Full ‘One Life to Live’ Cast List Revealed!

Donna Svennevik/ABC
Donna Svennevik/ABC

The OnLine Network () has confirmed the following stars who have joined the cast of “.”

As previously reported, “” and “One Life to Live” began production on Monday, February 25 in Stamford, CT for new episodes scheduled to release later this spring on Hulu and iTunes. Today, The OnLine Network (TOLN) announced the following contract cast for the reboot of “OLTL”:

  • Jeff

    I’m sad there’s no Victor, but I’m happy it’s happening.

    • lizzie33

      Remember he died.he cannot just pop up.beleive me he ll be back.the have to work up the story before for that to happen

      • LLSinSCV

        Victor did NOT die.
        That was him tied up on the bed and held hostage by Allison in the parting shot of last episode.

  • Jana

    Still hoping for Roxie!!!!

  • elizabeth ayala

    Welcome everyone …..

  • Guest

    Where’s Nora? And I guess this means that Todd is not on FT!

    • Dave

      Hillary B. Smith is on contract as Nora and is listed!

  • Where is Alex Olenav?

  • Where’s Ilene Kristen a/k/a Foxy Roxy Balsom, a heart and soul of Llanview and manager of The Angel Square Hotel and Foxy Roxy’s Hair Salon? Hello? Anybody there?…

    • I agree with Donald Boudreau about ILene Kristen that she should be back in One Life To Live as Foxy Roxy Balsom because she will be a winner.

  • darius

    Why does AMC have 20 contract players and OLTL only 14? Will OLTL be the stepchild of Prospect Park just the way it was at ABC or will more players be added before they start filming in a couple of weeks? Trevor St. John and Ilene Kristen are mandatory at the very least…and I wouldn’t mind seeing Ted King..

    • JF

      Most of AMC’s additional people are a bunch of teens and newbies. OLTL has more returning vets from the final cast.

    • cindercity12

      OLTL doesn’t fully go into production for a few weeks, so they probably don’t have their entire cast locked in. Remember those new roles we’ve been hearing about being auditioned? Those are probably going to be contract players.

    • keyz

      dont forget they are trying to get starr, todd and john back from general hospital they are still property of oltl!

      • lucy butler

        I Hope they go back. Their characters are ridiculous on GH!

        • ABC Soaps Fan

          There great on GH!!

      • Yes, Todd will be coming back for four weeks. John/Starr – there hasn’t been too much news. There are word that Todd/John/Starr will be recast because the characters are Prospect Park’s, but the actors are contracted to ABC.

  • mike

    Jessica needs to comeback. Deception is on the verge of cancellation and her SyFy show should allow her enough time to do OLTL

    • Carrie Montgomery

      Bree Williamson was killed on Deception. She can go anytime she wants. also Deception is not on the verge of cancellation. The show is terrific! I think it may need a new time slot.

  • Brandi

    What about Victor?!

  • emtk

    You must find a way to get Michael Easton as John McBain. OLTL needs him and, quite frankly, he was much better on OLTL than GH.

    • contralto

      OLTL does NOT need him of all people.

      • Catherine Watters

        Yes they do, LOL, I need him off GH!!!

        • Irish Girl

          He’s contracted to ABC, not PP. And he has indicated he has no intention of returning permanently to the East coast and OLTL. He might be open to doing a few guest appearances.

          • Catherine Watters

            Where did I ever say that ME belongs to PP. I said the character of John McBain belongs to PP and Micheal Easton can chose to play John Mcbain or not. If Michael doesn’t want to return to the east coast good for him! But as it stands right now, John McBain can not be a character on General hospital. The fact that he doesnt want to go back doesnt mean he will end up on GH. Its not a given. Is that what people really think? LOL. The also can’t use the character of Caleb and that was an ABC decsion. So then what, ME will play a whole new character on GH? How stupid would that look for all involved.

          • Irish Girl

            If, in the end, he had to be written as a new character, the fans would go along with it. Obviously we’d prefer to keep him as McBain, and I honestly think that’s what will happen. But either way, Easton will stay at GH, unless he himself opts out of this situation.

          • Catherine Watters

            And your so sure he will, hmmmm. Im glad you know him personally that you would know this. Truth is no one knows and we, or you, can speculate all we want about that situation. I personally think that they majority feel that he does not belong on the show, at least thats what Im reading. If he’s contracted as a new character, and paired with Kelly Monaco, It will prove a lot of things, Steve Burton pushed out, although handled with grace on his part, Kelly Monaco will continue to be not so happy (notice she does not support McBam openly, only that she likes working with ME) not to mention they do not play well off each other, IMO. oh well, her character has already been reduced, changed and almost unrecgonizable. Sad really.

