Jill Larson’s Newest Behind the Scenes ‘AMC’ Video; The Return of the Silver Fox


We’re just days away from “” and “” resuming production with , after more than a year having gone by since airing their final ABC episodes, but “AMC’s” (Opal Cortlandt) is helping build anticipation for eager fans as the actress has posted a behind the scenes video of sets being built at the Stamford, CT studio for both series as well as a photo of herself alongside (Adam/Stuart Chandler), who reportedly has returned to the series now that filming is essentially in his back yard (Canary reportedly lives in CT).

Larson’s last video message was posted in late January, where the actress was the first to report that production on “AMC” would resume on Monday, February 25. In that video, Larson said, “We’re all very excited about the possibilites that await all of us, and getting together again and dusting off our old beloved characters and telling new stories that Agnes has been dreaming up since we’ve been off the air.” Nixon is currently consulting on the reboots of “AMC” and “OLTL,” with Marlene McPherson and Elizabeth Snyder signed on to co-head write “AMC.” You can watch Larson’s newest video, which finds several production crew members working tirelessly to rebuild the foundation of Pine Valley, below.

  • Darrell Abrams

    Can’t wait! I am really hoping they bring back some of the old characters and the actors who played them. Please don’t lose the Pine Valley history!

  • Agreed Darrell, but I hope they bring back some of the younger characters and actors we are used to as well … It seems they are planning to recast and replace anyone under 30 entirely. And yes, I’m excited too! Love Jill Larson’s video updates.

    • Hello Jim. I don’t think that is correct about Recasting anybody under 30. I know that the Actress that Played Dani and the Actor that Played Jack and the Actor that Played Sam have ALL Signed Up to be on Prospect Park’s Version of One Life To Live. I don’t think Any of Them are Over 30. Sam was just A Little Boy who Liked Spiderman. I am not sure, but I don’t think he is even A Teenager Yet. Jody

    • cindercity12

      It’s not really a case of recasting anyone who is under 30, but recasting anyone who isn’t available, as well as aging some of the smaller children.

  • CBRVA83

    Errol, AMC will actually start production first for PP next monday, while OLTL won’t start production for PP until 3/11!

    • cindercity12

      From what I’ve heard. both shows will start shooting Monday. PP’s agreement with ABC hinges on both series starting production by the end of February. So, in order to meet this deadline, the entire cast of AMC will start shooting next week, while only a few members of OLTL will be on set next week.

      Even though it’s only a handful of OLTL actors, any amount of shooting technically counts as a production start and fulfills the the deadline requirements. The entire cast will be back on March 11.

    • ErrolLew

      Production does not have to mean filming. AMC will be filming on Monday, yes…but OLTL will be in production from a broadcasting point of view.

  • moneek77

    All I can say is yay!!