Get Ready to ‘Push It’: Jessie From the ‘Toy Boys’ Comes to Llanview

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As part of their partnership with , which allows () to “provide compelling recorded music and songs, and artist cross-promotion and integration, to a powerful new audience,” has cast Jessica “Jessie” Malkouti from in a role on “” as, what else, an aspiring musician.

The news was released earlier this afternoon on the official “OLTL” Twitter page, asking fans to “RT to spread the word!” The singer, who is signed with , tweeted Monday that she was “Packing for CT… About to film my television acting debut!!”

The twenty-three year Malakouti has had her songs played on ’s “The Hills” and used in on-air promotions on .  In 2010, she formed the band Jessie and the Toy Boys, featuring mannequins as her band members. Her hit single “Push It,” reached #7 on the Billboard dance chart in 2011.  She has also opened for and and is currently in the process of writing her debut album.

(Blair) was quick to welcome Malakouti to Llanview, tweeting “I look forward to working with you….” And “OLTL” Associate Producer echoed DePaiva’s comments, tweeting “Everyone welcome @JessieToyBoys to the cast of One Life to Live! She’s pretty awesome.”

“One Life to Live” debuts on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes on Monday, April 29.

  • scott

    Sarah roberts ?

  • Bam Carle

    Looks more and more like they’re catering to the youngest demographic out there…hope there are at least a few moments with actors over 30…

    • cindercity12

      Wow. Will people get off this. There are more older actors than young
      actors on the show. Why do you people insist on sounding like a broken
      record? Should they not cater to the younger demographic at all? Should
      they just completely exclude them? Should the show not be inviting to
      fans of all ages who actually want to see characters they can identify

      There are currently only 6 actors under 30 on the show.
      Actors like Andrew Trischitta and Kelley Missal, as well as characters
      like Matthew and Destiny were on the show pre-reboot and were main
      characters. They’ve only added two more under 30 actors/characters who weren’t on the show before (Corbin Bleu and Jessica Malkouti).

      At this point, the show actually has less under 30 actors/characters than it did before it was cancelled.

  • Noreen Harnik

    I agree cindercity – I am 65 years old but I look forward to seeing the younger actors as well as my favorite vets. Viki and Dorian, Clint, Bo and Nora will all be onscreen. I think the show will be balanced and it is very important to attract the younger generation if the soaps are to continue.

  • hey, I am in my 40’s and I like all kinds of music and I think the younger cast blend well with the older cast