Michael Easton: Your Kind Words of Support Mean the World To Me

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(John McBain) posted an update for fans wanting to know where he currently stands in the dispute between ABC’s “” and ’s “.” In a Facebook message, the actor said, “THANK YOU…your kind words of support mean the world to me. No word yet on when we might return to work but the fridge is stocked, the bills are paid, and I get to spend lots of precious time with my little girl.”

As previously reported, Easton’s management team told Soap Opera Network on Tuesday, February 19, “Currently we have no plans to return to ‘One Life to Live.’ The rest is to be determined.”

Despite no final decision being made on Easton’s status with either “GH” or “OLTL,” as neither ABC or TOLN have commented, the fate of Easton’s co-star (Todd Manning) seems a little more certain. Howarth’s representatives have repeatedly told Soap Opera Network that the actor will return to the set of “OLTL” on Monday, March 18 for four weeks before returning to “GH.”

  • I just want to see you somewhere. I was heartbroken like many others when oltl was cancelled. When you all started showing up on gh i was so excited hoping some how the 2 could be combined. lol Glad to see you again,(not a big fan of the vampire stuff but its okay) lol Where ever you decided to be will be great. thanks for entertaining us.

    • Tinkerbell

      I feel bad for these actors and hope they get to stay and do what’s best for them. Let’s remember it’s a job and families need to be taken care of…period I’m just not trusting ABC in all of this. What if GH ultimately gets canceled as well?? Then what?

  • Nancy

    I am having Mcbain withdrawals and if the idiots cannot find him somewhere it is going to be horrible for myself and many others. This game is bs and they just need to keep him on GH.

  • I still hope the three actor will appear in both General Hospital and One To Lives. It will be great for the fan if they can get the right kind of scheduled. Good luck in 2013.

  • SmoreFan

    Poor Michael Easton help hostage by PP. The man does not want to return to OLTL and they just won’t accept it. PP is already behind filming schedule by a week and they just started filming this past week. How can they be behind already?. PP and OLTL and AMC will be lucky if they last 6 months.

    • Waaaa Waaaaa Waaaaa-It’s people like you that have carried a non-soap agenda for the last 2 years; and have said some variant of the same thing. AMC has already started filming, and frankly, it’s none of our business why OLTL is alledgedly behind-when they’re not even scheduled yet. If you want to play this game, the PP/ABC dispute probably hasn’t been settled yet. Stop it, already-will ya…

      • SmoreFan

        I love soaps so your perception is way off. My Mom and Grandma had soaps on when I was in the playpen and I have watched them all my life. I am all for soaps being successful but I still think PP is not going to work.

    • Alana

      It’s “held” hostage, and nobody’s forcing him to do anything. PP wants the character they own. If the actor chooses to stay behind, that’s on him but PP deserves what belongs to them, period.

      • SmoreFan

        It was a typo and I am pretty sure you knew that and were just trying to look smart, but too bad it did not work. Yes PP is trying to force him to work on their Internet soap, that is why he is not at work at GH right now. PP will not be successful and it is a shame that all this mess has been caused for a project that is surely going to fail.

    • Catherine Watters

      Poor Michael Easton??? BS, everyone involved knew that OLTL owned the characters. Michael is an actor, not his character. Im tired of all this bull about PP holding people hostage. Michael is an actor and can chose to continue to play the character of John McBain where ever he may end up. Look what they had to change to make him a part of GH, just to give his character a plausable presence. Hes a big boy and this is business to him. PP owns the character, if he’s loyal to his fans and the character that he has played for years, then he will do whats right for him. If he doesnt want to up root his family again, then he made his choice right? The GH execs and the OLTL cross overs knew exactly what they were doing when they all signed on. Theres no poor anyone!! The execs didn’t have faith in PP, well guess they were wrong, and very arrogant to think otherwise. I for one don’t feel sorry for any of them. He is actually, IMO the worse addition to GH. he brings nothing to the soap that I have loved for many many years. NOTHING!

  • OLTL fan

    I want John on OLTL but I understand if Michael Easton does not want to uproot his family again. I think ABC would be able to create a new role for him, if John gets recast and moves permanently back to Llaview (which is what I want).

  • Mayet

    I agree with SmoreFan – PP needs to STOP holding Michael Easton hostage and trying to FORCE him to return to OLTL when he clearly doesn’t want to! If they want the character John McBain back, they can have it and recast the role, but they have NO RIGHT to stop Michael Easton from working by not allowing him to play another character on GH! That’s BLACKMAIL and last time I heard, BLACKMAIL was ILLEGAL!

    • TeamNotSexyGraySpandex

      We can clearly see who isn’t a lawyer here. PP OWNS John McBain; they aren’t holding Michael Easton hostage.

      • Irish Girl

        Well, then all PP had to do was simply take the character back and recast it. They didn’t do that. This is a lot more complicated than simply who owns McBain. But in the meantime, Easton’s in a kind of limbo — he can’t play McBain, but he also can’t play a new character yet until someone makes a decision.

  • Ann

    I thoroughly agree with Mayet below.

  • Kathy Kennedy

    We need McBain back on GH!!!

  • stephanie

    Love jim on GH.

    • stephanie


  • Dana L Trosky

    Michael Easton does a amazing job as John McBain and Caleb Morley I would love to see him cont General Hospital was boring to me when I stopped watching in 1994 and The Faison story ended John Mcbain got interestion. I made a Michael Easton art work and soon will show it on my facebook I’m so happy Caleb Morley returned Love you Michael please Return