Come Emmy Time: Where Will Web Soaps ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’ Stand?

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A soap is a soap is a soap. Or is it? That’s the question the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences committee is rumored to be discussing at their next meeting, where the fate of “” and “” will be determined.

“OLTL” is eligible to compete in this year’s Emmy competition because the show aired episodes during calendar year 2012 (the soap aired its ABC finale in January of that year). But what about next year? Now that both soaps will be airing exclusively online, will they be permitted to compete against “,” “,” “,” and “”?

The OnLine Network/TOLN
The OnLine Network/TOLN

When it comes to primetime shows competing for the Primetime Emmy, there’s no question: Web series like Netflix’s “” will go head to head with regular television shows like “” and “.” The rules for daytime, however, have yet to be established. But it won’t be long until a standard is in play: Gold Derby, a showbiz award news website, caught up with David Michaels, chief of Daytime for NATAS, who reveals that there is “no determination as of yet,” whether or not ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’ will be allowed into next year’s race, but that it “will be a discussion at the next award committee meeting.”

In the meantime, fans can look forward to the announcement of this year’s official Daytime Emmy nominees on Wednesday, May 1.

  • It look like AMC/OLTL won’t be available for the daytime award until 2015. I hope that it won’t be the case. Good luck to the future.

    • Hey Charles. The Committee hasn’t even made A Decision. I think that All My Children and One Life To Live should be Available for the Soaps being on in April 2013 OR The Awards being in 2014. Even if the Soaps for Being on in January 2014, then I think They should still be Counted at the 2014 Award Show. Unless it’s that The Soaps have to be on in January 2013 and They didn’t come on Until April so They can’t be on the 2014 Award Show. Then, I guess They would only be Available for the 2015 Award Show.

  • I say let them have a chance on the Primetime Emmys!!!!

  • tyamcfan79

    Don’t really care one way or another, I stopped watching the daytime Emmy’s years ago, got tired of watching the same shows and same actors winning. Good riddance… Every year AMC would get alot of nods, but would only end up winning in the technical categories. Maybe they should compete in the Primetime Emmys.