John Stamos Interested In Reprising ‘GH’ Role


On the Monday, February 18 edition of “,” will appear as a guest and in an exclusive clip posted by TV Guide, the actor revealed that “” had contacted him about reprising his 1980’s character Blackie Parrish, but he nixed the idea when the series asked him to play the drums while Rick Springfield‘s Noah Drake sang “Jessie’s Girl.”

“Why don’t we pull Blackie out of jail [where he’s been for 30 years] and he has to reacclimate to life?” says Stamos. “He’s never been with a girl! I would like to go on [‘GH’] and do some acting.”

You can view the clip below, but to find out what else he has to say tune into “The Jeff Probst Show” on Monday, February 18. Check local listings for time and station.

  • GH50 or Bust

    Bravo. Good for him not buying into the GH vet drive-by hit parade. I guess unless you are a OLTL actor, not much effort or money is thrown your way. All the money probably went to lawyers fighting to keep the OLTL 3. Happy 50th GH.

  • Jordan Marks

    Great comments GH50 or Bust – Totally agree

  • Sally

    If he was a team player he would have done the cameo. Soaps have budgets and big names like Stamos demand big paychecks and no soap could afford to pay him for multiple episodes and he knows this.

  • LashaMe

    Sorry….BUT John Stamos ran from GH like it was ON FIRE! I remember GH doing everything they could to keep him! I have been watching GH for over 35yrs. WHO CARES?? He has NO ties to anyone on GH. He had a great hit show for yrs. AND NOW wants to grace us with a return…As a viewer not interested.. The end. NOW take that HOTTIE MICHAEL EASTON off GH and this viewer gonna be VERY UPSET! Can NOT wait for Sam and whoever ME plays on GH MAN H.O.T. And HUGH thank u to the new writer’s that is using the AWESOME talent GH has!! Everyone at GH is rocking it!!