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UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE! Roger Howarth Returning to ‘One Life to Live’


UPDATE 2:17 PM ET: Score for Laura Wright! The actress tweeted, “We are not saying goodbye to Roger, Michael and @krisalderson – just see ya in a few :))))))” and she was right! Soap Opera Network has confirmed with ’s management that the actor is returning to “,” but only for the first four weeks. He will begin filming in March for the Hulu/iTunes aired series before returning to “” shortly afterward.

PREVIOUS 12:01 PM ET: Miss a day, miss a lot is the saying, but as the behind-the-scenes drama continues to unfold between ABC and Prospect Park in relation to the characters of Starr Manning, Todd Manning and John McBain and their need on either “General Hospital” or “One Life to Live,” the saying has now become who’s has what and how it affects daytime viewers.

In our last couple of reports, we reported a statement from ABC that said, “‘General Hospital’ is excited about , and Roger Howarth staying on the show and we are exploring ways to allow that to happen.”  ABC’s statement was followed up by Prospect Park’s, which said, “Prospect Park understands that ‘General Hospital’ has featured Llanview transplants Michael Easton (John) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) among others while we arranged production of the new version of ‘One Life to Live.’ These characters, who we own under our agreement, are obviously essential to our production efforts, and a large reason we licensed the program. We also understand that legions of ‘General Hospital’ fans have grown to love these actors and characters in a short time. So even though we are paying ABC millions of dollars to license the shows, we have been, and continue to be willing to equally share the characters with ‘General Hospital’ and ABC. It’s a win-win for the actors, the shows and fans, who love all of the shows and storylines. We hope to work out these agreements with ABC and the actors.”

One actor glaringly omitted from Prospect Park’s statement was Roger Howarth (Todd). Many wondered why his named was missing and so did we. Soap Opera Network has since learned the actor is leaving “General Hospital” and heading back to “One Life to Live.” This despite Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos Jacks) tweeting, “We are not saying goodbye to Roger, Michael and @krisalderson – just see ya in a few :)))))),” on Friday, February 8, which was the last day the soap could use the characters of Todd, Starr and John while ABC and Prospect Park continued their negotiations in regards to those characters.

There’s been no definitive word yet on the status of either Alderson or Easton. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Network for updates.

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  • ABC

    YES! So excited to see Todd reunited with his family in Llanview.

  • YES! Todd is going HOME where he belongs!!

    • laura

      and returning after 4 weeks

  • Yay!! Todd is home where he belongs! Now we need John McBain back where he belongs!! Make it happen Prospect Park!!

    • Sally

      Don’t hold your breath, Easton has no intentions of going to OLTL and PP. He loves working at GH. No Jolie with Easton sorry!

      • Guest

        He originally signed with them – so I hope he goes back to OLTL and takes Starr with him! That is where they all belong!!



        • Mia

          I heard Michael was aboard with the OLTL online too, from many different sources.

          • Irish Girl

            That was waaay early on, when the cancellation had been announced. Then the PP thing fell through. Easton moved his family out west, and all indications are he’s happy where he is and really doesn’t care to move back.

  • GH50

    Woo Hoo. Now lets hope he takes the other 2 with him

    • Irish Girl

      He’s coming back after four weeks, dear. And the “other two” are likely staying at GH as well and will make appearances on OLTL to help the initial startup and launch.

  • Not a fan

    Ugh. Was looking forward to the new OLTL without Todd there to swallow the show whole. Oh well, at least I can watch GH now.

    • “GH” turned out MUCH better getting “swallowed” by Todd than it did when getting swallowed whole by Sonny and the mob focus. That nearly killed the show in the end literally. I like Sonny and the actor that plays him, I just do NOT like how they turned the show into a mini “Sopranos”. “GH” is much better now that those days are behind us.

  • Jose Quiles

    I love both show but it really would be nice to have them cross over and many of the others actors also. Like that both show would win. But it be more of an edge toward PP cause they will get free publicity on television. Cause it will draw many others who did not see the show before. Will watch now just to see what’s going on with Star and Todd Manning. Also with John McBain and meet new characters on the other soup. Just Hope they put there differences aside and work together.

  • Rebecca

    From previous reports, we assumed they’d go to OLTL. Isn’t the question whether it’ll be temporary or not, which this article doesn’t confirm? Is he on contract with them? Is it a short stint?

  • im sooOOoOOoo excited for all of us!! i can not wait for my fav shows to return!

  • Many said Roger Howarth would never do an “internet soap.” Is this any indication that OLTL may go to cable?

    • mia

      I heard that AMC & OLTL may be going to TV. I hope so.

  • Sally

    I can only see on reason Howarth would return to OLTL and that is if his family wanted to move back East. Too bad if he leaves GH.