          • Irish Girl

            It’s not rocket science, dear. It has nothing to do with knowing someone personally. And you’re doing an awful lot of projecting. But if that’s what you need, have at it. 🙂

          • Catherine Watters

            LOL, I would say that you have the rocket science thing down. I would say, YOU are doing an awful lot of projecting yourself. But honestly, rocket science?? You have no Idea what ME is thinking let alone going to ultimately do, but just about every post you are so sure what he will be back at GH regardless of bring down the other characters. But if thats what you need to tell yourself, have at it 🙂

          • Irish Girl


        • Shana

          Who cares what u need

    • Gabrielle Montgomery

      I agree!

    • ABC Soap Fan

      Disagree love him on GH as well as Todd who is funny & Starr with Michael adorable. I’ve been a fan of all three for 30 years I love the changes.

  • OLTLfanatic

    Where’s Roxie???

  • James

    I think the cast list is strong, of course they cant get everybody back but this is just the cast that is on contract they could have many others who are recurring and down the road if the shows will be successful then they will probably get more people back on both amc and oltl

  • veganchef

    thats it…stay on target, stay on target…we’re all pulling for you guys. don’t forget to make the announcement for the premiere airtime wherever and whenever you can, as soon as you can so word can spread. your peeps dont want to miss a minute! (some folks canceled their cable service after you guys left the airwaves)

  • Heather

    Fantastic! I am so excited and can not wait!

  • Brian

    They need Victor even if he is recast. They need to finish that storyline out and bring back someone for Tea and Blair to play off of. The show doesn’t have enough leading men. Why not bring back James DePaiva also as Max Holden! I would love Alex back too since her son Cutter is still in town. Alex could be a thorn in Bo & Nora’s relationship.

  • oltl fan

    Im glad they are showing it again but im afraid it wont be the same because most of the original cast isnt even on the show. Like Rex, Gigi, Roxie, Jessica, and a whole lot more…. please get everyone else please please please……

  • rashawn_gardner

    I hope Robert Gorrie and Laura Harrier have the same connection like Eddie Alderson And Shenell Edmonds did. even I think it might work. can’t wait!

  • please get john mc bain (michael easton( back on here!! nat (melissa)& him had just gotten back together and they need him on the show!! alos my roxie balsam–ilene—-love her!!

    • Irish Girl

      There’s the possibility that they could recast McBain (although I doubt in the end that they will), but the likelihood of Easton coming back and playing him? Zip.

  • what about bree williamson aka jessica buchanan?

    • erica

      she is busy making a career on prime time !

  • danielle enbody

    The actress who plays Starr is on GH and she needs to go back to OLTL! Also the actor who plays Natalie’s husband John McBain should go back to OLTL. Their storylines on GH are silly and pointless. I am glad they are bringing back these two soaps. They should have never gone off of the air in the first place.

    • realitycheck

      but the actors and GH TPTB as well as lot of viewers want them on GH ! Not hard to understand.

  • sweet!!!!

  • Lisa

    they have to bring back all the balsoms the show will never be the same without them

  • you got to get rex and gigi back!!!!!!

  • We need Erin Torpey Jessica Buchanan. Jessica is a must, the show could not run without having Jess in Llanview. Would also love to see, Nigel, Roxy, and Roscoe Born’s Mitch Laurence. Man I love that guy, such a great villain.

  • what about victor? last scene ending oltl, he was ALIVE not dead, is the show picking up right where they left off?

  • doveydiane

    Somebody mentioned bringing back James DePaiva. Wow, he would be a great addition to OLTL as Max Holden. He has been missed greatly. Also, we really need to see Ilene Kristen as Foxy Roxy. She’s so crazy… she brings a great deal of humor to the show. Also, I haven’t heard anything about John-Paul Lavoisier as Rex Balsam (Clint’s son). He was great. He’s supposed to be Clint’s son, but I really think that he’s Bo’s son. They went back in time to before Bo went to Viet Nam and Bo slept with someone. I really think Rex is Bo’s son and that’s why that have built such a close relationship. Also because Bo & Clint are brothers, I think the blood test showed Clint as the dad, but they didn’t think to check Bo.

  • keyz

    sean, vimal and rama are also back as recurring, yeah to sean evans, not really into vimal and rama though

  • good ? wheres roxy and rex and family

  • I am sooooooo happy these two soaps are coming back. MISSED them!!!!!

  • OLTLfanalways

    What about Rex, Gigi, and Shane? Theirs was one of my favorite storylines when nobody was breaking them up!!

  • AHEM!!! I dont’ see Nigel on here!!! And to not have Nigel around is just WRONG!

  • Tyshay

    IF they do bring back Starr, then Hope needs to in that very SOAPy way, be alive. Sorry but I’m not a Cole fan so I can do without him.
    And I agree. They need to finish that Victor/Tea storyline.
    And they need Roxy. Roxy and David bring the comedy.

  • I thought that Trevor St. John was coming back?

  • Angel

    Cutter is back?? Really?? Why? The character was a complete waste of time. I don’t think I will bother with paying for a Hulu membership to watch. Too many people I couldn’t care about.