Ingo Rademacher and Vanessa Marcil Returning to ‘General Hospital’; Richard Simmons Does the Nurses Ball


When (Jasper “Jax” Jacks) was announced as a celebrity dancer on “” for the competition series’ 16th season, many avid “” fans wisely guessed the actor’s dancing chops would be tested as part of a cross-promotional opportunity between ABC’s primetime juggernaut and the networks daytime soap staple.

is exclusively reporting that Rademacher and (Brenda Barrett) are returning to “GH” for more than a few weeks as the daytime drama series prepares to celebrate it 50th anniversary on Monday, April 1. Although a first airdate is not known at this time, Weekly  says the duo are expected to hit the air before the soaps anniversary episode airs.

In an interview posted today with , Marcil says, “I like Frank [Valentini, executive producer] a lot and I think he is amazing. I’m up for doing anything, because as an actor, it’s always exciting. I’m so honored that they’ve let me come in and come out; I just really respect what they think is best for the show. So if Brenda fits into that somewhere, of course, I’m always really excited about that.”

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is scheduled to appear on the soap for the Nurses Ball. The actor posted a picture of himself in ball gear on Friday, March 1 with the message, “I’m sending you a big smile. I have a secret and you’ll know soon.” Actor/model tweeted, “Just me and @TheWeightSaint working it on the set of @GeneralHospital with @valentinifrank. Gearing up for the Nurses Ball 2013!!” Simmons responded to Grant’s tweet and said, “@yourcoverboy @GeneralHospital @valentinifrank thank you for being sooooooooooooo kind to me…………….u touched my heart.”

Look for Simmons to first air on Wednesday, March 27.

  • Catherine Watters

    Seriously, Richard Simmons!! OMG, they can’t even get this right. And VMG sometimes is a joke. She said the same thing about Garin Wolf and Robert Guza when she returned the last time. Then the audience didnt like it and she bailed before her contract was up. I hope they are not doing a Sonny/Brenda/Jax thing AGAIN! When Marcil returned last time, she stating in an interview she did on Entertainment Weekly that she only agreed to come back if she can be with her 3 men, Sonny, Jax and Jason. And look how that all turned out. This is coming from a Sonny and Brenda fan. But reading articles and watching interviews, not to mention the fact that when Brenda returned and took over her 3 men, it just wasn’t good. Sometime you just can’t go home.. And I have no faith in the new writer to make it a good story because he ignors histroy and that pisses people off.