‘General Hospital’ People Magazine Cover in Honor of 50th Anniversary

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The last time People Magazine offerred a collector’s edition of a soap opera was in September 2011, when the mag celebrated the life and history of the then canceled “.” This time the magazine is celebrating the continued life and history of “” with a special 50th Anniversary collector’s edition that finds Luke and Laura Spencer ( and ), Maxie Jones (), Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett ( and Vanessa Marcil), Duke Lavery and Anna Devane ( and Finola Highes), and Jagger Cates () gracing the cover.

Publisher Description

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of “General Hospital,” the longest running scripted television drama currently in production. Reminisce with the Quartermaines and Spencers, the famed residents of fictional Port Charles, New York. Learn about the troubled marriages of the Hardys and Brewers during the show’s early days in 1963. Revisit the wedding of Luke and Laura in 1981, the most watched event in daytime television history. Relive BJ’s ultimate sacrifice, Emily’s untimely end, and the tragic teen lives of Stone and Robin. It’s all there in words and pictures: the stars, the storylines, and the pictures-behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera. No wonder Princess Diana and Liz Taylor counted themselves among the millions of loyal “General Hospital” fans.

The “General Hospital” 50th Anniversary special collector’s edition goes on sale on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. You can pre-order your copy at Amazon.com now at the current reduced price of $13.57. The regular sales price is $19.95.

  • Nancy

    Best show on tv. Thanks for 50 fun years.

  • Ronda

    Lets pray for another 50

  • Sue

    A little miffed that OLTL didn’t get a special edition.

  • Rochelle

    will be at the store on Tuesday to get my copy…I was prepared to pay any amount for this special edition. GH fan for over 35 years !

  • Catherine Watters

    LMAO, 50 years of love in the afternoon!! Well thank god for those 50 years, because Gh sure doesn’t have anymore love in the afternoon. All they have now is forced contrived pairings, Carly and Todd probably shared maybe 5 major scenes and they are in love!!! Sam and John have a forced “connnection” brought on by vampires and people call this love? After the last 9 yrs with jason and the love story that was built slowly and one of the best written love stories, IMO, and then bam, shes all into Johns business which makes no sense to the characters history, but hey as long as Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco share scenes who cares!! Anna and Luke?? Luke loves Anna in what 2 days. These new writers know nothing about love in the afternoon. They said it themselves, not couple stays happy.. God forbid. Patrick and Sabrina?? thats like watching Patrick a grown man go after a school aged kid. And Liz and Aj, ok maybe, but can they build the story first! Its a joke! Sonny and Kate or Connnie or whatever personality they want to throw in there. its like watching a freakin ping pong game with those 2… Show sucks anymore and ABC allowed these people to take over and ruin it. I know there are some out there that think its great and wonderful and the best its been since the 80’s but honestly, there are a lot that dont think so and If I had to guess based on the ratings, its the later. JMO

    • Julie

      Jasam were critically panned, especially with Franco, took up tone of air time, and couldn’t get past 2.0 on there wedding the worst written fungus is gone, praise god, and rating have been great for the show. Bring on McBam so along as they keep cutting the time hogs air time.

  • Linda

    Not that good. Way too many photos and stories of Sonny and Luke & Laura. Hardly any photos and stories of Leslie Charleson (Monica) and Stuart Damon (Alan) who were on the show FOREVER. No highlights of their Emmy nominated storylines re breast cancer and drug addiction. Lousy issue.