FYI

  • I am glad that ABC decided against Heaven and Hell and when for One Life To Lives. The original title sound straight out the 1950 movie that I remember seeing rerun on the movie channel. I can’t when the two show finally debut. It will be interested to see what happened on April 29,2013 at noon time. Good luck to the future.

    • Hey Charles. Even though I Like the Black and Red Circle with OLTL, I Still Am Sooo Glad that The Show is Called One Life To Live. I don’t want to say It’s Time to Watch Between Heaven And Hell.

  • OLTL…….really? That is awful!

  • Victoria

    Not liking the OLTL logo very much. The old logo was updated and hip, this is just…..boring and ugly. I’m sure PP could come up with a better logo, in fact the first one they put out there was better than this one

  • I LOVE the OLTL logo! Simple, stark, dramatic.

    • Hey Stephen. I think the One Live To Live Looks Like A Logo. The Gold that I have seen is Fancier than the Black, but I Still Can’t See The To. I wish They would use the Red and Black Circle with OLTL.

  • I love the AMC logo, the OLTL one could be better though I’m just glad the shows are coming back!!! BTW I loved both cast photos!!!


    i am so amc and oltl returning miss them both love watching ONE LIFE TO LIVE THE BEST

  • Tania

    I like both but am just glad we got our soaps back

  • Cherjam

    I really don’t like the OLTL logo. I could do better.

  • Kell

    The AMC one does look a lot better, but let’s face it – they’re nothing special. But I could care less what the logo looks like… I WANT THE SHOW…