    • He’s not leaving though according to this article. Apparently he’s only going to “OLTL” to help re-launch it, for the first few weeks. Then he’s coming back where he now belongs… on “General Hospital”. He and Carly are and awesome pair.

  • Joan

    I watch both shows and LOVE LOVE todd on GH : (

  • DL

    Do you think it is possible that they asked RH to go for a bit? Maybe they worked something out where they get Todd played by RH if GH can keep ME & McBain. Then when RH’s contract is up he can come to GH as a new character.

  • Marilyn

    That’s sad news love roger on g/h as Todd love seeing in along with Starr and John I started seeing the show even more when the became part of g/h family I just hope he comes back again he will be missed and I well me John to he’s going to is Starr going to its not going to be the same with out them ;(

  • NessMess50

    I have been watching Roger on OTL from the bginning..Roer is a great actor on GH,but he blongs on OLTL..Good Luck Roger on whatever u decide…I will be watching…

  • I was so happy to hear that my fav soap OLTO was going to continue on the internet but then when that was canceled and they went to GH they pretty much ruined their story lines, John and Natalie were finally happy now they are split up and shes in hiding??? Starr had her family back together now they are dead??? Im not liking the way things are looking for OLTO or AMC online, sounds like it is going to be a big let down and not the same at all 🙁

  • Does anyone know yet if OLTL and AMC will air on a cable channel?

  • 30yearGHfan

    Its amazing the devotion and commitment 3 OLTL actors get with this “GH”regime. How about fighting to give GH vets contracts as opposed to having them for stunt drive-bys?

    • Sammy10

      I can’t understand it either. How much just in legal expenses has been spent to fight for 2 mediocre actors and 1 (the less said the better)? They did not have the impact on ratings as everyone claims in the press, the ratings did not rise until the GH vets started returning for the Faison story and have been dropping again since that ended in December.

      • Laura

        They brought me back to GH. I absolutely love Todd and John. Anything to get Sonny and the mob stories off the front burner. That’s what made me leave GH. I was not a Godfather or Sopranos fan and didn’t want to see that on my soap. ( Been a fan since the 60s with Jessie Brewer, Jane and Howie Dawson, etc… OLTL, too. (back with Viki’s sister Meredith was still alive and dating Larry Woleck)

        • Catherine Watters

          Well a lot did like the stories brought on in way of Mob. There were other stories going on as well. Ive been watching sine late 70’s. I agree with Sammy10, These writers know nothing about GH characters that have been on our screens for the last 20 yrs, nothing! Todd, Starr and John did not make GH good again. In fact its not good, and I don’t understand why people think this is the best its ever been. Really??? Its nothing but a stand up comedy hour with Todd, John is in everyones face, literally, star is annoying. They re wrote GH characters to make room for these characters, and if you have been a fan of the show, you know that to be true. There are no connections anymore, I feel no connection anymore with the characters that I have loved for the past yrs. They managed push actors out, actors that have been on a long time, specifically the Jason Morgan Character who by the way they are hell bent on erasing the memory of Jason and all that has happened to him in the yrs prior. They are changing the history of characters and are disrespectful to their history because they want to change them? The show is all over the place, stories not finished, things dropped, characters out of character to support a “nod” to the vampires, vets coming back, for rating tactics and not really being used. So you don’t want to see the mob, but you support Vampires?, Forced Connections? Connections lost? SMH

          • YES, “General Hospital” is better than it has been in years ever since the new writing team and head producer (brought over from OLTL) took over a year ago.

            I’ve been watching “GH” since the mid to late1980’s and I agree with those complaining about the heavy mob focus with Sonny for the past 10 years (aprox.). While I love the character of Sonny and the actor that plays him, they just did too much of that. Before this new writing staff took over a year ago I was finally getting a little bored with “GH”… it had reached that point, but I stuck with it out of loyalty. Not much seemed to be going on. And now things are much more interesting, the stories move at a faster pace (which is what today’s audiences want… gotta get with the times if you want to survive).

            To go back to the mob focus now would be a huge mistake. We’ve had MORE than enough of that. “GH” was so much better prior to the mob period and now after it’s gone.

            I do agree they’ve left us hanging in a couple spots. Like with Robert Scorpio… one day we see him given what we assumed was a fatal shot/dose of drugs and we don’t see him again… don’t even learn of his fate (a coma) until about 3 weeks later. And where is Robin? If the bad guys have been caught, why hasn’t she been set free and returned home?

            But I can over look that because the show over-all is just sizzling now, when just a little over a year ago it was becoming a snooze fest. I say leave things how they currently are. The show is in great hands… I can’t wait to tune in every day now.

