Susan Lucci Comments on Her Future with ‘All My Children’


On today’s edition of “,” revealed that the return of her alter ego, Erica Kane, to the online relaunch of “” is currently not in the cards. Fans of the popular soap opera and the legendary character should not despair though. The petite diva enthusiastically added, “I want with all my heart to return.” Lucci further elaborated to the women of “The View” that all the parties involved are “working so hard to make that [return] happen.”

So what is holding up the biggest name in the soap opera medium? Mainly, it’s the fact that Lucci is currently taping episodes for the upcoming series she stars in, “,” which has her regularly flying between her home in New York and the production set of the series in Atlanta. The Emmy winner has kept busy since “AMC” closed shop on ABC in September 2011. Along with filming “Devious Maids” and a busy entrepreneurial and endorsement schedule, Lucci is also the host and narrator of the Investigation Discovery reality-based series “.”

With the online relaunch of “AMC” announced in January and filming already beginning this week, Lucci was not the only former “AMC” star who found her/him-self unable to make an immediate commitment to the soap opera that put them on the map. , the very busy actor and commentator who was one of the first stars to commit to the initial online relaunch when it was proposed in 2011 , revealed that the timing just didn’t work out but added that he hoped to “make an appearance at some point.” , who begins filming the independent film “Here & Now” this spring and who will also star in “AMC” Supervising Producer ’s upcoming online production “,” tells Soap Opera Digest that if all works out as planned she is hoping to return to “AMC” this summer.

  • zericakane

    Wow! Prospect Park, “he who hesitates is lost” here”! We can’t put the blame on the stars of AMC here. They had to make a living and could not wait around on a possible re-vamp! I’d love to see all of the for er residents of Pine Valley return, but the time lapse has created a problem. Not to mention comments online like “small-time characters re-signing, like Vincent Irizarry”. I can’t swear to what site made that comment, but I completely disagree! Vincent was NOT a small-time character! Many characters’ rebirth online depend on LaLucci so I hope she is able to work out a deal. We must remember that she took a pay cut a couple of years before the show’s demise. “Erica Kane didn’t deserve that! (I blame much of this on Brian Frons!–it pains me to type his name!) I’d hoped ABC would choke on The Chew, but that was not to be. ABC dragged their feet with Prospect Park and who owned what. It is my sincere hope that we’ll reside in Pine Valley once more!

    • jeb22

      ABC sold the rights to the show to Prospect Park. PP couldn’t relaunch it on the internet because they couldn’t negotiate with the various workers (actors included) unions and so had to stop in their tracks. Actors natural went to work elsewhere. Prospect Park doesn’t deserve any criticism. They have finally negotiated with the unions and are going ahead with their plans having to work around the actors that are not coming back; in some cases recasting and other times writing stories to explain their character’s absence. I agree that David is an excellent character. He is a superb villain who is connected to many of the other characters.

  • The time lapse certainly hasn’t helped, but it’s encouraging to see actors planning to return as soon as they’re free of other commitments. Susan Lucci, Michael E. Knight and Alicia Minshew for instance. They’re three of my all-time favorites and eventually, they’ll all be coming back. Yay! I’m happy, too, to see how much they’ve been in demand since ABC (stupidly) terminated AMC. Now, with the reboot,beloved characters like Erica, Tad and Kendall will get a second chance at life.

  • veganchef

    good thing ms lucci and ms minshew and mr mathison cannot return immediately. perhaps now some other deserving characters can get some spotlight. if i saw anymore of that dreadfully tired ‘love triad’ of kendal, greenlee, and the dumb selfrighteous stud ryan, i swear i’d lose my smoothie. plus, as integral as amc made the character of erica kane, one wonders if retaining La lucci would break the bank. lets see what the others can do for a change. one thing…there can never be enough Irizarry (dr david)!

  • Liza

    I hope Amanda and Jake come back. I liked this couple! glad that Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams are back!