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Eden Riegel ‘Thrilled’ To Be Returning to ‘AMC’; Follows On Screen Daughter on Twitter

Eden Riegel

UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE! Jordan Lane Price NOT Miranda Montgomery; Soap Casts Denyse Tontz in Role

PREVIOUS: With news that would be reprising her role of Bianca Montgomery on ’s “,” for what  calls a “cameo guest arc,” the actress has taken to Twitter to thank fans for their kind words and to welcome her “daughter” to the show.

“Thank you all for the outpouring of support today. I am thrilled to be returning as Bianca!” said Riegel. She later added, “So I guess I better follow my… ahem… daughter: @JordanLanePrice Gabby, you’re still to young for twitter. I hope.”

As previously reported, has been cast in the role of an aged Miranda Montgomery, Bianca’s child from when she was raped by Michael Cambias (portrayed by ) in 2003. It is understood that Miranda will be part of the teen scene along with an aged AJ Chandler (son of JR and Babe Chandler). It’s unclear at this time who will be portraying the character.

In Related News…

When “AMC” begins filming on Monday, February 25, one of the first episodes shot will include scenes from the Pine Valley High School teen set. Soap Opera Network has learned that a casting call went out last week for extras who are legally 18 years of age or older to play 16-18. The call is specifically looking for males and females in their teens – early 20’s. All types and all ethnicities are welcome.

  • tazzy

    Thrilled about Eden — and hope the online version doesn’t turn into a teeny bopper show…..

    • cindercity12

      I don’t think it will turn into a teeny “bopper show”, but don’t all soaps need a strong group of teen characters?

      DAYS had a good group with Shawn, Belle, Phillip, ect. in the late 90s, AMC has Kelsey, Bobby and Scott’s group in the mid 90s, GH had Lucky, Liz and Nikolas’ group in the late 90s, Y/R has Billy, JT and Mac’s group in the late 90s and so on.

      We need our older characters, but we also need their children and grandchildren.You get to explore storylines with the kids that are parallel or contrast to the storylines that were explored with their elders.

      You get the see the younger generation possibly make the same mistakes and go down the same road as their parents or you get to see them make completely different choices.

      I think JR is perfect examples of this. You got to see a character who initially reject everything about his father and vow to not be like him, at all. But over the years, events transpired that had JR becoming exactly like Adam. Maybe even worse.

      I want to see what happens with AJ. Will he end up like JR and Adam or will he escape their influence? What about Miranda? She’s a teen now and you’ve got to imagine the fact that she was conceived through rape is going to come to the forefront. You could even see a situation similar to Kendall and Erica play out here.

      I think this show has a good group of kids that could be utilized in interesting ways. Unlike most other soaps, every major family has a child that could be aged to teenhood. The Kanes, Montgomerys, Cambiases, Laverys, Martins, Cortlandts, Careys and Chandlers are all represented through their children.

    • Hello Tazzy. I don’t think All My Children will just be about the Teenagers. There will be Things going on at the Hospital. Angie and Jesse are on the Show. There will be A Storyline where Jesse and Zach will be Working Together. A Woman will be Running Chandler Enterprises and It might be Brooke. Jody Zinaman

  • Nikki

    If Miranda and AJ are aged, then that would mean that Emma is even older (Ryan & Annie’s daughter) since Ryan is returning maybe we will get to see her too. I remember her having a little attitude for a minute, esecially towards Greenlee. LOL I can’t wait for the return!!!

    • Ryan isn’t Returning at least not for A While. Cameron is making A Movie in Canada and then will be making A Movie in California. He is Still on Good Morning America. Recently, He was in Hot in Cleveland. Therefore, I don’t think we will be Seeing Emma unless possibly if Greenlee came back. Otherwise, you don’t have Greenlee or possibly Jackson to Baby Sit Emma because Greenlee asked him to do that. Jody Zinaman

  • b.williams

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