            And YES, the three characters from “One Life to Live” have played a large part in this resurgence (not so much Starr Manning, I could do without her). Especially with Todd Manning. I’m so glad he is staying and only being shared with “OLTL”. He and Carly have awesome chemistry (her match up with Johnny was so stupid and boring). I can’t wait to see how Todd and Carly play out, with an eventual wedding I hope.

            As for the vampires… we don’t know for sure that’s what Caleb is. If you’re really a “GH” fan you know there was a spin-off series “Port Charles” and vampires and mystical things played a part there. So being true to the history of “GH” they’re doing a nice nod to this spin-off during this the 50th anniversary year. Like I said though, we don’t even know for sure if they’re currently saying Caleb is a vampire… that has only been implied. They seem to be aiming in a new direction, that maybe this was all in Lucy’s head. Maybe Caleb is a regular mortal and just a crazy villain who has done something to make Lucy believe this vampire stuff. That’s where I think they’re going with it.

          • i have said it before and ill say it again(and im not alone on this) i dont see the “awesome chemistry” between todd and carly they are so very dull and boring i ALWAYS FF those scenes they are just unbearably dull.I swear if todd and carly marry i am officially DONE with GH. i SIMPLY dont like the insta romance and i dont like a couple being shoved down my throat. ALL OF A SUDDEN they are the next coming of luke and laura the love of the century GIVE ME A BREAK. Luke and Laura they are not and a mere 7 months ago todd was declaring his love for Blair and proposing to her. Im all for moving on but please one minute he is mooning over blair next hes in bed with carly come on now. I think todd needs to go home to oltl and stay there where he has family ties and his kids etc and not in port charles where he is written like the town clown and chasing after carly like a love sick puppy.

          • Catherine Watters

            I agree!! Another forced pairing. AJ/Liz might have potential, but the way these writers write couples, its all just an insta couple. Carly and Todd are a joke, they love each other, really???? I think the writers knew what was coming from PP and they tried to make it hard for them to take the characters back. Now he has to go back to OLTL and they have to deal with Todd being in love with Carly??? And John being a Vampire??? well I guess technically, he’s not. They ill probably make John Caleb now since they cant have the John character. which is why they are now changing history of the cancelled show, Port Charles… Now caleb is really stephan and mortal… And ABC thinks these writers are doing good… And not only all this, but the rest of it!!! Vets were used soley for rating boosts, never intended to use them I don’t think.. its always an excuse, scheduling, not enough time, etc.. whatever!

          • lulu

            Mr Howarth should do what HE wants !

          • Catherine Watters

            Well I respectfully disagree. These writers/producers will run GH in the ground. I can agree about Todd, but thats about it. However, his one liners are getting old, he sounds a littl like RC in his tweets.. hmmm. I think the Mob influence gave GH more than the other soaps had. And lets be honest, a lot of stories came out of the Mob influence, and character growth for a lot of the characters that were not directly related to the mob. There were plenty of other stories going on as well. GH was good before Mob and during. As you were getting bored, I am getting bored now. I haven’t really ever said that and like I said, been watching since the 70’s. And why should they pay homage to a spin off that really had nothing to do with GH, in my opinion, it was a whole different show, it was lame then and its lame now, IMO. Of course they will now mae Caleb a mortal, its the only way tey can keep Michael Easton at this point. THis was no nod and why should it even be a part of the GH50?? Its not GH, it never was. I will never accepte the way these writers have completely changed characters to even make it happen. These writers changed characters, they don’t know the history of the character either. And as for the pace of the show, really??? These stories arent sizzling, as you say, maybe for you. But all in all time will tell. I personally think after the 50th when vets are gone, because we all know they are only here for 1 or 2 shows, we will see how it goes. The sights/boards I read, the majority are definately not happy. I don’t really watch anymore, and when I do I FF thru most. OLTL did not save this show!

    • Lisa

      Maybe it’s because GH has gotten 1000’s of OLTL’s viewers thanks to Todd, Star & John!! GH was ready to be canceled until they got there & all of OLTL’s fans that NEVER watched GH started watching BC of them!!! If GH’s fans were as loyal as OLTL fans then the VETS would have always had those rights.. JUST LIKE TODD, VICKY, DORIAN ECT…. OLTL would have killed off the Q’s the way GH did if it were the other way around.. The old GH writers had NO loyalty at all to their people.. Be happy it’s the OLTL writer that took over who is NOW bringing on the old VETS! Give the man some credit instead of BITCHING all the time!

      • Lisa

        OLTL would have NEVER killed off the Q’s.. I meant..

    • Mia

      I would like the GH vets to have more airtime. Instead of being put on the backburner.

