FIRST LOOK: Jeffrey King on ‘One Life to Live’

David Russell/TOLN
David Russell/

Earlier this evening (Jeffrey King) tweeted to his more than 980,000 followers, “If @onelifetolive gets 5,000 followers today, we’ll tweet out a picture of me on my first day on set!” Soon afterward the series reached its goal and then some (total stands at 5,170 as of this writing). As a result, “” kept its promise when it tweeted out a pic of Bleu with his character holding his cell phone (see image on the right).

“One Life to Live” premieres Monday, April 29 via Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes. Members of the iTunes Store will be able to view the program via Apple’s line of products including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Mac or PC. Hulu Plus subscribers will be able to view the program on their smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, smart tv’s and much more.

What Do You Think?

  • I think this is the wave of the future!! in a few years, every TV show will be available online– there are shows already playing online right now—but because of ppl working and hectic schedules, even tv’s are now wifi — (smart TV’s)- cable will soon be obsolete !

    • cindercity12

      I completely got rid of cable several years ago. Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, itunes and several networks putting episodes on their sites, every show I watch is available online. And the combined subscriptions are a helluva lot cheaper than a cable bill.

      I prefer to watch my shows on my laptop or PC, but if I wanted to watch them on a TV, I just use my Xbox or PS3.

  • I think he is very cute!

  • I can’t wait when both show will debut on Hulu on April 29,2013 at noon. I know that it will be great. Good luck to the future.

  • RaShawn

    This will be good for OLTL. Good luck Corbin!