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Prospect Park has asked “” cast members to keep a lid on details regarding the new Pine Valley — but did you really think they’d be able to keep quiet about everything for long? Heck no! There’s plenty of behind-the-scenes buzz flying around Facebook and Twitter, and from what we can tell, “AMC 2.0” is going to rock your world!

First of all, there’s a rumor going around that we may — just may — catch a glimpse of Dr. David Hayward’s () yummy tush. If your heart is pumping a little faster over that bit of delicious news, he’ll no doubt be glad (he is a cardiologist, after all)! Could we also be privy to seeing Pine Valley’s other sexy doc, Griffin, in the nude? “[I] don’t know!” tweets portrayer . “I’ve heard things, but haven’t been asked for the Full Monty.”

Either way, you can bet the “AMC” stars are a bit torn by the great snacks Prospect Park has provided on set: a juicing station and a make-your-own-pancake bar! On the one hand, yum! But on the other? “Don’t be surprised if there are no more skinny people in Pine Valley!” jokes , who plays Bianca. (Side note: Someone better warn to stay away from those pancakes… We’d hate to see Dixie fall victim to yet another tragedy involving the breakfast staple!)

So pancakes and nudies galore. Looks like Pine Valley is shaping up to be quite a fun place! But that’s not all. The stories are supposedly top-notch and can’t-be-missed, as well. Tweets Eric Nelson, who’s playing AJ: “You guys are going to freak over what you see!”

Well, “AMC,” we can’t wait!

  • I can’t wait to see the debut of both All My Children and One Life To Live in April 2013. I hope to listening opening theme to both show. Good luck to the cast.

  • joanna

    How do I get the soaps on my computer? I will be using the Hulu with no commercials? Not sure where to go plez help I don’t want to miss anything!

    • Hulu is Free and will have a commercial not sure if Hulu plus will. But that one costs. You have to sign up for it.

      • Gary

        Both Hulu and Hulu Plus have advertisements. Hulu Plus has less.

  • That would be me that made the comment abut Hayward’s tushy..LOL too funny.

    • Expect I never said yummy to Vincent.

    • Magic Inside 2012

      If SON is reporting this, I’d have to believe they have a better source!

  • tess

    I’m looking forward to ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE making their debuts online. I’m hoping that the stories are better, but I could live without seeing David Hayward’s tush or the other doctor, naked. I’m not a prude and I have a healthy interest in sex, but I don’t think soaps need to flash the performers body parts to attract viewers. Compelling stories, humor and talented thespians will bring viewers to their computers. If Prospect Park uses cheap tactics to get people to tune in, without a good story, they won’t hang around. I couldn’t imagine any person tuning into a show to catch a glimpse of someone’s ass or boobs. They can find that in dirty movies.

    • jackie

      I would totally tune in to see miss bianca montegomery’s boobies. Can’t find her in a dirty movie. And dont speak for others only speak for yourself. If your really not a prude then you will tune in either way. Just as I will.

      • tess

        Jackie, I’m not speaking for anybody, but I seriously doubt if the stories suck, most viewers, would tune in to eyeball some performer’s rear end. Maybe in the beginning, but that would get old fast. Only a pathetic voyeur would tune in daily to a badly written show just to catch a little t and a. Moreover, how will sponsor’s react to their products being connected to a show that featured nudity?

        • Gary

          All you have to do is go back to history of soaps and you will find that out. The cable networks got into the nudity on soaps back in the 80s even with really good writers who were a success in daytime. But the stories stunk on these shows and the nudity couldn’t keep people watching.

          • SoapQueen

            Yes and look where the soaps are now. Changes must be made to take these shows into modern day.

    • Some fans think it will be full on nudity the whole 30 minutes 4 days a week, it won’t. There is no big deal in seeing a little tush during a love scene, people forget that what soaps use to be, love in the afternoon, People complain about that, but not all the violence we see on TV. Nothing wrong with the human body..It’s not like AMC is going to be porn.

      • tess

        Jewell, I actually find violence in movies and TV shows gratuitous. For example, if a character comes out of a store and is jumped. We don’t need to see that person getting punched and kicked and stomped on. We could see the criminal view the victim menacingly and cut away and later on, see the victim on the pavement bloodied and bruised. The point would have been made.

    • I totally agree, I hope they don’t do what most of the shows do now….They are really turning me off by talking about nudity and stuff….everyone doesn’t think that is good. Some of us just like the stories and families. But, I hope it will be a lot better than the rumors are saying.

  • Sorry, I’ve been out of it. Exactly when will AMC make its debut on online?

    • CTwildheart

      No official date yet….rumor has it as April 22.

      • Thank you CT for that info!

      • I think its april 29th on hulu, which is free online

        • CTwildheart

          Yep, got that info on Monday, forgot to repost here, thanks!

  • …and Prospect Park doesn’t want this leaked? Riiiiight!

  • CTwildheart

    Can’t wait to visit Pine Valley and Llanview again!

  • Nudity hasn’t been the centerpiece of classic storytelling since the ’60s play OH CALCUTTA…and how many people actually remember that or know of it? This article provides nothing but contemporary crap culture teasing and banal boasts about the food services provided the actors behind the scenes. How about some INTELLIGENT information and hints of cleverly scripted drama? I don’t see the point of this childish overview.

  • SoapQueen

    I don’t see why fans are having such a negative reaction to nudity. Big deal. I seriously doubt they’d jump right in with full frontal nudity. Fans that are going to complain about seeing someone’s derrière should maybe just stick to watching network television. Lets not forget these shows were cancelled bc they didn’t have enough viewers to be profitable on network TV. PP is doing exactly what they should be doing to attract more viewers and a different demo. The show now has creative freedom. Lets not complain about that. Isn’t it what we wanted all along?

  • SoapFan473

    Geez, come on people! It isn’t going to be porn! If you see a butt, big deal, as long as I can visit my old pals (and new) in Pine Valley and Llandview again, I’m golden! It has been TOO long since we’ve seen these characters, and we didn’t think we would ever see them again. Let’s not be negative!