‘The Price is Right’s’ Robert Scott Wilson Joins TOLN’s ‘All My Children’

Monty Brinton/CBS
Monty Brinton/CBS

Soap Opera Network has learned that “” male model is joining the cast of ’s “.”

Although his character name has yet to be confirmed by Prospect Park, it is believed that Wilson will be playing a recast Pete Cortlandt (last played by Daniel Kennedy). Actress Jill Larson recently confirmed Wilson’s joining “AMC” when she tweeted, “Are you following my ‘son’ “Petey?” @MrRobertScott #AMC.” Soap Opera Network had previously been hearing that Wilson was joining the “” cast.

In October 2012, Wilson won the nearly two month long “Price is Right” contest, which found hundreds of male hopefuls seeking the coveted position of the game shows first male model. The contest began with a casting call in Los Angeles on August 30 and concluded on October 8, when Wilson defeated Clint Brink and Nick Denbeigh to be named “TPIR’s” first male model.

Look for more casting news for “All My Children” throughout the day as production begins on the series in Stamford, CT for a spring premiere via Hulu and iTunes.

  • Good luck to Robert Scott Wilson. I can’t wait to see what kind of role that he will be playing. I hope that Eden Riegel and Susan Lucci will play a greater in All My Children. The Kane woman like the Martin play a great role in All My Children. Good luck to the future.

  • Clarence

    Another example of the quality program PP will be making. Give me a break another model with no acting credits for the new young cast.

    • cindercity12

      No acting credits? You mean besides the minor roles in 4 films and guest spots in 8 TV shows? Sure, he hasn’t done a lot of work, but he’s done some.

      And if the entertainment industry never fired models with little to no acting experience/credits, we wouldn’t have Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Matthew Fox, Chloe Sevigny, Halle Berry, Monica Bellucci, Julia Roberts, Jessica Lange, Kim
      Basinger, Jennifer Connelly, Rachel Weisz or Julianne Moore.

      That’s how a lot of actors get their start. And isn’t it true that every actor has no acting credits before they get their first job? Should no one be hired on a soap who’s never acted professional before? For a lot of people, a soap opera is their first job. The soaps have been used as a place to hone your talents and to get into acting. Do you think a young person with a long list of credits is going to even try out for a soap opera?

  • tazmaniak

    Wasn’t he “all grown up” last time he was on the show? If I remember correctly, he college age when he left. I know the actor was 26.