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GH Fan Club Weekend: Kin Shriner Event (with Special Guest)



On Sunday, July 28 from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM, “‘s” (Scott Baldwin) will be hosting his first “GH” Fan Club Weekend event in a number of years. The event is currently titled “Kin Shriner Event (with Special Guest),” as per the Official “GH” Fan Club Website. The cost of the event is $60 per person. For more information, fans are asked to contact at [email protected].

Fans may recall that Shriner returned to “GH” last month as the ABC Daytime drama series geared up for its 50th anniversary celebratory event.  In an interview with TV Guide‘s , Shriner said of his return, “I knew if I saw Lucy Coe’s [] duck show up and I still wasn’t invited that I should start to get concerned. Something’s not right here! I really wanted to go back and be part of all that fun.” The character was heavily featured on “Port Charles” from June 1997 through September 2000.

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  • Mary Lewis

    Love GH and I can’t wait for 50 anniversary show its fun all of back!

  • Wayne Lawless

    Wish I could afford to attend the GH Fan weekend. It’s big bucks if you do much.