  • Terri

    I’m confused…first it says Roger is filming OLTL for four weeks then returning to GH. Then at the end it says Roger is going to OLTL and (in so many words) probably will not be back at GH anytime soon. Which is it? I think Roger should do a few weeks here and there on OLTL as storyline dictates, and stay on GH as Todd since I’m sure that’s what he would prefer, plus it’s more money for him and a bigger audience of course. I love Todd on GH, but if he is needed here and there on his home soap OLTL I can understand that, too. There should be no reason he can’t cross over and do both.

    • After the word PREVIOUS, is the article in its original form. The UPDATE clarifies the report after the fact.

  • Disappointed

    It’s not right to get people’s hopes up like that. Way to completely change your story. Did RH’s management confirm that he would only appear for four weeks, but never again? I would really hate to see Todd bouncing back and forth between both shows, but that’s better than no Todd in Llanview ever.

    • We report what we know. We reported he was returning to OLTL, which is true. The story was updated to state the length of his return.

      • Disappointed

        “Leaving GH” is a hell of a lot different than “leaving GH for a short amount of time before returning permanently.” You screwed up. It would have been much better to say, “Roger Howarth’s Todd will be making an appearance in Llanview.” Doesn’t matter since I won’t be getting soap news from here anymore. Thanks for “triple checking” your facts.

  • oldGal2013

    He will begin filming in March for the Hulu/iTunes aired series before RETURNING to “General Hospital” shortly afterward.

  • WHAT I thought they canceled OLTL!!!!

  • fullondiana

    Todd is actually the one I’ve come to love most of the OLTL transplants. I love his chemistry with Laura Wright, as well as many others. I was hoping He would be the one to stay, while the others went back to OLTL. Maybe in future he’ll return to GH!

    • Roger (Todd) is returning. Apparently he’s only going back temporarily (to help with the re-launch of “OLTL”) or is being shared by both shows. His main place appears to be “GH”.

  • Frankie Hoornaert

    I loved Todd, Starr and John on OLTL, but I have to say I feel they have been such a wonderful addition to GH’s family. As an avid fan, I would prefer to see them stay on GH……they have certainly added something to GH that had been missing for a long time.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. They’re now “GH” characters and the show needs them (well not so much Starr though). Don’t even want to think of “GH” without Todd Manning now.

      • Patti

        Me too. Hurry back Todd

  • JoAnn

    This is the BEST news I’ve heard all day! Didn’t watch GH until the Mannings arrived in PC but I’m hooked now so I will continue to watch no matter what. Don’t really care if Roger Howarth’s Todd Manning lives in Llanview or PC as long as the character stay in tact with Roger Howarth playing him–NO RECAST)! At least this shows that ABCD and PP have decided to “play nice”. Hopefully this is the beginning of crossovers from both shows–I believe that ultimately boost ratings for both soaps!

  • Jordan Marks

    Lets face it – none of these actors would be anything without OLTL – this is the show that gave them their start and fame – especially 2 out of the three actors. Return to give the fans what they want – some continuity and resolution with your characters on the shows. The fans were devestated that OLTL was cancelled and now you are thinking your too good to reprise your roles on a ‘web’ version. Hope GH dumps your ungrateful asses you ASSES!!

  • Best news! Love Roger!

  • I’m an OLTL fan but will probably not follow on the internet nearly as much. As for our fav 3…I would like them to stay w/GH:) <3

  • Need to sign up Trevor St. John and finish that damned cliffhanger

  • Irish Girl

    I think that’s likely exactly what will happen.

  • LashaMe

    Luv ME, RH and KA on GH I loved OLTL hated to see it go off the air. I fought for it to stay. BUT yes these 3 and the new writers brought me a 35yr viewer BACK to GH. PP did NOT get it together to reboot. What were these actors expected to do? They have bills to pay just like the rest of us. Would U go for a 3yr contract and a paycheck?? YES u would. So I don’t understand WHAT the prob is. They did what any of us would do, given the chance and GH gave that to them. NOW some online company wants them to relocate their families AGAIN. And prob NEVER be able to pay them what ABC is?? Really? Walk in someone’s “shoes” uproot ur family take a pay cut..Hmm HARD CHOICE..REALLY?? I hope they ALL 3 stay on GH and are HAPPY!! They deserve it!

  • sam

    would like a story between Star and Johnny, her couple with Michael is boring imo.

  • jeanne

    I love the characters/ but it is the actors who give them “life” –Just let them go , and let everyone be happy… they couldn’t afford to wait for maybes these actor needed JOBS!!!

  • Patti

    Hurry and bring Todd back to GH. Bring him with Carly
    Todd is great
    From over 1000 fans in the Mid West